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Holden master cylinder... which is which?

hey how ya guys going.
Anyway, ive put VT twin spots on a VN V6 and of course i need the larger master cylinder, i want to put on the one from my VC V8 but when my mate had a look at it, he said its a 6 cylinder one as its got 15/16 marked on the master cylinder body on the top of it.
Thats got me buggered as the VC came out factory with a 308 in says so on the plate.
Is that how you tell the difference between a 15/16 and a 1" is it?

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yes thats how you tell and

yes thats how you tell and the later comms(VS on?) had 1 1/4 which would work better again

holden commodore 6and 8 master cylinders

ok mate thanks for that, yep i guess its a trip to the wreckers for a VS/VT master cylinder.

VT brake upgrade

ok, im going for the 1' master cylinder as the VS/VT master cylinder and booster although it can be done is a real stuff about and i have to get this bugger back on the road by this arvo.
Bit of a write up here about it if anyone is interested.

Holden Master Cylinder Identification Help needed

Hey I have a new master cylinder I found in shed, I was told it was to suit HT HG but im not 100% certain, numbers are 6613 1E7 (steel case, metal lid but not big nut type). Any help appreciated cheers

All good

All good guys, 6613 is fitted to HG disc brake.

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