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Old style 70's Delteck mini bike

I know this is a car site but i am getting desperate and thought there would be some other nuts like myself.I have just rekindled my first mechanical interest as a boy and bought a couple of deckson mini bikes.As a boy i had a deckson and it was such a blast.I am in the hunt for parts for these bikes and i am drawing a blank where ever i turn.I have seen a couple of posts here but they are from a few years ago.Are there any mini bike nuts out there i need some help.I can source parts on the net in the states but would rather keep them original if possible.Any help would be much appreciated.I bet alot of you started out on these things.I think they are cool and want to put them restored in the back of a restored EH ute.Cheers Troy

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Mini Bikes

I have a rarer beast its called a Di Blasi its accually a fold up bike made for packing away has a 3lt tank does about 50 k/mh although mine is a 80's model they still make them today but the new ones are only sold by one company over here there in sydney and they want close to $3000 for them new.

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mini bikes

Got one out the back that the young fella was riding at his ol' mans and brought it home to ride but expected i fix it..POS, i bought him a new pit bike. No idea what it is, i'd have to look but i'll sell it no worries.

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your not the only one whos looking for Decksons,
if your just after the plain cheapo type minibikes they turn up often,
for a few hundred even. seen many a $200 QA honda's around too.

i used to have a few mini bikes 10yrs ago.

but the best, the ultimate, was my Deckson......

im not talking a crappy fold up frame and honda style pull start....
this thing was a BEAST, it had full suspension, little 10in wheels, fat whitewalls, Chrome tank with candy red paint, candy red frame,
speedo to 100MPH, full lights/indacators, Briggs & stratton 2 stroke powered + 4 speed gearbox...
the thing even had a compliance plate. afik, was 80 or 100cc...
it looked like a mini BSA or triumph sorta styling, nothing like anything i've seen.

if ANYONE knows the bike, i will PAY $1000 BUCKS FOR IT (if its still in the same cond)
i sold it in 1998, its possibly in the Traralgon Area.

deckson info

i didnt notice the attachments, seems your after the cheap n easy ones.
apparently they came in 3 basic models. no idea whats what but the ones you want are easy to find.

the one i used to have/am looking for may be a Deckson Hunter, c.1970 - 72
i might be wrong though, but the description i read was the bike, except im sure mine had a chain,
and the bike described had a belt with some sort of tensioner/converter,
but it was also 172cc, im 99% sure mine was no bigger than 100/125 at the most.


Here is a site with lots of info on 70s aussie minibikes - - have a look cheers.

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