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LS1-LS2 into HK Premier

Hi guys just wondering if anyone has dropped an LS1 or LS2 into there HK,T,G? I am thinking about doing this conversion but im not sure wheather the transmission would fit? Also what other problems would i encounter? If anyone has any handy tips they could point out it would be greatly appreciated.

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LS1-LS2 Conversion

Havent looked at putting one into a HK, but did look at doing it to a landcruiser. The conversion to be legal in vic was going to be atleast 10 grand with motor adapters wiring etc.

Also if your interested in a near new (7000k's) LS1 out of a VZ SS let me know as we are selling one. Located in Vic.

Cheers Tom
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I am interested in doing a similar engine conversion in my HT, i still havent really made up my mind what i want to achieve with it yet, just dreaming really LOL.

Theres a bloke here on old holden who looks to have put an LS7 (going off his username) in an HG or something. Just saw the pics, but i dont think there was any info with his post.

-Ads (aka Monza)

LS1 HK conversion kit

There was a write up in street machine a couple of years ago when this company were building the conversion kits so there might be the information you want. If you don't have any SM back issues to flick through they are only a phone call away.

Here is a link for what you need

The sump will be a real

The sump will be a real bitch as they're integral in the LS1-LS2 motors.

I remember some guy who put one in a HG ute and had no end of trouble, ended up heavily modifying the sump to make it all fit.

I also remember some place selling sumps to suit for about a grand....peh..bugger that.


Hi all
I posted about this topic a little while ago and got some responses saying it was quite expensive but it does make for good dreamin haha. If u go with the idea, let us know how u went about it.

castlemaine rod shop has all

castlemaine rod shop has all the goodies but i was looking at doing it once and found out how expensive it was gunna be i changed my mind - but hey what a beast you could create

HK LS1 Conversion

Hey guys was doing a bit of research over the past few days and it might cost around ten grand but it would be unique and way better on fuel plus than you could even get one of them harrop superchargers :) yeah. Here is a link that has a HG Wagon with an LS1 in it looks heaps nice check it out :)

im doing this ^_-

im doing this ....

got nearly everything ready... but still have a long way to go.

have to get a sump, yes castlemain selling them for $1050 ls1 to suit HK.
engine mounts about $220
tranny mount as im going manual another $200

dont know how im gonna get the 6speed working in the HK yet.. as they are hydrolic.

cant wait to get this baby on the road.

also im looking for engineers and what needs to be done.

ill be looking more into these coming weeks.

Mate how did you go with the

Mate how did you go with the conversion im having trouble.

ht ls1

I bought akit off cae sump pipes engine mounts gear box xmember and rack and pinion steering. Everything looked good until I got to the steering, doesn't fit hits the sump. Phoned them a number of times and all they can say is that they have sold 100's of kits and never had a problem. So it's up to me to modife it , which I'm pissed off because thats why I spent 4 grand so I wouldn't have any trouble.

HT Premier LS1

I have done it. I have an LS1 fitted to my HT Premier.
TH350 Trans, 3500 Hi Stall, shortened 9 inch with LSD.
The LS1 was built from scratch to suit me adding a to4z turbo.
Its all in and running and i can drive it altho it does need a really good tune.

It was not easy in the slightest. Sump can be purchased from "CRS" or you can modify a VE sump if you know what your doing. Steering we made up using the kit from "V6 Conversions" and used a VK and VN Shaft to make it work. Next is fuel issue. an LS1 requires a return line so not only do you need to beef up the fuel pump but you will need to run a return fuel line.
I have kept mine fuel injected as im not a fan of carby (even tho this sacrifices some HP)

I would say that if i was to do it all over again i would not go LS1. I would for easily the same amount of money build a supercharged small block Chev.

If you want to know more just send me an email


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