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wrecking holden hr and various spares

Holden hr parts lots avaliable disc brake front drum brake front prem bucket seats bench seats heaps of doors and guards complete cars lots of motors and gearboxs also have some 1 tonner parts call 0405603076 may have what your after thanks Aaron

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hr parts

just wondering where you are located mate? im after prem buckets and wouldnt mind seeing what else you have

luenham nsw2745 havucket

luenham nsw2745 havucket seats need trimming cks and frames are good $180 if you interested thanks

hr parts

hi better of calling me on 0405603076 thanks

Hr parts

Hello Holden fan,
I am looking for left and right front guards and all 4 doors for my Hr sedan,was wondering if you still have any in reasonably good condition(minor rust and dents ok)and if you send parts inter-state?

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