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commodore fuel pump

can some tell if theres a post already on were the fuel pump is in a vs sadan i known its in the tank but is it on the sender unit and is it better off droping the tank


I recently had to change the fuel pump on my VS ute, it was located on the sender unit which was at the front of the tank behind the ute cabin. I dont know where the tank is mounted on a sedan or where the sender unit is but i would be fairly certain it would be much easier if you dropped the tank out.
Hope this helps.

hi mate. yes the pump is in the tank. it's best to leave the tank in the car as the pump can be changed with it in the car. you just have to remember to reconnect the internal hose that connects to the pump which sits in the tank also. all i do is jack up the drivers side rear of the car and remove the tyre. that gives you full access to the fuel pump. i hope this helps. oh yeah, make sure there is very little to no fuel in the tank before trying to take pump out. if tank has got fuel it will need to be drained and the easist way i have found is to have a clean bucket under the pump and remove the 2 lower bolts on the fuel pump and let it drain. good luck mate...

if you happen to want a brand new intank fuel pump let me know as i have one here that i dont need.


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Hi i just replaced the fuel pump in my vt wagon.The hose inside the tank connected to the pump(small flexible one)was damaged so i replaced it with fuel hose different to the original.It all works ok now but when i put my foot down theres no power,it starts fine & idles fine but has no power.Before i replaced it (the fuel pump) she had plenty of get up & go, just was a bitch to start, i put that down to the hole in the flexi-hose.Could i have connected the fuel lines up wrong ? as there is three from the tank ? I remembered where the one to the fuel filter went as it was short, but the other two got mixed up when i dropped the tank out.Or,is the fuel line i used to replace the flexi-hose not working as it should ?I noticed that the original hose is slightly larger in inner diameter.Thanks, it's stressing me out big time. VT COMMODORE WAGON. Regards Tony.

hi l just got a new fual pump and filter in my vt comm 2000 but its cuts out and dies when turning right

i have a consant wining noise its coming from the bACK OFF THE UTE AND ITS LAcling fuel presure could any1 help with this problem

Ho iv got vs Waggon an wen I starte it it idles but soon as I put my foot down it dies any help woulde be good

Hi i have the same problem on a vs sedan. Hqve you had any luck?

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