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HQ Trim Code & General Info

Hi, hoping someone can help me find out some info for my HQ Sedan 11/73.

Looks like I have black Premier interior.

Would like to find out what the trim code is - Numbers are : 1824-10H



PAINT CODE : 568-13138

The vehicle also has a number written on the firewall above the heater box.

Seems that was made during 25th Anniversary Premier.

Know 8Q69 Stands for GTS Sedan but any further information on interior etc would be much appreciated.


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Hi colour is Salamanca Red

Hi colour is Salamanca Red with Black vinal trim.

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trim code

thanks mate but do you know what the H is on the end of the trim code cheers

10H code

The tags do not match as 10H is black Kigswood o cloth trim. So 10H would indicate the car is a Kingswood sedan. Also 10H is only available in 71/72, 73/74 would be 30H as the trim perimeter material changed. GTS sedans were only available in 73/74 and not with 10 trim codes.

If you are buying the car do not, if you own the car sorry.

HQ gts 4door numbers

Hi the vin number and all other numbers tell me its a gts with 8q69 the q meaning gts as 8n69 is kingswood on the vin tag

VIN is GTS 4 door

Yes the VVIN tag says it a 4 door GTS and the 4 door GTS also has 80469 on the body ID plate, just like a V8 Kingswood, as it is a Kingswood with a production option, like a Vacatioer.

But you asked about the trim code 10H. GTS 4 door only have WXY or Z trim codes not H. They also do not have 10 codes, they have 30 codes (10 codes ar 71/72, 20 codes are 72 and 30 codes for 73/74, and the GTS 4 door was released in 73). So the body ID plate is NOT for a GTS sedan, so they are not from the same car, someone has been switching tags.

I take it that you own the car so sorry you do not have a GTS sedan, there are other checks that you can do to see if it is a GTS sedan with a 71/2 Kingswood V8 body ID plate or if it is a 71/2 V8 Kingswood with GTS sedan compliance plate and VIN plate, but I will not post here, get an expert to check the car for you, try your local Monaro club.

Tag switch for sure

The VIN is from a Brisbane car and the body id plate from Sydney car.


It's a strange one. The rule has always been that a HQ GTS/4 will have either W, X, Y or Z as the trim code.

But - this is normally used to identify an early GTS/4 which also used the Kingswood model number of 80469 (8N69).

As yours is a later one and is clearly identifiable as a GTS by the 8Q69 model code then perhaps it was just ordered with a non GTS interior colour hence the 10H code.

Do the tags appear to have never been removed from the vehicle? Does it still have the original rivets with the sealant in them?

Go and ask the guru's on here. "Monaro Forum"

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HQ GTS options

You could not order a GTS with Kingswood trim, just like you cannot go into Holden and say, yes I like the Calais, but mate how about a Lumina interior.

Did not happen, never did, never will.

hq gts

thanks for the replys with the trim thats in it is black premier trim with arm rests on rear doors and center armrest in the rear seat the car is 253 auto and if it is a kingswood why dose it have a number above the heater box on the firewall cheers dave..

trim code hq

could you please help and let me know what trim 1854-30H would in 08/1973 4door 80469qr with mustard paint it has 253 4speed 10 bolt and all gts options that looks genuine any help would be great

trim 30h

sorry mate dont know

30H Trim

This is black with cloth insert. Usually rado, either black and white or balck and black. From memory G is black and white, H is black and black.


hi does 10y mean black with houndstooth and did that code come out on the 1971 hq gts coupe thanks

hq sedan,kingswood or gts?

hi to all,trying to id a 4 door hq,i know its a factoy v8 sedan but not sure if a kingswood or gts,vin no 8n69tch252411q paint 56813138 trim 182422e model hq80469m,imformation would be most gratefull thanks.

HQ Kingswood

H/F your car is a Kingswood 22E is not a GTS trim code and Oct 72 is too early for a GTS anyway.


hq kingswood

hi,mate cheers for that regards doug.

HQ Monaro GTS Coupe - Trim code 19Y

Hi there.....
Hoping someone who can help me find out information on the interior trim code "19Y"..
I know it is a dark brown trim but I am not too sure if come with black & white houndstooth cos I have not seen what it like..
If anyone who have some photos please send to my email Thanks..
Cheers Mike.....

trim 19Y

Hi Mike 19Y is indeed Antique Brown w/Houndstooth insert, I have one pic that I can send.


Premier HQ wagon trim code 1342-11T

Can some one tell me what 11T means .as the seats have been re trimmed . He is the second owner for the last 35years ,and says it had hounds tooth

Hq premier wagon trim 11T

G'day guys can some help with the letter T .is it hounds tooth code on premiers

HQ Premier trim

The Premier wagon below is a 72 model with a 21T trim code, the seats are identical and it is the carpet and lower door trims that are changed to a darker colour. The trim material is Brown/Gold Raydo which is a small check pattern, it is not Houndstooth. The LS pic shows the correct carpet and lower door colour.

21T Premier Wagon

11R LS

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