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68-70 Monaro;s are a rebadged OPEL rekord C coupe?

Hi, I have a 69 OPEL REKORD C hardtop coupe, I have just read that the opel was made in OZ and rebadged as Monaro 1st generation 1968-70. Is this true?
My one is european made with a 2 ltr 106hp engine. It is all original. Does anybody know what it would be worth approx. I am thinking of selling.



Could you post up some pics so we have a rough idea of what it looks like (Gives a better idea than just guessing)

sorry have no digital camera, its the exact shape as a early monaro,google has pictures and wikepidia has the info
thanks. I am in new zealand at the moment.

Hi HT,
Thanks for putting the photo up, yes thats the exact coupe you posted. Its all original, interior is black same seat covering as monaro in excellent condition. Its right hand drive. Does anyone know what I might get for it?

it is a vb commodore he's thinking of. or at least I believe that is what I saw on Wikipedia, although the rear end of some of the earlier Opels seem similar to the HK.....?

I tried to add a pic, just not smart thinks...! 

cheers Greg

I googled Opel rekord c coupe it comes up with some pics looks a bit like a early camaro.
Cheers Stephen. B)

Opel Record C Coupe.
I owned one while stationed in Germany in the 70's. I would compare it to the Buick skylark of the 90's with a whole lot more pep and many more standard luxuries. Bolt for bolt and fender for fender, many parts could have been interchanged.
Mine had a power moon roof in a black vinyl top, power seats, power steering,power door locks,tilt steering wheel, burled walnut dash and door panels set in leather, power trunk and hood latches, wipers on the head light shields. I cuised down the autobahn at 90-100(MPH)like it was nothing.
Too bad Americans manufacturers were 15-20 years to catch on, and then it was too late. They built the Opel Cadet just for us during our first gas crises. I don't believe they kept a one for themselves. They kept the cheaper rekord A,B,C,&D models, the mid level admiral, and the elite ambassadore for their touring.
Thanks for listening
Harold G. (S.C.)

I could be wrong but to me it looks very similar to a HB Torana (Vauxhall Viva) but with different styling.


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Surely there'd be a law against such a beast ?

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im pretty sure its the same body shape as my sth african chev(which is opel body) but a coupe .europe used 4 cyl, sth africa used chevy 6 running gear .there was a 70 opel recford 1 owner,4 cyl on ebay(for about 4 months(never reaching reserve).i think it eventually sold for about $2700.

Hi, Bluefc, thanks, yeh I read on wikepedia that they were made in south africa too, chev as said. Can you remember was the one for sale right hand drive, coupe?
If so it gives me an idea on worth. Thanks

They all came out of the same Styling influences so look similar but are not the same AFAIK.


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I think he is talking about the Opel Rekord Sprint Coupe, Looks similar sort of to a Monaro but is also smaller I think.

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

See http://en.wikipedia....

Engines: 1492 cc, 58, later 60 hp (DIN), 1698 cc, 60, later 66 hp (DIN), 1698 cc, 75 hp (DIN), 1897 cc, 90 hp (DIN), 1897 cc, 106 hp (DIN), 2239 cc, 95 hp (DIN)
Wheelbase 105"
Length 180"
Width 69.1"
Height 57.5"
Kerb weight 2265–2585 lb
Top speed 81–108 mph

How do those dimensions compare to a Monaro's?

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

Monrao Specs - it was slightly larger and heavier...... and much more powerful.

Length - 4699mm, Width - 1816mm, Wheelbase - 2819mm

1,300kg, 1,333kg (GTS), 1,495kg (GTS 327)

Exterior Dimensions
Wheelbase Monaro - All 111in.
Overall Length Monaro - All 184.8in.
Overall Height (At Kerb Weight) Monaro - All 54.9in.
Overall Width (Maximum) Monaro - All 71.8in.
Front track Monaro - All 57.12in.
Rear track Monaro - All 57.12in.
Kerb weight Monaro 2866 lbs
Monaro GTS 2940 lbs
Monaro GTS 327 3295 lbs
Turning circle Monaro and GTS 36.5 ft
Monaro GTS 327 39.5 ft
Clearance, Exhaust System to Ground (at load design) Monaro 7.2 in.

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

See http://www.classicca...

"The Rekord C was also built as the Chevrolet Opala and Comodoro in Brazil from 1968 on, available in sedan, coupe and station wagon form and featuring either Chevrolet's 2.5 L four or 4.1 L inline-six. These models received several facelifts and remained in production until about 1992..
* A Rekord C coupe was locally-built in South Africa as a Chevrolet SS during the 1970s (source - Chevrolet SS - a History)."

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

Thanks, I thought i had a desirable classic worth alot when i read it was made in Australia with a bigger engine and rebadged from opel to 1st generation monaro 68-70. Either way its not a holden,but i was interested in finding out.

$1,000 maybe as it will appeal to someone after an unusual car or a European nostalgia buff rather than a Holden enthusiast I suspect. So no the the Monaro wasn't a rebadged Opel and was more closely related to the US Nova SS and Comaro.

There is a stronger Opel/Vauxhall connection with the early holden Toranas (Vauxhall Viva) and Commodores.

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

I have also corrected Mr J Finklestein post in Wikipedia here http://en.wikipedia.... that started this rumour that the Monaro was a rebadged Opel Rekord. Unfortunately others have picked it up from Wikipedia and it's in danger of becoming an Internet urban legend. He's is also claiming the south Afican Chev SS was a rebadged Opel Rekord.

Regards Blue

Regards Blue

"* A Rekord C coupe was locally-built in South Africa as a Chevrolet SS during the 1970s (source - Chevrolet SS - a History)."

I think this bit is also wrong - I think they in fact were rebadged Australian made Monaros with slight cosmetic changes. And now collectors are importing them back into Australia.

I heard from one of those I posted about the mistake and had reply wanting to know if Monaro bits will fit his Rekord. I have started another thread on that.
Regards Blue

Regards Blue

This is interesting - they had a coil rear on it . . .


They are exactly the same body and chassi. the rekord c, commodore a. rekord sprint (from europe), monaro ht(australia), opala comodoro(brasil), chevrolet ss(south africa), vauxhall viceroy (uk) and i think it had another name in mexico. there where some minor cosmetic changes from country to country. rectangle lights in europe, where as monaro had round. and also different tail lights. usually the biggest differences where the motor packages, 4 and 6 cylinders in europe and 6 or 8 in monaro, i dont know what motor packages where in other countrys. im an australian living in europe, so only experience with monaro and commodore a(which i own and a rekord c which i have owned). even differences between rekord and commodore, like rekord has a 4 bolt stud pattern but a commodore a and rekord sprint has a 5 stud which is the same as chevy small bolt patern.

anyway every country who has these cars will squeal that theirs are nothing like the other countrys cars. sad reality is that the tooling and development of cars back then was hugely expensive and mostly shared between the different gm factories of the world and given slightly different aperance to suite the local market.

i buy and import monaro spares in australia and bolt them straight on my commodore a without any problem. sweden is hard to buy spares for them :(

If the pics of Opel Commodore A's I found on the net are anything to go by, then you are pretty handy with an angle grinder and a welder if you made HT Monaro panels fit.

Were there any differences in body shape between 1967 and 1971?

I also found pics of the 4 door version of the Commodore A. These seem to be more similar to HK-T-G Kingswood/Premier.

Can you post some pics of your Commodore A?


Hi Holden fan.

Wikipedia & you are both wrong with many of these facts.

1. There are NO common design elements between a 60's HK/T/G Holden & Opels of similar age. The Holdens were much larger, heavier cars, 100% Australian. There was some US 'drawing board' input, but they are very different in chassis and suspension design to the Opel. Opel & Holden shared some ideas very early in the piece, as a matter of fact the original 48 series Holden had some similar concepts to the pre-war Opel Olympia, but there were no shared components. The first time similar design strategies (or common designs) were used was the Gemini which was basically a Kadet-C with an Isuzu powertrain. The second time this happened was the Holden VB Commodore, which was an amalgam of the Opel Rekord-C & Senator-A with a Holden powertrain. Camira & Ascona-C was another. Prior to that, Chev, Vauxhall, Holden, Opel etc all did their own thing with 'tooling & development'. Family resemblance yes, common design components NO.

2. The 5-stud pattern used on Opels & Commodores is 120mm, while Chevs are 4.75", again similar but NOT the same or interchangeable.

3. What 'Monaro' parts do you import into Sweden that fit your 60s Opels, except of course for any Chev engine & gearbox parts.

Dr Terry.

The Chevrolet SS referred to above was definitely based on the Holden Monaro HG. They were assembled in 1971-1972 by GM(SA) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The 308 engine was standard and the 350 was optional.

GM(SA) assembled the Holden Monaro GTS (HT) in 1970-71 all of them were V8's.

GM(SA) also assembled the German sourced Opel Rekord C range including a coupe from 1967-1970. In 1968 they introduced the Ranger brand based on the Opel Rekord C and in 1971 the Ranger brand replaced the Opel Rekord in SA. The Ranger line-up included a SS coupe powered by a 2.5Litre Chevrolet 4cyl engine. That could be the vehicle that has caused the confusion. It is definitely not Monaro based.

From 1971/2 until approx 1982 most of the products of GM(SA) were badged as Chevrolets no matter where they were sourced within GM.


??? What condition is it in? rust and such?


Is there anybody who knows where I can get a tail light for a Opel Record 1968 model? If so please let me know on phone no: 0820527069.

Hi could you send me some pics,fishandchipfriday@ho... maybe intrested in giving you an offer.