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Holden Air Conditioning


I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows roughly how much power the air conditioner compressor in an old holden uses. I haven't come accross the information myself yet, my feeling is some where around 2 to 5 HP. be useful to know.

I guess I'm actually after the specifications of the common holden compressors, operating RPM, power consumption etc. Any help would be great.



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Harrison compressor requires

Harrison compressor requires 7 hp at full freon charge




yesterday after a trip to the wreckers I had a look online and found that Sanden compressors use about 5-8Hp depending on model and operating conditions. They also have an electrically driven model for Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Should be enough information I reckon.


EH airconditioner

where can i get an aircon full setup for an EH holden???

EH Air

Vinatge Air...


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