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SL/R 5000 L31

Can someone please tell me some information on the Torana L31 SL/R 5000 (see picture), as apposed to the L34. This one is for sale & the add says there were only 60 made. Is this accurate? if it is I would consider this to be quite a collectable car. The car has had a full ground up resto 2700kms ago, and the asking price is 13 grand. Seeing as though the Monaro is an Aussie muscle car out of reach for must of us because of the increasing value's, I figure this L31 may be the way to go.
Any information would be greatly appreciated

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L31 & L34 are engine codes

Absolutely not a rare model. L31 simply refers to the fact that the car was built with a 253, not exactly the stuff that collectables are made of! The bloke reckons 60 were built, well add on about three zeros and that would be closer! Whether or not it is a real SLR will have more bearing on the value and correct ID numbers will be vital.

L31 and L34

L31 and L34 are engine references knucklehead!The L31 is a stock 308 and the L34 was a high output 308!There were aprox 260 L34 Torana's made and you may find one for sale these days for about $40-50 G's.You could possible find a [Naughty Pottyword]box one for about $20 G's or so.

dredging the past

The post you just replied to was 3 years old.

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L31 and L34 Holden Fan

L34 isn't actually an engine such.
It is actually a Torana specific code that refers to the suspension package, AND motor....Knucklehead.


I don't think that's exactly correct Campbell. L34 is the engine code for the high output 308 that was only used in the LH Torana. It is Torana specific and other options came with the package but is essentially still the engine code.

Holden released the Torana SL/R 5000 L34 option package in mid 1974. Externally, it could be identified by bolt on wheel arch flares and bigger 14 x 6 steel rally wheels, but the real news was under the bonnet.
The L34 motor was based on the standard 5.0 litre (308) block, with stronger rods and pistons, heads with modified ports and bigger valves, roller rockers, two piece tubular exhaust headers, modified inlet manifold and twin coil / twin point ignition. It ran a high pressure fuel pump with the standard Rochester Q-jet carby modified with a manual choke. Additionally available on this engine was the so called High Output package. This was full on racetrack gear with an engine oil cooler, an even larger camshaft, a 780cfm vacuum secondary Holley carburetor and other minor modifications.

The A9X did run L34 engines but only in the race cars. No A9X ever came from the factory with an L34 engine in it, they all had the L31 from the factory.

76HXMonaro Re. L34.

Sorry, I'm at my son's place. So disregard the Holden Fan bit. L34 isn't essentially the engine code. Yes it is used for the engine code on an L34 spec SL/R's motor. But the L34 code refers to the whole package. The package was along the lines of Ford's HO option(Handling option, not high output as many believe) on the GTs.
The main thing with an L34 package was that the upper control arm had extra mounting points(3/4" or 1" lower, IIRC), and it had larger front disk brakes. As well as a different sump, the body kit, and the other mods you mentioned.
But the fact is that although over the last 30 odd years L34 has been adopted as an engine code. The L34 code is reference to a handling option for a Torana.

L34 is engine code

Under GM-H option codes L is used for engines M for gearboxes etc. Sometimes when an engine is optioned it includes other things and that is the case with the L34. eg C60 air con includes HD radiator and HD battery and in some cases new springs and shocks and also in some cases tinted glass, but you do not order them seperately C60 has them as part of the option.

L34 was first to be used on the hK GTS 327, and would have included all those things that make an HK GTS 327 unique, including the big tank, front sway bar and shocks.

In summary the L34 is an engine code but also includes other items and is the term that we now use to define the race version of the SLR 5000 in the LH.


The L34 Is on the compliance plate right were the potty word motor poty word designation poty word is. So it is the poty word code for the pty word motor and there is no were on a potty word that describes suspension codes on a poty word Torana poty word anywere I HAVE SEEN THE MODEL PLATE WITH IT ON IT HAVE YOU. AND THIS GOES FOR EVERY WOULD BE EXPERT AND TO THE GUY THAT HAD AGO AT THE GUY WHO GOT THE FIRST ENGINE CODE WRONG YOUR ALL AS SELF IMPORTANT AS EACH OTHER.

The 308 engines in the LH

The 308 engines in the LH Torana with "L34" option had a prefix of HZ

hey my dad has an original

hey my dad has an original slr 5000 in that kermit green, all the prints are in the carpet and all the badges, and he also has authentisity papers to prove its genuine, he has had this car just sittin in his garage it is as mint and as original as it gets, besides the supra gear box he put in, but still has the original has jelly bean rims on it. and its come time for him to sell it, but he is having trouble valuing it, any ideas or websites you know of, cheers doowie



Dislike me for who I am you may, like me for whom I'm not, you never will...



You may be wrong but so are most of the loosers after you

L34 is in the engine code possition if your still around. People give me the tom tits. every second cars an slr 5000 or an A9X and the bigger(more self important) the goose the more likly it started life as an SL 202.

L31 & L34

The L31 is a 308 engine & the L34 was the preformance optioned engine (bigger valved head ect), which was fitted to the Bathurst Torries. you will have to check the the body plates to prove it is a SL/R, but there would of been more than 60 built.

HOLDEN The great way to move

i'm not sure if i'm right but

i'm not sure if i'm right but i think the L31 was the 4 door A9X, that looks like SLR 5000 not quite and A9X, A9X had the full body kit, 308, M21 4 speed trans, 4 wheel disk breakes and a load of other extras.

L31 and L34 simply referred t

L31 and L34 simply referred to the engine specs. The SLR 5000 had two engine variants, the latter of the two being the SLR 5000 L34, released in time for Bathurst 1975. The one you are looking at is probably the original LH SLR 5000 (1974). The asking price is a bit much for what it is.


SLR 5000 is not the same as L31, it was the LX A9X (L34)That won bathurst.The L31-L34 were built for racing they had to build 500 to qualify for racing, supercar scare during production of A9X ment only 260 were made,the slr 5000 means sport luxury/racing 5L v8, L31 were limited edition.Finally out of the 71,408 LH`s that were made 500 were L31, many more slr 5000`s were made


There are so many wrongs in your post that I'm not even going to try to cover them all.

Suffice to say that the Supercar Scare was in the LJ's, not the LX's time, L31 is your garden variety 308, L34 was the racing version of the L31 308, the A9X only ever ran an L31...I give up...


"Some people don't deserve old Holdens"

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Hi Guys.

You're not wrong Qute.

The only one of those posts that was even close to being correct was the one from monaroman, the rest were absolute rubbish.

Dr Terry.

how many l31 m21 gu7s were

how many l31 m21 gu7s were built and where can i find these facts

no idea

I got no idea how many L31 M21 Gu7 there are, but ive got 1 if you start counting.

Your never late in a stroker 308
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L31 is the engine option code.
GU7 is the diff used. Which is a Banjo 2.78:1 LSD
We need to know your body code, eg 8VD69 to let you know if it is a SLR5000.
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not all GU7's are necessarily an LSD, LSD is an option code of G80,,,,

Silence is Non Committal


thankyou for that.
Can you please add to holdenpedia, where i pinched the info from!
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LSD options are already listed where available,,
if that info is correct, the Torana used the GU code for a Banjo LSD, where the norm would be GV for banjo's,,
I didn't click it was for a Torana, all except the UC used banjo's,,
The GU7 code used on other Holdens are for a Salisbury,,,,

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diff codes

Can someone update/complete the information in the Holdenpedia on the Torana diff. I would but I have a Max Elery book. (not always accurate)


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They only brought out the L34 in the LH series and it had round head lights and no centre console. The L34 was only different to the standard SLR 5000 by the headlights, console and the fact it was the racing motor for bathurst before the rules changed in late 76. It had twin point dizzy, Bigger valves and a few other mods as well as a salisbury diff and 14 inch rims with HQ style front end. When they went to the LX the A9X was a totally differnt floor pan to the standard LX and that floor pan was what they based the UC on. L31 is a standard designation for all standard built holdens with a 308 and was still used in the VS commodore with a 304.

Err! 1 booboo mr Holden Fan!

Err! 1 booboo mr Holden Fan! L34s had the banjo-not the salisbury!!!


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My apoligies. Banjo in L34

My apoligies. Banjo in L34 and Salisbury in A9X.

just one thing

The LH slr5000 came out with to diffs the GU4 (308.1)and the GU7 (2.78.1) Both were limited slip as standard. the slr5000 modle is LH8VD69 Lh (modle) 8 (were was made aus) V (size of car) D (slr) C =(sl) B= (s) 69= was 4 door. the LH L34 wes raced up to 1977 then the LX A9X was raced

www.nswtoranaclub look under

www.nswtoranaclub look under torana specification


Ok to make everyone go nuts i will tell you what i heard at the time in the 70s

Holden never intended to release the LJ torana with a v8 it was not good to race or drive on the road the pakage they had for the LJ was fine it worked and won races and yes beet the big ford 8's easy

They did intend to release the LH torana it was designed and ready to build when the super car scare came out in the papers

So to keep the media and higher powers happy the wipped up three LJ toranas and put big v8's in them and displayed these cars to the media and higher powers and told them that they woyuld not be releasing this vehicle to the public witch they had no intention of doing in the first place

The car that had been on the drawing board was the LH torans in all of its variations

You must take into account that GMH needed at least 2-5 years to design and plan sort out equipment so back in late 60s they were already doing just that designing a NEW car NOT hotting up an old one

Or to put it a little clearer they build new cars not old ones with big engines

So your calling Harry Firth

So your calling Harry Firth a liar? I think Harry would have more idea of what was going on in the 70s.

See Australian Muscle Car Mag Issue 9

That 2nd last post has more

That 2nd last post has more bull[Naughty Pottyword] in it than a dairy..Gotta love expert who have no clue.

LMAO ever tryed milking a

LMAO ever tryed milking a bull? I cant say i have ever seen a bull in the dairy lol.

Cheers Tom
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LOL BULL[Naughty Pottyword] EXPLAINED

An old farmer once explained to me how to tell the difference between cow[Naughty Pottyword] and bull[Naughty Pottyword]!

He said ya throw them both up in the air, The one the comes down is cow[Naughty Pottyword], the one that dosent is BULLSIT!!!

L34 / XU2

Argh ,
This arguement has been going on for years.

1970's Supercar Scare Etc Etc ,

Yes 3 or 4 LJ's were built with 308's & then Destroyed after Len Evan's STUPID Newpaper report.

The XU2 WAS always going to be an LH Torana.

To put this MYTH to rest for EVER get your Hands on a GENUINE GMH or Stan Earle copy of the LH Torana Service Manual ( They are Identical Books )

Turn to Page 1-77 .

On the Middle RHS of the Page there is a Line Drawing of An LH Torana Drivers side guard CLEARLY showing an XU2 Decal on the Guard , But the Text refers pointing at the Sticker as SL/R 5000 ( PO L31 )

I think that says it all ?

Just my 10 Cents worth

I think you mean Evan

I think you mean Evan Green,the ironic thing is he was a channel 7 commentator at bathurst for some years.

Evan Green

Hi ,

YES! , You may well be Correct there , The Guy was a Newspaper Reporter for some Big NSW Newspaper at the time.

His 120 MPH Road Cars story started the whole SuperCar scare back in 1972?

Thanks for the correction !

Evan Green vs Len Evans...!

Hmmm, I think someone has been reading Len Evans' expert writings lately - and then posting their befuddled (drunken?) ideas on OldHold...!

Why Len Evans? Well until his recent retirement, he was possibly Australia's most respected wine expert and author. I've mused over his writing with a glass or two before, but I've never mixed him up with Evan Green. Bit like getting Big Bird confused with Larry Bird, the basketballer.

Green (r.i.p.), incidentally, was a very highly regarded motoring author and journalist. The timing and tone of his infamous article might have caused hysteria and fear amongst the readers, politicians and car manufacturers (& marketers), but he raised a valid point. We didn't actually need a skinny, unbalanced, hugely powerful Torana, or 260km/h leafsprung Falcons. Motorsport is one thing (which Green truly loved) but an affordable missile in the hands of underskilled road user is another.

Evan Green stood out from the pack of halfwits who commentated the Bathurst race for years. His informed comments were squeezed between Gary Wilkinson's inane bumbling ("Those drivers are sweating, tears of blood out there today!" Huh?!) and the strident, uninformed, seppo twang of Chris Economaki.

Apparently Len Evans is a top bloke.

HKing of Paris-bane.

Wow, what an interesting

Wow, what an interesting read. Ok lets straighten out the facts
Engine codes
L32 is a 253 or 4.2L
L31 is a stock standard 308 or 5.0L
L34 is the endurance model of the 308 only fitted to a batch of 263 Toranas in mid 1974.

To get an L31 in a Torana you had to buy an SLR 5000. When the LX range was released, you could also buy an SS hatchback with the 5.0l option. In late 1977 the A9X was released in sedan and hatch which had the L31 fitted into all 405 made.

The L34 was only available in the LH range. It had the Banjo diff in 3.08 or 2.78. It had bolt on flares and engine mods which I won't go into they have been covered so many times. The SLR 5000 did not have flares. Only 3 cars from the factory ever had flares, the L34, the A9X sedan and the A9X hatch. The A9X was the only Torana to have the BIG Sailsbury diff and it had the option of 3.08 or 2.60 ratios, rear discs were standard.

What the bit about the LJ V8 is supposed to mean, well, I can tell you now it was meant to be built, I have seen pictures of the car at Harry Firths house.

Salisbury Diff In Torana's

Don't forget that the UC Torana's & Sunbirds had the Salisbury Diff's fitted also in 3.08 & 3.90 Ratios :)

Name dropper I dont like you and if you have a real A9x even mor

Ive had Lj 2 doors on 2 wheels cornering at over 180km/hr with the six, the wheel base width was a joke they were to high of the ground for there wheel base and like most Toranas there brakes are a joke. If I was Harry Firth I would of had a 308 shoe horned into a lj the moment it hit the off ramp of holdens man. plant. it dont mean anyone was stupid enough to race them. In fact it was probably driving the one you saw that made them decide to not do it. Its called R. and D. . Anyone putting a V8 in an lj is a dreamer. Have you seen a model plate with the L34 were the L31 usually is.I have. Ie its a engine code. They raced the L34 option motor in all the toranas after that date LX Hatchs the lot the only benifit the a9x had was rear disks huge advantage ford had disks back in the early july 73XB gt's so they had the jump or should I say the stop for over 4 years. as the motor was still too powerfull for the larger sailsbury diff As advised by keysborough diffs only good for bit over 300hp every now and again. with that same motor. As it had been homoligated therefore there was no reason to risk and or trying to get it past adrs. Every one craps on about the twin point dizzy but the real talking point no one brings up they actually ran two coils as well one for each point with a wierd rotor twin strip arangment this making more spark available at high revs.(seen them for sale ebay the place of drooling)So from which race team did you get your A9x as 52 A9x race cars were delivered to teams and or did your car come with no interior and a prefabed role bar as well? i now a fella that makes a pretty good copy maybee yours is one.

You'll note I put BIG

You'll note I put BIG Sailsbury, the UC used the small sailsbury which is about as useful as a Banjo

Salisbury Diff In Torana's

Nice Fast Editing there :-)

Yes UC's had Banjo Innards in the Salisbury Core.

L34/L31 LH/LX anomolies

Wow, what interesting reading, over 3 years worth of strange anomolies. My father has an slr 5000 and it is in his shed, he bought it way back in 81 as a second buyer in original condition! so i can give some feedback on this subject.
I am going with reda9x comments and can confirm this;
My old mans LH slr 5000 is from 1975, has square headlights, has a centre console, has no flares or bonnet bump, is a L34, m21,gu7 (3.08 lsd banjo) and has all the numbers in the world to confirm it. I am a bit lost with everyone else's comments. the lx came out in 1976, the lx has round headlights, the lx slr has flares (possibly a drop tank?) the L31 is a standard 308. the A9x had a salisbury. and a uc isnt a real torana, its a uc :)


Oh, and does anyone know what the issues are with putting a Gilmer drive on a vh sle 308 (blue motor), I want to keep the stock air con and p/steer in place as well, is that possible?
I will be removing the fan and going to thermo's, Any suggestions what size thermos will work? I am running a medium worked engine, with a stall converter (3000rpms) with a 308 lsd, so need to keep it all pretty cool, specially as i am in WA. Any thoughts on both points? Specially the gilmer stuff.

Dazzler1. Is that a typo

Dazzler1. Is that a typo on your old mans id#? The L34 bit!

Mine is a LH but has round headlights,full flare kit(factory).


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Redbeard's Headlights

The L34 was the only LH to get round (7") headlights. All others, including the L31 SL/R500, got the square/rectangular headlights.

I had a feeling that your SL/R was updated to LX Specs during its racing career, wasn't it, Mick?


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Wow!!! there are some twisted views on the old 308

Wow!!! there are some twisted views on the old 308, an L31 is a stock 308 and the L34 was the high performance 308, motor package not car package. Its like those idiots that go wow, my 308 has got genuine L32 heads on it. WTF???? L32 is a 253 and the heads are the same as a 308.

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Uhhh the bore of a 253 is

Uhhh the bore of a 253 is very different to a 308. I'm sure that you could alternate the heads but I doubt it would run very well, if at all. Some of the miss-information on this forum is laughable.

Red Hot Mike

253 / 308 Heads

Actually Pete's Correct .

253 & 308 Heads ( Stock factory ones ) are the same in EVERY way.

The 253 has a 3.125 Inch Bore ( Same as a 202 & Starfire 4 )& the 308 has a 4 Inch Bore ( Same as Chev 350 ).

Proof Positive there is if you buy a VRS kit for a Holden V8 it's the Same Head gaskets for the 253 & 308 , Gaskets have an approx 4 Inch opening.

Holden were pretty smart in the old days making a LOT of parts interchangeable across the 6/V8 Range


253 has a 3.625" bore (same as 202)
Starfire has 3.5" bore (same as 173)

Cheers, Jeff.


There is that much misinformation and guesses posted here and elsewhere on the net that eventually everyone will be confused.

The future will be very interesting - thats for sure.

"Trust is good but no trust is better" - nice quote from a work colleague.

"Bling = RICE"


Jeff has validated the Starfire page.




I'm not confused

I post what I know as fact. Bring on the future. :)


A few more mistakes

A few more mistakes above
Dazzler, if your dads car is an SLR5000 with square headlights and no flares the tag would read L31 M21 GU7, not L34. GU7 is not a 3.08, it's a 2.78 which was the only diff fitted with the SLR5000. 3.08 was only available with the 308 on the L34 and A9X.
Two cars in the LH range had round headlights, the L34 and the Torana 1900
The LX SLR did not have flares, and drop tanks were NEVER a factory option on any Torana.
One thing people seem to forget is there was the SLR with a 202, SLR with a 253 and then there was the SLR5000 which had the 308.
253 and 308 heads are the same.
Flares were only ever factory fitted (actually done by Bill Patterson) on the L34 and A9X. You could dealer option flares on any car, but none came from the factory with them.

Correct you are

Correct you are Dave...


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Don't bother posting if you don't have a clue

Don't bother posting if you don't have a clue. If you want real genuine information on Toranas, go to the Torana forum. Its specific to Toranas, not just any old Holden like on here. Actually, you should probably stay away from the Torana forum as you need to sign in there and will get shot down in flames spreading misinformation like has been done on here. Here you get people into early Commodores who have never owned or even driven a Torana but their Uncle or brother or someone they met once had one and therefore that makes them an expert. REDA9X, Qute, Dr. Terry and Redbeard are the only people who posted correct information in this thread. Everyone else who had a go shouldn't have really bothered or should have checked their info before posting.

You get that...

on those big jobs

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The Starfire info is correct.



incorrect info in postings

This is the problem with Holdens, there areso many "stories and myths" out there that people actually think they are right. It does not help that over the years many journos have written magazine articles and books tha are full of S#$T to say the least. Until you get right into the whole Holden thing, it is very easy to get things wrong. If you specialise in one area and then try to apply it to other areas it does not work. This is where Dr Terry come in, he knows about all Holdens not just EHs, which is his real passion.

Unfortunately there are no real 100% factual sources of information, even holdenpedia has errors and uses the wrong terms in many cases. I started looking at a couple but too many people have put info on that is wrong. (some people here though are collating factual info and putting it together, like the VIN and paint decoder, but still has problems.)

Factual Info

Logging in anonymously and talking in generalisations doesn't help.

Many of us are trying to dispel myths and help people keep their cars on the road.

If you think something is wrong point it out and state your sources.
Be prepared for an argument though.

Rather than supplying pure criticism, perhaps you have info and images
that might help the site.

Some of the notions I am promoting have no industry terms, GMH or otherwise.

Some people complain bitterly if they get no response to a post. Others complain if they don't instantly get the exact and perfect answer even though it can take 7 posts to find out what it was they were really trying to establish.

Holdenpaedia is there 24/7 for those who are in genuine need of help.

I'll let the hit count on my info speak for itself.



T is dead right

T is dead right, a few of us have spent a LOT of time on the holdenpaedia, if we are wrong in areas however then PLEASE feel free to tell us and it will be looked into. Unfortunately one person may think something is gospel and another knows it isn't and either could be right so as T said evidence is the only way to prove one way or the other. Even the sources we have gotten much of the information from can be wrong.

Just saying things are wrong in there is no help at all to anyone, we need to know what is wrong so that it can be fixed. The Holdenpaedia is set up by Rusty for the community to be run by the community, which means we do need the community to have a go, not just a hand full of people doing all the work, one persons knowledge only goes so far and even if we had more people like T or other knowledgeable people like Dr Terry adding information to the Holdenpaedia they can still make mistakes and they don't have all the time in the world to add what they do know.

If anyone has information they want to add but are scared of the Holdenpaedia there are email addresses at the bottom of the main page where you can send your information and those people will add it for you.

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Some specifics

HK Differential Codes (compliance plate)
HK Engine ID Codes (compliance plate)
HK Transmission Codes (compliance plate)

Just to look here, the compliance plate was introduced 1/1/70, there is no differential, engine or transmission code on a compliance plate, it is the plate that shows it complies with current adrs. The only trans code is adr9 for automatic in HQ and LC/LJ. It also has the chassis number stamped on it and this plate is there for the Motor registries use, not GM-H.

The same happens when people talk about VIN numbers, many are calling the chassis numebr the VIN. The Chassis number was introduced with the first Holden in 1948 and is stamped into the vehicle or on a plate welded to the vehicle. The VIN was introduced in 1/1/68 and was an internal number. In 1988 the VN Commodore collated the two and the VIN and chassis number became one under the ISOVIN system.

The body id plate contains information on the body luxury level and paint trim etc, this was introduced in 1948 and is NOT a compliance plate. And it is not illegal to remove this from a car, but a compliance plate is, as this is what is used to identify the car for registration and ownership.

So a 48 to J has a chassis number and bosy ID plate, EJ ad tag number, HK tag replaced by VIN, HT gets compliance plate, VN gets compliance plate, body ID plate, PSN plate (part of the ISOVIN on a tag under the LH headlight)and ISOVIN plate under windscreen.

VY the ISOVIN is also stamped into the body.

My sources are various GM-H publications, bring on the arguments and contradictions.


Argument One

Please get a login so that we can conclude we are replying to the same guy and not a hoax.

Those ford guys can be mighty clever at taking the mickey.

It's also not uncommon for an established member to post in as "Holden Fan" to turn up the heat a little.



Argument over

As I am commonly asked if I am a holden fan I am quite happy to keep it at that but have decided to use the MB sign off, if someone wants to imitate me then so be it, if you do not want to believe what I write then also so be it.


Holdenpaedia Corrections

There's not a question of doubting your data and your corrections are appreciated.

It would be great to post up your corrections to the errors you've pointed out with a credit to your name.

So often posters have experience that we can all benefit from. Among many issues addressed in H are those that the high time fleet never
manifested when the cars were routinely serviced by GMH and the steps that can be made to adapt them to road types that simply didn't exist when they were new.



well said...its been 20years

well said...its been 20years since l had my barbados green slr500 (made to loof like L34)so my thoughts are skethchy....l think even L34 toranas even had L31 on the i.d tag....can somone clarify this

Wheels, an L34 has L34 on

Wheels, an L34 has L34 on the tag, not L31. As stated L34 is the engine code, so a genuine L34 has L34 on the tag.

thanks dude ...l stand

thanks dude ...l stand corrected


Hi guys, I have just bought a hj 6 cyl ute. I have yet to pick it up and have not seen it for a few weeks. Am changing driveline to VN 5lt gear so this is why i ask. I have a buddy here tonight who has a 9" diff for one of these jiggers and is selling to another guy tomorrow unless i want it. I need to know tonight before 10.30 if anyone knows if a standard hj 6cyl ute has a banjo or 10 bolt. I am thinking it was banjo so want the 9". BUT .... if anyone can say for sure that a hj ute only left the factory with a 10 bolt then i will pass on the 9. Why does this kind of oppertunity only happen at the last minute...every time! :) Just my luck i am going to be told both were an option!
Thanks, Dave.




need info on torana please

could someone please decode this please im looking at buying it and need to know what it realy is lx 8vd ,body no 523141 m ,trim 1900 ,dash 67y , paint 507 ,dash 15940 ,trans m21 ,eng l31 ,diff l7

LH SL/R5000 Query

Very interesting reading by you all. I have a LH SLR5ooo L31,M21,GU7 in mandarin red with a thin light blue strip of paint (vertically) next to the drivers side compliance plate under the bonnet. I am curious as to what this could mean if anything ! The car was draged back in the 80,s at surfers paradise racway could that have anything to do with it?scruitineering maybe. I thought i read something about a similar thing about HQ,S in an issue of Aust muscle car mag but am unsure.Any help would be great.

Some Information About L31 And L34

Late 1977 saw the arrival of the A9X option, perhaps the most desirable Torana of all. This package was available on all SL/R 5000s and 5.0 litre SS's built from September 1977 onwards, and once again was introduced to homologate these improvements for touring car racing and, in particular, Bathurst. The main improvements for the A9X were the much stronger 10 bolt Holden Salisbury type differential and the addition of rear disc brakes. Available in both sedan and hatchback body styles, it had the L34 type wheel arch flares, 14 x 6 inch sports road wheels and a large rear facing bonnet scoop with provision for cold air entry to the carburetor. Ducting was fitted from the front spoiler to provide cooling to the front brakes.

The A9X's entire rear floor panel pressing was new to accommodate the new rear axle assembly with the upper trailing arms mounted further apart. The steering rack was mounted solidly to the front crossmember, not on rubber bushes as before. The engine and gearbox were the standard issue L31 5.0 litre V8 and M21 (Australian) four speed manual, however some cars were fitted with the Borg Warner Super T10 four speed manual (option number MC7) in lieu of the Australian gearbox. Also fitted to the A9X were a heavy duty radiator, a thermo controlled electric engine fan and a radiator overflow reservoir. To match the new rear brakes, HX allot front brake assemblies were used and a new PBR master cylinder with integral proportioning valve and plastic reservoir was fitted. The radio and centre console were deleted as were the SL/R 5000 paint outs on sedans.

These vehicles with RTS, four wheel disc brakes and 5.0 litre engines were probably the best road cars offered by GM-H in the 1970s. Differential ratios up to a tall 2.60:1 made them very good open road touring cars. Even though they did not win their inaugural Bathurst in 1977, they totally dominated touring car racing throughout 1978 and 1979 with Peter Brock winning the 1979 classic by a record six laps (37km)

A9X info.

Hi Holden Fan.

If you are going to just copy exerpts from published books & post them on the net, at least say where you got them from & give the writer a little acknowledgement.

I wrote those 3 paragraphs around 10 years ago in my 50 Years of Holden book.

The only 2 corrections or alterations to that info is that the A9X floorpan wasn't 'an entire new pressing' it was a patch panel welded into the original floor. Also no A9Xs left the factory with the MC7 gearbox fitted, they were listed as an 'homologated' option to allow the race teams to legally fit that box for racing.

Dr Terry.

A9X info

Give me an email if you want it removed.

A9X info.

Hi Rusty.

No that's OK, that small bit is not a huge worry. It's probably better if you left it there to add to the more correct info on the site.

My point was simply if somebody quotes from someting, they should at least acknowledge where they got it from.

Dr Terry.

torana slr/5000

ok, i know a bloke who has a genuine slr/5000 that originally had an L31 and it is fully pulled apart and he has offered me the shell for free but is keeping the tags and motor and some other original slr/5000 parts. is there anything special about this shell, without the tags or original motor?. he would probly give the tags , original motor , seats , and ash tray for money, but what should i offer?

torana slr /5000

hi, will he sell the whole car.thanks dick.

torana SLR/ 5000

i have been given a LH torana shell and the chassi No. is CLXO38265M is this a slr5000 shell and is it worth anything

SL/R 5000

post up details of the tags.

easeist way to check is the main tag, look at the eng code: L31 is SLR5000

LH Engine Code

Ummmm...couldn't an SL be optioned with a 308 as well?


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LH eng code

nope, i've never heard of the 5.0 being offered in any base model.
if you know of such a car, id like to know. i see plenty of 4 to v8 conversions on ebay.

LH V8's

I seem to recall one of the guys who used to be on here about 2 or 3 or 4 years ago had an LH/LX original SL that had a factory fitted 308.

From memory, it was the dark metallic brown with a white roof and still had the original SL full wheel-covers on it... A real sleeper.

My memory could be faulty on this, but I think it was...


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LH V8's

i reckon the biggest reason for Holden not putting a 308 into
a base model torana would be the fact they are a mid size car.
the SLR5000 has a lot of differences compared to a base model,
you would need to at least use SLR500 spec brakes, diff, wheels, speedo, etc.
it would be a big list to compile, not just a few parts.
to give you an example, the L34's used Kingswood(optioned) disks.
in comparison, depending on options you can get away with dropping a 308 into
a kingswood/tonner by just changing the brake booster and input shaft(sometimes diff center).

LH/LX 253 & 308??

I've seen plenty of LX (and maybe LH too) with 253 factory fitted. Would the upgrades that came with that combo have done the job for those who ticked a factory options box for a 308?


the tags are not on the car but i could probly get them for the right price but i dont want a set of tags if the shell wasn't the original i dont wont one of those dodgie 4 cylinder toranas with the SLR/5000 tags like on ebay

disk brakes upgrade on torana to hq type

hi i have a torana that has normal disks on the front and want better braking so what do i have to change to fit hx ones on . do i change the stubs ?and do u put the left on the right side and vice versa ok all help needed thanks

I am thinking that you are

I am thinking that you are asking for headaches later on if you dont get the tags with the shell, as who would sell their tags to you later on?
You will know if the car & plates go together, the chassis number is listed on the tag & matches the number on the chassis (this can be found on the TOP of the drivers side chassis rail, right next to the radiator.
It makes no sense for someone to sell the tags without a car. Its the numbers that are giving the car value.I guess the guy selling it is going to put them on a replica to pass it off as an original, I have seen examples where the chassis has been restamped, i have never seen an example that was as good as the original stamping tho - risky business - unless you dont care if your head parts company with your neck...

On a separate note, I have a fair amount of info regarding the LH SLR & L34 cars on hand here, it is all from magazines from 1974,(25 magazines) things like build numbers, codes, options etc, i can see a lot of info is already displayed, & I may have nothing that helps, who knows, but if anyone thinks I can help, please email me at



lh 31 m21

body no blh034059m,heads 2812174 ,engine 308 ,high performance sump{winged]banjo diff ,coilovers on rear genuine drop tank bolt on guards ,slr 5000 decals on front quarters 750 quad carbie,motor has big inlet and exhaust chambers gold rollers, have been given this car , needs some attention,im more into fj,s, so i will be selling this car when i figure out what it is and its worth cheers ,mick.


Need some help here.

Not being car smart I require some clarification.

GENUINE L31 stock standard 308 V8 that came out in the LH Torana.

Were they classed as SLR 5000?

Or does SLR 5000 only relate to L34?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

SL/R 5000

Hi Guys.

This question comes up often.

An SL/R optioned with the L31 (5.0-litre) motor, is an SL/R5000.

The L34 is an option pack based on the SL/R5000 for racing.

Officially the L31 motor was not available on S & SL models, but there have been exceptions. I've seen 2 Torana S models with the 5.0 & Tri-Matic fitted fitted. The owner of one of these told the story of how his was a prototype 'police pack' for the NSW Police Force, but the fleet deal never went thru, they ended up buying more Chargers bacause of price.

These are very rare vehicles & were not made available to the general public.

Note to SL_R6, that there is no such thing as an SL/R5000 brake spec. All Torana discs of this era were the same size, with the only difference being that V8 model got the dual diaphragm booster. So an SL 4.2 would have identical brakes to an SL/R5000.

Dr Terry

Dr Terry

I'd like to buy a copy of your book but can't find one nor a reference to it. Only find the one by Norm darwin (i have that one already). Is your book widley available and where would i look ?

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Hi Dusty

The '50 Years of Holden' book is now 9 years out of print.

My new book '60 Years of Holden' which is a lot more than just 10 years added, there is more info on engine/gearbox/axle options & plenty of other specs, will be available in the 1st quarter of 2008.

Dr Terry.

Dr Terry's new book

Thanks for the heads up, I shall wait :-)

"Do not judge people who try and fail
Judge those who fail to try"

"Republic of Dusty's Shed"
Pigeon hole

HI Dr Terry..

HI Dr Terry..

I have both your books the 45 years and 50 years of holden, both great books heaps of info very helpful..
I also have Norm Darwin BOOK. 100 Years of GM in Austalia.
published in 2002 ..364 pages hard cover , also a very good and informative book , picked it up at Ballarat swap for only $20.00

Have you ever thought of doing a book on holden codes,
with all the trim ,paint , engine ,diff , gearbox , codes for each holden model.the id codes and option codes.. ??..

all the best .

New book

Hi Wombat.

The book that is going to print now (60 Years), has every model code & every engine, gearbox & rear axle code.

I will be doing a book of trim, paint & all other option codes, that's the next project, but I already have most of the info, so it shouldn't be too far away.

Dr Terry

THANKS . I look forward to

I look forward to buying both..
hope you post on here when they are available.

all the best with them..


try wheels of time , they

try wheels of time , they were in dandenong , or at a swap meet the book people that go to the swap meets often have them , thou it might be old stock as its been out of print for 9 years .. great book thou ..


hr ball joints

hi all, dose the top ball joint go above or below the wish bone???? mine had one of each before striping down for replacement, also any hr drop spindals for sale? iam at gold coast. 0427350327 alan.

HR ball joints

I just checked my HR manual (original GMH) and by the look of the diagrams, i'd say they go in from the top.

"Do not judge people who try and fail
Judge those who fail to try"

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SL/R Torana

Hi can any one tell me could you buy a 74 LH SL/R Torana with a factory 5 Litre that was not an SL/R 5000?

SL/R 3300

Hi guys, just researching some driveline specs for my LH, and came across this great site.
The car in question is a '75 LH SL/R 3300. The numbers all match and confirm this(except engine/box).I have owned the car for 10+ years now, and its time for a birthday. This includes a 308 and Turbo box. I am keeping the original driveline, just in case it needs to go back in in the future. ENG L20 TRANS M40 RAXL GU7. Anyone got any ideas on how many of these came with the trimatic? All articles I have seen that even acknowledge these cars say they were only available in 4 spd.
The rear axle code is GU7, whilst I understand it has a 6cyl yoke on it, what are the other differences to the v8 diff? I am pretty sure it is not LSD.(tested in my younger days).Are there any markings on the outside that would give clues?
Also with the v8 upgrade , obviuosly the brakes are going to be done too. In the process of sourcing a v8 booster, but are the "big nut" master cyl's necessary, or only for rear disc options? Not sure what is going to happen with the diff. I dont plan on trying to get sub 10 passes out of it, and will mainly be a sunday cruiser. I imagine the original diff will hold on, if treated with respect. But something tougher could be on the cards in a few years time.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

L31 M20 G70

my mate has a SL/R 5000
with a L31, M20 and a G70
is this possible

LH SLR 5000 L31 M21 GU7 Jade Green Metalic black paint outs

Can anyone assist in correct black paint outs on a LH SLR 5000? Top of door franes are black. Centre piller is black until just near door strikers. Does the black outs go around the top half of all the door frames?

lh slr

try forums

it doesnt come up in any google search but it exists.

uc paint colour and codes

any body hav names or codes for the blue puple coloured one? or info on break dwn tags to work out ? cheers phil

uc codes

post up your numbers and we'll sort them out for you

Trim Colours & Codes
Paint Colours & Codes

SLR 5000

SLR 5000
It did not come out with Flares,but many Holden dealers added this as an option.


l34 i have one lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

every one thinks they know omg
yes L34 upgrade to L31 both = 308 lol yes
L34 = HZ engine code I just looked at it
approx 260 made yes less than 80 (76) group O meaning HIGH OUTPUT PACKAGE Group O were made This cost $1500 bucks extra L34 plate on the first plate reads L34 second reads 8D69ZE do you want to buy I will sell it for $750,000
and yes its a group O

I own a L31 Lh 4 door

this refers to the engine , it will be stamped on the compliance plate on the passenger side of the engine bay
L31 is 5L 308, L34 was the same engine just factory modified to comply with racing rules, 500 had to be made before they could enter.
thousands of L31 `s were sold, but not many have matching numbers.
L31`s didnt come out with flared guards in the LH it only had front spoiler and rear bob tail with a small slr 5000 on the front guard near the nose cone and another in the drivers side of the rear bob tail.
It also come out with 13" tyres, which is a pain because you cant get any tyres in a 13" wider than 215mm.
I might have to go back to originality body wise to put it back on the road.
But the 235/60/13 look so hot on the preditor deep dish rims.
Anyway folks, dont forget about the Torana UC SL/T , faster than a A9X to 100Kph
A9X eat it over the quarter mile thou

for Identification

on a LH L31 (I cant say about the L34) the compliance plate sits on the top part of the firewall on the passenger side, often the bonnet rubs against this and makes it hard for identifation properly. What you need to do is take down the number in the center of the firewall and the engine number will help and e-mail the details to Holden Customer Assistance.
They sent me in the post a letter of all the details they have it went as follows (wish i had a scanner lol)
I sent in VIN 8D69TEJ449604H
there records say
MODEL :1974 Holden LH Torana SLR Sedan- (8VD69)
ENGINE:308c.i.(5047cc) 8 cylinder-(L31)-T022893
TRANSMISSION:2.54:1 - 4 Speed Manual Transmittion - (M21)
AXLE:2.78:1 Banjo Type - (GU7)
BRAKES: Front Wheel Disc - (JL2)

PS: yeah mines a 4 door


so many miss conceptions about toranas, so many fakes out there. first look for 8vd69=SLR then match to chassis number then eng, trans diff,look at the door trim/seats, mouldings around windows, body black many of these cars have been played with over the past 30+ yrs an Slr was like an "S" pack Vn/VS commodore, nothing special. Finding a genuine SLR 5000 or A9X is quite harder than just an SLR

lh/lx sl/r 5000 xu2

hoden have a site that state the xu2 was made no to us as lh/lx sl/r 5000 there where 3 sl/r in both lh and lx L34/ a9x / sl/r 5000 with xu2 option <<<<< no body kit and dont say xu2 say sl/r 5000 only know to holden as xu2 as a code name the a9x and L34 didnt come out with xu2 option only the sl/r 5000 with no body kit did this from a site that tell all holdens ever made there stat and code names the name of the LH is lh torana sl/r 5000 /slr 5000 8vd69 xu2 option the lx is lx slr 5000 8vd69/9d69 (sedan) (xu2 option) if you would like to check your self http://codes.oldhold...

torana lh l31

hey just doing some research on my torana before i may be sell it . I need to know what exactly what i am selling cause there is a lot of talk about what is what in toranas.
My compliance plates read on the passanger side of car under bonnet

lh Torana sedan 4 door
4-74 ALH003604m
GVM LBS seating 5

The compliacne on the drivers side states
engine L31
Trans M@!

Then there is one in the centre under the bonnet
some ideas would be helpfull cheers mick email

last of the L31's are vk's

last of the L31's are vk's


As this can be read at any time by anyone I thought id comment. I have an L34. You have L34 in the model plate after ENG Like this ENG L34 as the L34 had an engine number starting with HZ the vin has the letter Z in it. The L34 came from the factory with all flares. No other model was delivered from factory with flares. It had two mounting points for the upper control arms. It had solid metal blocks welded to the upper control arms as extra bump stops. Same as rear. It had one off stub axles to mount one off PBR brake calipers same size as HQ but the fluid entered the caliper from the top.not opting for alloy as they flexed. with disk size the same as HQ. Including HQ rear drums on the ltd slip diff. The L34 motor ( I have talked to repco engineers) was built by the same team that built the Brabham repco F1 motors they re cast the block and all other parts and galleries. and heads. to go into exact changes is just not possible. externally you could opt for the 780 holly. There were 263 L34 delivered.
The slr 5000 had a nice interior and wheel covers and a 308.

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