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My 1978 HZ Kingswood ute

My 1978 HZ Kingswood ute

this is my pride and joy.

shes a bit rough at the momment though

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pride and joy

I love your collection of old metal signs.
Good mix of ramps too. One set looks like it would hold up an 18 wheeler. The other set look like they were fashioned from used paper


what exactly are u plannin on doin with that gapeing hole infront of the wheel looks like u need a new sill and a bit of a wheel arch is the rest of the ute that badly rusted
- Theres no replacement for displacement-


yeh there is a fair bit of rust but it isnt any worse than that sill panel and wheelarch bit that is the worst of it.
the whole front panels have been removed since i am in the process of gettin a premier front and gts guards.. would they match up together?


i thought he was working on

i thought he was working on it out the front of the local milk bar in some way off country town..


Zacho's Ute

It looks pretty good mate.
Keep us informed on your progress no matter how long it takes.
As bogans and HEMI said in your other post, you have come to the right place and I'm sure you and your stepfather can bring her back to her former glory.
Good Luck with it all!


Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about cars and (puters).


they will all match up as long as you get HJ HX HZ stuff, i assume u know which is which
- Theres no replacement for displacement-

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