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replacing centre bearing on tailshaft

hey guys, i've searched up and down holdenpaedia, does anybody have the know how? on replacing a tailshaft centre bearing on a vl dunnydore? Tailshaft is split up into 2 and snap ring removed... now what? smack centre of shaft so that bit holding those bigass bearings slides off and ova shaft?
any hints would be good.

ps, dont go to chalies mechanical at hervey bay! freakin rippoff so & so..

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tailshaft centre bearing

If you can "smack centre of shaft" and get the bearing off. There is something wrong with the tailshaft. If anything I'd reckon hitting the shaft would put the bearing on more.(Think fitting/removing a pick handle).
The centre bearings need to be pressed off.
While it's all apart. Don't forget to pack the constant velocity joint with the right grease and replace ALL the uni joints.

Don't Forget

Dont forget to mark the 2 shafts before separating. The universals need to be phased correctly. The 2 universal joints lined up at the same orientation (ie - like a one piece shaft) is NOT correct. Because of the compound angle between the 2 shafts this will cause vibrations and premature wear. I can't recall the correct figure off the top of my head but i seem to remember it to be around 15 to 18 degrees. As for removing and replacing the bearing, the correct way is to use a press. It can be done with patience,a hammer and a piece of wood however if you want it done properly pay someone the 20 odd bucks to remove and replace for you after the shaft is dissassembled.

vl tail shaft

Then take it to a drivetrain specialist to get balanced.
Tailshaft from the wreckers probably would have been a better option. The vl is noted for harmonic vibration which is usually NOT the tail shaft

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