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22/02/2008 07:00
23/02/2008 00:00

THE Super Southern Swap Meet ( the ballarat swap meet ) is on next friday and saturday only .
friday 22/2/2008 and saturday 23/2/2008..

This is Australia's largest automotive swap meet held on the old ballarat air field it is huge
it is set out in a gaint L shape.
Normally this is a 3 day swap meet but this year it is only a 2 day swap friday the 22 and saturday the 23
NO sunday this year...
IF you only go to 1 swap meet a year this is the one to go too...
usually no matter what you are looking for you can find it at this swap..
IT will take you a whole day to go around the whole of the swap meet properly, there is alot of walking to be done ..
starts at 7.00 am each day and goes to 6.00pm each day..


swap meet

Would anyone like to sell there site for the Ballarat Swap meet ?

ballarat swap meet

Does any one have a site that is not being used at the swap meet i am desperate to go, but forgot to book a site. Happy to pay well, Ph 0433 24 33 97 thanks Scott

thanks for the heads up

thanks for the heads up id've missed it otherwise and also for yarra glen

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