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What fits HQ stud pattern

Hey all,

Just a quick question, what rims will fit a HQ stud pattern? HQ to what model commonwhore?

Im just pondering getting some 17" rims to reduce body roll :P


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SomerandomHQ stud pattern

HQ to WB are the only stud patterns that will fit, the commodore series changed the stud pattern.
For more info go. HERE


HQ stud pattern

HQ, stud pattern is the same as some Chev 5 X 4 3/4 and Jaguar. I recently bought some Eagle Alloys, series 212 17" X 8" plus 14mm offset, into New Zealand (ordered them thru a very helpful dealer on Ebay, Steve Hamilton) Worked out very reasonable, Approx $1700 landed at my front door. I also have a second set on another car with zero offset.Check Eagle Alloys site they have some wheels.

SomerandomHQ Stud

Hi Jake,

Many (most?) Chev's use the HQ - WB Stud Pattern as well.


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hj rims & 14 inch tyres

I need to move a 25 year old caravan about 400m with HJ rims (14inch) tyres can I use commodore rims on the van to replace 2 tyres

Moving Caravan

Yes, to only go 400 metres the stud pattern is close enough for that type of usage but be careful because the centre hole in the commondore rims is slightly smaller than the HQ to WB, meaning you may have a bit of a problem trying to get them off again.

The other way is fit a pair of commondore hubs(with or without discs does not matter) along with the commondore rims.

The bearings are the same.

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