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Torana Parts For Sale

I have loads of parts to sell suit LC/LJ torana including XU1 sway bar clamps, tail light bodies and lenses, electrical parts, suspension parts, XU1 cast headers.
Also an LH radiator grille in excellent condition no chrome or badge.
Please e-mail for a complete list and or photo's to

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Torana front & rear windscreen

LC-LJ Torana front & rear windscreen for sale. Contact

Lc Lj Parts for sale

Up for sale
Lc Lj boot lid
Set of steel 13x5.5 and 13x4.5rims
Lc Lj bonnet
Lj pair of taillight housings only
Xu1 style Boot Spoiler
Email inquieys to
Located at Bendigo Vic, but can ship aust wide

lj torana

Hi folks- Im after 2 front seats for lj 2 door and a good passenger door
Thanks Mark 0428379785 (please text me your number or item and price Cheers)

lc/lj front crossmember complete

Im after a complete lc/lj front crossmember,can anyone help. You can sms me on 0431464754

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