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will ford falcon AU thermo fans fit HZ 202 red?

will ford falcon AU thermo fans fit HZ 202 red? And would it be a mission to get them in? looking at upgrading from the mechanical fan, not sure what the best fan would be

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yes and no.. if its the std

yes and no..

if its the std 6 cylinder radiator no its too narrow.
IF IT has a heavy duty 3 core 6 cylinder radiator yes as its as wide as a v8 radiator..


AU fans on the HZ Wombat said, it needs to be the wider V8 style radiator.
I used one EL fan on my Tonner, the bracket was dead simple to make.....sadly the radiator was blocked & I put the std. fan back on, so I'm still not sure how well "half" an EL fan set-up works!!
I used the fan temp switch out of a Subaru Brumby hooked to a relay to switch mine on & off, this worked real well.

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pretty sure its standard... what would be the best fan/fans to use?

Well you could get a heavy

Well you could get a heavy duty 3 core 6 cylinder radiator and then fit the ef-el or au ford twin thermo fan set up..
if you only have the four blade std fan you could fit a 6 or 8 blade plastic fan this will help suck more air thru the radiator .. you could get a single 12 or 14 inch aftermarket thermo fan ( which ever one fits )bigger the better , then remove std fan and fit thermo fan onto radiator ( engine bay side) ..


Holden fans the best option- streetneat

( Groan) I can never understand why folk have to muck around with a system that works fine. if your 202 is overheating - find the cause - not chuck more fans at it!

The standard fan works fine when the radiator is clean and unblocked and when the thermostat is working properly - however a more efficient fan would be the flexlite fibre reinforced plastic fan - which has a greater pitch on the blades - this is a bolt in fix and would cost around $55.

These fans flatten out when revved and shift a tremendous amount of air. The use of the factory fan shroud would also assist here- but as far as I know- they only came on the larger 3 core radiator. These fan shrouds can still be bought new and genuine Holden.

I use the black plastic flexlite fans on nearly every car I build- and they work fine and I dont have overheating issues. I have even replaced thermo fans with these flexlite fans and found the car runs cooler!

However on my HG Ute street/strip car - I am using the 4 core HQ style of radiator with a AU Falcon thermo setup- reason being this is a drag car mostly and has aluminium heads that should dissipate the heat pretty well anyhow.

In short yes you can use the AU or other Falcon set up - but in most cases its not needed and is just an expensive and intensive way to cure overheating - look at your options first and fix the cause not the effect of overheating. You may just need to overhaul your present system and possibly just add the flexlite fan.

Remember these cars were designed to have an engine fan. Thermo fans are great at cooling down radiators when set up properly - but are not very efficient in pushing hot air out of an engine bay as an engine fan does. Years ago we did a test and showed that by pointing a digital thermometer at an engine with a thermo fan - it was not keeping everything at a consistent temperature- the radiator was cool- but the engine itself was considerably hotter. The water temp sender was at the front of the engine on the thermostat and gave all sorts of readings - mostly fine and this fooled us into thinking the thermo fan was doing its job - but because we didnt have much air moving around the motor itself, it would get hot quickly in traffic. We fitted the Flexlite fan - and we were amazed at the difference - no more overheating at all! We kept the thermo fan fitted and it rarely ever came on as it never got hot enough to trigger the switch.

Also make sure your engine is degreased- heavy buildups of grease and oil will only serve to heat up the engine.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.

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Replacing Engine Fan

Refer Andrew Streatneat's comments - I can relate to what you are saying - an engine driven fan (even one with a clutch hub) is at least turning all the time which has the effect of always pushing the hot air out from under the bonnet - underbonnet temps get very high when the thermo fan has cycled "off" as all the heat from the motor just rises and gets caught under the bonnet (car at rest) - with a thermo it seems its "all" or "nothing" - by this I mean when the fan is off there is no air flow through the radiator (at rest) or under the bonnet and the heat rises very quickly (lots of heat soak) then when the fan cuts in there is a quick cooling down - this causes the temp to cycle from one extreme to another (temp guage shows this) but if you had an engine driven fan there would be some air flow all the time and I guess the extremes would'nt be happening as much - it puts some "stability" into the system. I am currently using a Paul Weel Radiator with a 3000cfm Spal Electric fan (lots of air flow and current draw) cooling a 355, and I am surprised at the amount of heat soak when the fan is not on and how much the system relies on the fan being on to maintain an average temp of 185F - I think I read in Holdenpedia of an idea where the Fan switches on when you touch the brake pedal which is normally when you are going to stop and would have no natural air flow - this could work very well because it stops the high temperatures having a chance to build up in the first place - I have found it much harder to get the temp down when it has gone too high - much easier to keep it in check all the time.


right well im just looking for the best way to boost the efficiency and power of my engine, u reckon a flexlite fan rather then thermo? where abouts could i get a flexlite fan?

Flexlite fans found at auto stores

...I know Superformance sell 'em (07) 3206 4400 - I think Autobarn do too. I would try that option first- but make sure the rest of the system is properly overhauled too.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
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