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holden codes

What these codes mean:

ENG: (Engine)
L20 - 202.
L31 - 308.
L32 - high compression 253.
L33 - low compression 253.

TRANS: (Transmission)
M15 - Three speed column shift manual, (except 308 & 350).
M20 - Four speed floor shift manual.
M21 - Four speed close ratio floor shift manual.
M22 - Four speed floor shift manual, (wide ratio) (six cyl commercial only).
M40 - Trimatic three speed column or console shift auto.
M41 - Turbo-Hydra-Matic 400 three speed column or console shift auto (308 only). Replaced in May 1979 by Turbo-Hydra-Matic 350.
M38 - Turbo-Hydra-Matic 350.

RRAXLE (Rear Axle / Diff Ratio)
GU4 - 3.08:1.
GU7 - 2.78:1.
GU8 - 3.90:1.
GV2 - 3.36:1 - only applicable to V8 HQ's.
GV4 - 3.36:1.
GV7 - 3.55:1.
G70 - 2.60:1 .

Breakdown of the VIN. (Early HQ only)
Eg: VIN - 80170QH500025.
80170 Q H5 00025
Model number
80170 - 6cyl Panelvan
80270 - 8cyl Panelvan
80180 - 6cyl Ute
80280 - 8cyl Ute Last letter of vehicle model year (HQ) Assembly plant code
H1 - H4 = Brisbane
H5 - H9 = Sydney
J1 - J9 = Dandenong
L1 - L5 = Adelaide
L6 - L9 = Perth Vehicle serial number
Breakdown of the VIN. (Late HQ, HJ-HX-HZ)
Eg: VIN - 8M70RH J598183Z.
8 M 70 R H J5 98183 Z
GMH Designation Model code
M = Commercial
N = Kingswood Body Style
70 = Panelvan 80 = Ute Engine
L = 3.3L
R = 4.2L
T = 5.0L Model Year
D = 1974
E = 1975
F = 1976
G = 1977
H = 1978 Assembly plant code
H1 - H4 = Brisbane
H5 - H9 = Sydney
J1 - J9 = Dandenong
L1 - L5 = Adelaide Vehicle Serial Number Series Code
Q = HQ
J = HJ
X = HX
Z = HZ

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WB pannel van

WB 1980 pannel van has 308v8 ,4speed manual,power steer,air/con,GTS dash,GTS steerin wheel,SLE alloy rims,I need info of compliance codes to check with my plate codes please.

5.0l conversion

what model can i legaly put a 5.0l or 5.7 i have hz onetonner, hq ute and a hx?

you can put in a ls1 vt motor

you can put in a ls1 vt motor 308, anything more is more stuffing about. Straight in no need to change the mounts. However, im not 100% sure about the rack steering situation. Im not farmilar with hz's



I think you mean a VT Series 1 motor... a 308 CID LS1 doesn't exist...


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