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diff conversion

hey guys just a quick question. does a hg or ht 10 bolt diff go straight into a hr. a mate of mine said thats all holes line up and no shortening is required

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i think it would be to wide

i think it would be to wide take a tape to them?

10 bolt diff into a hr

Your mate is either taking the piss. Or he taking too much of that stuff in the little packages that he swaps for cash, every time the two of you go to the pub.
Go park your HR behind a HK-HG. Then ask him to explain how the hell it is going to happen.

no it wont

no it wont just bolt in will be two wide but a 10 bolt from a early commo vb to vk will fit if you cut of all the brakets and weld on the leaf spring supports and shocker mounts have seen it done before and they do also modify these diffs to go into hk to hg kingswoods etc but they are about 2 inchs narrower in one of them which lets you get wider rubber under the guard and is a hell of a lot cheaper than tring to by a salisbury diff for a hk to hg as these are generally 12 bolts as well as 10s and are fetching big dollars as they are fairly hard to get mate paid about $1500 for a 12 bolt hg diff hope ive helped


I Got 1 done (10Bolt)with brakes to suit hr $700.oo If interested

need some help want to put 9

need some help want to put 9 inch diff in my hr anyone help with some info cheers

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