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I've got an 89 rodeo and i know it isnt really a holden but the diff ratio is relly [Naughty Pottyword]ting me and i was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how i could change the diff/centres to make the ute drive more like a car than a ute as i hardly ever tow anything and the gears are ridiculuosly close. 1st only takes me to about 30k's, 2nd about 60, 3rd about 80ks if i really push her 4th to 100 and screaming and 5th is ok at 100 (but still high) and at 110 and over she screams. fastest ive had the balls to go is about 130 and at that speed in 5th it sounds like shes gonna explode!.

So what do i have to do to make this thing rev relaxed on the highway?
I dont know if the diff is borgwarner or not
Any help appreciated.

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