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air conditioning

wanted. any leads on someone in brissy or surrounds who can supply and fit a underdash ac to my ht monaro. i have several sh underdash units ,but i am thinking of a totaly new setup. ideally i would like a system that locates the vents across the underdash area. hope someone can help. kel ps ht 186 stock headers.

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Air Conditioning

IF you go to the Arctick home page and click on find a licensed organisation it will then ask for your post code.Put your post code in then choose automotive air conditioning category.This will then give you a list of licensed automotive air conditioning mechanics in your area.Also try Stationary refrigeration and air conditioning category which will give you a list of refrigeration mechanics in your area.They might be licensed to do automotive work also but wont be listed in the automotive category.Any one who repairs them should have the knowledge to install them.You can buy new under dash units but they are around $300.If you are going to use a second hand evaporator coil have a refrigeration mechanic pressurize it with nitrogen and dip test it for leaks.If it leaks dont use it.Also have evaporator fan motor checked.You will need to use a new drier/receiver and have new refrigerant lines made.Make sure all components and pipe work is kept sealed from air or contaminents while in storage and before and during installation.If you get a under dash unit pressurized with nitrogen for leak testing get them to leave a holding charge in it .

Any decent a/c mechanic

Any decent a/c mechanic should vac the system down and let it sit for 30 minutes at a minium to check the system is holding vacuum. Only then should they charge the system with refrigerent.

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link to my shed


Leaving a system in a vacuum will only tell you that it wont leak in a vacuum.This wont indicate wether or not it will leak at operating pressures which can be quite high.The best way to check this would be to pressurise the system with nitrogen to a high pressure and leave a test gauge on it.Then leave sit for as long as possible and see wether the gauge drops.If it does you have leak.Test with soap bubbles.If you leave a system in a vacuum you have the risk of sucking in moisture or air.The vacuum pump will get the air out but it wont get moisture out of oil.Refrigeration oil absorbs moisture.Once the system is repaired and charged test with electronic leak detector.With the new hydrocarbon refrigerants this is not possible and you will have to use soap bubbles.And yes a vacuum pump will need to be used before charging .Vacuum of 500microns is good.


i have seen a commercial air conditioner vac tested and passed and then leak at every elbow in the copper pipes when filled with gas. Lets just say the blokes just had enough gas.

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Kelvin01AU re: Air-con

G'Day Mate, you can try emailing Nigel at;

I looked up http://www.cooldrive... / and it is situated in Victoria so I would hazard a guess he is the Brisbane Supplier of CoolDrive Products...

He does all of the Under-Dash as well as behind the Dash hidden Units, haven't conversed with him lately but he is more than willing to help out...

But as an example, Kathy needed a new Pump/ Receiver Dryer/ TX Valve and O Rings for the V6 Supercharged VT Commodore she drives, from our local Auto Electrician it was going to set her back over $1400 for all of the parts plus Fitting and Gassing, Kath looked up eBay and ended up sorting a deal with one of the Air-con Suppliers in there and had the lot landed on our Door Step at $340.00 neat, when she showed the Sparky he was spewing as it was all name brand gear and the same as what he would have Ordered, he told her his Order in price was over $900 (still a tidy mark up) from his Supplier... >:{/

eBay ‘is your friend’ if you are patient... ;{D

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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thanks brian. did you see the ht in my shed? its nearly finished. kel


Yes I did see it mate, is that the one you bought years ago that Ray and I went to look at with you? Or? I think I have asked this before and you sold that for a better one didn't you? :{/

I wish I still had my Red HK Monaro today, mint Body with NO Rust, but it was only a 161, I was ripped by my ex's best mate who only paid me $150 before hitting the toe in it... Spose it wouldn't have mattered anyways, she would have only scored that in the settlement instead of my MKII GT Cortina, I can only hope Karma has struck the toe rag down, both of them! >:{D

I have to agree with the others tho mate, you guys have way too many Monaro’s for just the one family and now I see your Brother is in on the act too! :{D lol

Very nice mate, but then you have always had a nice machine to play with on weekends haven’t you; but at the end of the day you only reap what you sow... Well Done… ;{D

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Email OINKS308 re: Fibreglass inquiries
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