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BT1 police pack info???

I'm very interested in finding out more about Police packs and how they are identified. I've just read a post that MB wrote last year (is he still posting in here?) about a HX 50th Anniversary model and there was a very useful list of all the options. MB also mentioned that BT1 was a police pack. So... because I have a HZ Kingswood SL ex-police car I'd like to find out more about police options. What exactly was on the option list of a BT1? Did HZ also have a BT1 option? I wrote to Holden and provided VIN, body and eng numbers for my car but all records have been lost of the period mine was produced (11/79), so they cannot tell me anything.

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My car is a ex police car

My car is a ex police car HZ

I have a double horn on the front standard?? Not sure

Gear shifter shifts from D to 2 without pushing in the button, standard? Not sure

I have a fine needle speedo a police accessory

Sunroof :) As I believe there was holes left in the roof from whatever they put on the roof

My car also handles very well for a Kingswood which shocked me when I first drove it through the hills however I do not think there was any suspension work done on the police packs back in the day of the Kingswood correct me if I am wrong.


There was no BT1 police pack

There was no BT1 police pack in HZ , The BT1 POLICE pack was for VH-VR COMMODORE ...

there is a code for a taxi pack which is B03 and B02.
also and ambulance pack B06 ..
but no listing for police HZ ..

some of the police pack options were , heavy duty battery , certified speedo , 15 inch wheels , a certain tyre , heavy duty suspension ... this is for the commodores any way, heavy duty alternator also...



dont forget the VS model aswell

bt1 police pack

do you know of any engine mods in vr bt1

hz police packs

as wombat comments,

Simply, there were no BT1's in the hz's nor any of the hq-hz range. Back then Holden took orders from police subject to their requirements. Holden would supply & specify certain options for police to choose from, which included some of those listed above. twin horns, heavy duty radiator, large loop pile carpet, some had rubber mats, that calibrated speedo, larger rims and extra plugs in the loom, H/D brake pads, 85 amp alternators, h/duty batt, however, basically they were standard kingswoods, no real suspension mods of any real value. Although Radial tuned suspension was Holdens sales suspension gimmick in the Hz range.

You might find some codes in the tags there but, it won't give it up to a cop car. Holden and ford have over the years put together certain packages with higher grade components for police but the police orders back then were never consistant and each state seemed to order what they felt they needed to get the job done. Performance mods were not the real deciding factor in the selection for these cars back then.

BT1 is Holden's specific assembly component code for the general duties police pack for the whole of australia. The police departments only have to nominated it be v6 or v8. This continues basically into the VE. However the standard BT1 V8 package was discontinuted in the VZ. Holden pushes the SS to the police for their performance work.

If you ask the holden salesman for a BT1 police pack he will trott you over to a SV6 as this is akin to what the police order in the v6. It seems these days, police services will buy anything they can get there hands on. SS's, XR8's Xrturbo's,toyota's, ford Territory, nissan's etc. These police tenders are big orders!!! getting lots of cars to them within the contract TIME has proven difficult for some our big 2 manufacturer's.

I am not suprised with Holdens comments to you. They have been somewhat sloppy and aloof with their replies to certain historical facets and records re some of their previous models. I often picture some poor teenage office girl having to reply to some of these letters we send them.

Your car, The obvious giveaway is that speedo, not to mention those holes in the pillars were the light rack wiring have may have been guided into.


My listing shows HZ BT1 to include:

V6H, V6J, V6K, L32, V5H, K96, UO5, GU4, GV4, U11, U91, UL5, QCN, QTY.

It was available on Kingswood sedan and wagon.

Also it is a Victorian Police option, unlike the later BT1 which was Australia wide.

You need to look in "internal" Holden paperwork to find these as they were not available to the public, taxi etc were. So even in 1978 if you asked for a BT1 option your standard dealer would not know what it was as they would not be supplied info on the pack as Police went through head office for it.
Yes Holden do not know much of their history and to ask about some obscure option is not going to get you anywhere.

Breakdown of some of these

Breakdown of some of these options.. for police pack from holden fan
V6H, V6J, V6K, L32, V5H, K96, UO5, GU4, GV4, U11, U91, UL5, QCN, QTY.

V6H = ??
v6j =??
v6k =??
L32 = V8 high comp 253 engine.
V5H = Engine performance equipment 5.0 litre manual ( my info sayes was only available on vh-vk )
K96 = Altermator with internal regulator 55 amp ( there was no 80 amp alternators in 1979 for holdens ).
U05= High note horn.
GV4 = 3.36:1 rear axle ratio diff.
U11 = POLICE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER - certified speedo.
U91 = ROOF sign lead .( sayes for taxi but i guess police may also have needed a power lead up there . )..
UL5 = Delete radio.
QCN = Tyre- ER78S14 4 ply st-r tubed
QTY = Tyre 185sr14 4ply textile belted radial.


PO numbers

From my listings:

V6H = Delete - Clock (After mid-1978 Upgrade)
V6J = Delete - Remote Control RH Ext Mirror (After mid-1978 Upgrade)
V6K = Delete - Tinted Band Laminated Windscreen (After mid-1978 Upgrade)

Dr Terry

Breakdown of HZ police pack

This is great info guys, thanks a heap. Any codes for the options my car has that I think are police bits greatly appreciated.

253, M40, GU4,
4 wheel disc brakes,
Police suspension? - Koni shock absorbers fitted on rear,
no power steering (factory delete option on an 11/79 model???)
Heavy duty radiator (3 core) and radiator overflow bottle,
Police calibrated speedo
triple gauge, oil pressure, temp, fuel instrument cluster
sun visor
driver’s door remote mirror
Mudflaps front and rear (dealer fit I presume)
Driver's & passenger's weather shields (dealer again?)
Glove box light
intermittant wipers
stone/splashguard under radiator
Oil pump protector plate (strange little plate near oil pump screwed on with 3 screws)
No interior hand holds above doors (factory delete option?)

My car doesn't have dual horns but the horn it does have is plastic and looks non-standard???, the alternator fitted is a Lucas of unknown output. I've peeked under the roof lining with the interior light removed but cannot find evidence of a hole anywhere so it might not have had the roof sign lead. There is a small cut in the roof lining above the driver's seatbelt next to the plastic door trim - that might be a clue??? Mine came with a radio. My tyre placard in the glovebox is standard for Kingswood SL sedan.
Cheers Carl

Police XU-1's

Sorry a bit off topic,
but it might be of interest.
My XU-1 was bought by a west Australian country council for traffic patrol duties in 1973 and has no special Police code from what I can tell ( I have the build sheet ) there is a order number, P 06661 but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere.
West Australia and NSW seem to have been the two main states to use XU-1's though there might have been a handfull of examaples in QLD.
Some accounts state that 50 late XU-1's went to the police.
I have read in a magazine that in Victoria 1973 Police fitted sway bars and other suspension mods.
I can look it up.


HZ Police pack

A 79 V8 Kingswood would not have power steering, optional. It would have remote rear vision mirror as standard.
It would nt have assist grips these are optional.

high comp 253 I thought so

high comp 253 I thought so as my engine number starts with QR which I believe is the high compr 253 :)



would some one know when was bt1 changers released into commodores for gd and hiway patrol thanks warren

185 pack

Gday, I have got hold of a 82 vh , vh8vk69-185 and have been told that it is a police pack. cant find a concrete answer. any help would be great.

9c1 vt berlina

hi my vt is a 9c1 which is a bt-1 in other words this is all i can find on it =The 9C1 pack contains some of the following: ABS, FE2 Sports Suspension, IRS, LSD, Driver's Airbag and Passenger's Airbag (SRS), Sump protector plate and fuel tank protector plate, Door interior light switches disabled, map reading light/interior light, special brake pads (front and rear), certified police speedometer, with light in instrument binnacle over speedo (to read speedo no lights on), and can be V6, V8 or HSV V8. With the V8, the seats have SS embroided on them. The 9C1 pack is added to an Executive, but (in Queensland at least) can also be added on to SS with HSV V8 for pursuit vehicles.= MINE IS ONLY A SIX BUT IT FEELS ALOT MORE POWERFUL AND SHIFTS REAL HARD FOR A SIX HOPE THIS HELPS

Bt1 packs

I have a vp bt1 and was wondering if the v6 bt1 had any engine mods done to them


I also have a VP BT1, but 5L. The only engine mod AFAICT is a so-called cop-chip in the computer. This NOTHING to get excited about. The difference is that it has a higher idle speed in neutral so that the car can sit idling for very long periods with headlights and flashing lights and maybe a/c going without any risk of the battery gradually going flat.

me shed...


I am looking at buying one but has a carby on it not injectors can anyone help me on this please thank you

Surprecharged vs commodore

Is it legal to put a super 6 into vs acclaim in Victoria with out engineers cert

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