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Plumdinger HG Premier

Plumdinger HG Premier

Dusted off the ol girl after being stored away for nearly a year and took it to the annual SA GM day at Tanunda. Massive turnout, especially of HK,T,G's.

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Thought that wasnt an HG colour, do you know what the history is behind this car? Looks nice



This is a 5/71 built model. The colour was exclusive to X-U1 Torana only. This vehicle was a special order. It is 253 V8 with black interior/reclining buckets. It is a Melbourne built car. I bought it last year and drove it home to Adelaide.

hot prem

looks pretty damn sweet.

im pretty sure plumdinger IS a 69/70 colour but i may be wrong, or holden may have dunnit anyway.
we all know what they were like back in the day. not like fraud, with their perfect records,
and company policy that has to be followed to the last full stop.

plumdinger paint colour subject

hi my name is michael i was reading your goss and i have a hq gts coupe that was painted factory plumdinger dont know much more but i read that your car was a special order does it read svo on id plate?

att plumdinger michael

could you send me a couple of pics
thanks Leroy

Paint Colours & Codes
The Shed

plumb dinger gts coupe

hi just reading up on things and found your request for photos of my gts. at the moment its going through a full resto so all the paint has been taken off part froma little bit inside front gaurds and inside were the door closes.can send you pics if u like. i am led to believe this may be the only plumbdinger hq gts coupe ever made trim code is svo and 10y for houndstooth interior. car was built in melbourne. looks like you may have a one off as well.cheers


"I remember when he first bought that car."

"Republic of Dusty's Shed"
(postcode 3380)

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