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hk monaro for sale

hi i have a hk monaro for sale, car is in excellent condition and has a 327 and powerglide, colour is silver with red interior, it appears to have 96,020 miles on it and has been in storage for 17 years.. it was part of a deceased estate of a family member and i am not into cars at all so im looking at selling.. I have no idea what the car is worth but im going to ask around $8,500 for it because it is very clean looking.
so if you are interested please let me know and i can arrange pics to be emailed or a viewing of the car..

have a good night

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Ha Ha yeah good one.:)

Cheers Scotty.
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If you are serious Terry give me a call on 08 83876201 NOW!!!

Terry & Monaro

Where abouts is the car?

If it was in WA Id buy it.
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cheers Gary.

Please send pics to

Please send pics to

these cars are worth a fair

these cars are worth a fair bit stick it on ebay dont sell straight away do some reserch or u will probly rip ur self off

thank you

thank you for the tip il look into that..
thanks again


Who is this, and why did you

Who is this, and why did you even come to this site for!!
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cheers Gary.



Terry Tool aint got squat, Telling yas. If he was switched on enough to find oldholden (when he's not into cars at all) then you can bet he'd have more than an idea of it's value. Handy that he forgot his number and/or email, don'y cha think ?

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


dusty tool

hey dusty tool i was given this site address by an old guy at my work, tells me his son is on here a bit. as for no email or number id rather go through messages left by genuine people than complete know all ******* like you seem to be calling me and wasting my time!! some people do work long hours and cant take calls etc!!
so before you go calling people a tool maybe look at yourself in the mirror and realize that your the tool that misses out??


Missed out

I dont think so *****, I have one, just sold another so how can i miss out fool ? One in the hand is way better than any amount in ya dreams.
Go amuse yourself under a train.

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


im with you dusty terrys got

im with you dusty terrys got to much time on his hands looking for some entertainment. must suck having nothing better to do with his time cheers scott

to much time on his hands Monaro!!

I dunno but I think his spending too much time playing pocket billiards!!
P,S,, Ive got a genine HT Bathurst Manaro in my shed , a bloke offered me $100 bucks for it but I'd rather give to one of you blokes. Is it worth more than a postie Bike, coz I'd consider a swap, and I'll make up the difference in hard cold lies!!

Cheers BOBBY ========~ 8{)
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Bobby's monaro

Bobby have you still got the car and if so were abouts are you and can i contact you about it.

TERY'S monaro

Terry could you let me know if you still have the HK monaro!if you do we will take it,could you send me pic's and phone number so i can contact you about it. send to OR Call on 0353461355

Lol @ Jaygriff

Stuff Terry mate, Go for Bobby's Monaro, I've seen it and it's "Da Grouse"........Fool !

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Common sense...

Did you blokes know that the word GULLIBLE has been removed from every current dictionary?


Why bull[Naughty Pottyword] Terry, what do you gain from it?

TERRY please call

Terry don't listen to them.I'm am very very keen so please give me a call!!! I am a genuine buyer, as i love coupes!especially monaros as i have a HQ and XB coupe and would love a HK.So PLEASE give me a call as soon as you can!!! my number is 03 53461355 or again my email is

terry old mate how are you,

terry old mate how are you, just saw some of your e-mails are you sick of all the hassel yet. do you still have hk monaro, would like to buy it from you. terry i dont care where it lives, dont care if it has rust, dont care if it has no ring me (0423 675 669) and i will put cash direct debit into your account..hassel free could you ring me either way and if you dont have hk can you help out with another one.. thanks mate....from MARTIN


Are you clowns for real? You reckon after all the publicity surrounding the $220 000 HK someone would offer one for a pittance? WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES!!!

here my email

il take the chance send me some pics and your bank details and if its what your saying it is il buy!!


Having said all that fellas- Believe it or not - some folk do sell stuff cheap. There is the well known sale of a HT monaro in Brisbane for $3000 ! and registered! I have met the bloke who is in a car club - FX/FJ and he wanted it gone so he could "put some $$$ towards his FJ Ute project" I asked him how he felt about selling his car so cheap - he didn't want to talk about it.
Needless to say the bloke that bought it is black and blue from pinching it DOES happen.

The last line of Terry's - 'have a good night' sums it up for me - I also am sceptical - but if it was for real - I'd guess its sold.
I had a well seasoned vintage car guy in my shop last week. He was dumbfounded that someone would spend 12k on two new 1/4 panels for a Monaro. -and he saw some slight pitting in one - and said - 'I think you should look out for better ones - and cheaper! You can buy the whole car for that!
I disproved his reckoning on pricing by passing him a couple of auto trader style magazines with adds in them for Monaros- but he still wasn't quite convinced.
He also couldn't understand why we use two pack paint and why pint jobs dont cot $1200 anymore. This is why I have little time for vintage car restorers- too many of them are on a different wave length to the rest of the world.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
Some folk - even though they are in the car game - are just not informed.

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Actually, you're right. I

Actually, you're right.

I bought a HT Monaro (308) in bits for $650 in 2004 and then I bought a HG Monaro (complete running driving car with a 186) in 2005 for $2300.

The HG is nearing completion after a full back to metal rebuild...the HT I onsold to finance the HG. (I love HG's).

I remember the Wilkinshaw Jag I passed up for 2 grand too (2002). XJS with all the good bits, full bare metal restore. I passed it up as the fellow selling it had cancer in his spine and was trying to clean up his affairs. I told him to sell it for more to help add to his cash for his wife after he was gone.

Last I heard he passed away and some local clown got it from his missus for a song...oh well....

Anyway, all true stories.


hk monaro bought by me!

hey guys just thought id drop a line and say that this thing was for real, he sent me pics late last night and bank details and i couldnt transfer money quick enough into his account...

the guy is actually a very nice fella and a pleasure doing business with for a change!!

will post some pics soon


You are not for real are you?

This is a gag along the same lines as the add, isn't it?,, 'cause anybody with any sense would not put money into somebody's account for a car off a free website?
come on,,,,

Silence is Non Committal


What is your problem??
You have never put a deposit in somebodies bank account for a car youve wanted??
And whats a free website got to do with anything?????
What you think i would put a deposit on something i didnt sus out first properly?
Damn some people live in their own worlds!!


for a start, you did not say deposit, (and no I'm Scottish and refuse to risk my money in that way) and if you have seen the car then surely you would give cash?, but to trust somebody from the net, particularly a new user (nay Holden fan)to the site, is errant stupidity, but hey, I hope it all works out for you,,,
or let me guess, you are 'Terry', and will have a huge laugh at our expense when you post the photo's of the Monaro that you already own???,

Silence is Non Committal

I still say i'll believe it

I still say i'll believe it when you put up a pic of you sitting it Tubbed, lots of con artists are nice guys to deal with.
I cant believe you just sent him the cash just like that.

believe it

I'll believe it when he posts a scan of the con note,,,,

Silence is Non Committal

are you clowns for real????

ive read this post and it sounds worse than a bunch of bitches having a cry!!

get over it ay?
the guy bought it and is probably stoked i know i would be so just deal with it!!

you honestly think he has to prove [Naughty Pottyword] to you by posting a con note or a picture of him sitting in it?
get a life!!

all it sounds like is jealousy kicking in just a bit..
be real...


no worries tubbed

Silence is Non Committal

Terry please let me know

Tery could you please let me know if you did sell it?Because I did state that i would by it too!!!! didn't care were you are!!!!So just let me know,send me your number and i'll ring you!!!! me details are stated in note yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monaro has been sold

yes the car has been sold a deposit has been recieved and the car is on its way to brisbane on monday to a very happy new owner!!
As for emails i sent 2 off to people on here that sounded genuine and after all the smart ass comments etc by so called know it alls on here i guess there was a winner!!
Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut doesnt it??
Anyway enjoy the car tubbed van and look after her!!

have a good day
over and out


You really are an idiot then, aren't you,,,,

Silence is Non Committal

ok tezza you can take your

ok tezza you can take your hand off it now, we all fell for it

street neat

Hey street neat did you tell your vintage car 'restorer' that the material for a decent respray these days is worth $1200.


Why would he send an email to you and not anyone eles?
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cheers Gary.

I have a COPO Camaro and a

I have a COPO Camaro and a Yenko Chevelle for sale, look pretty clean, $500 the pair. Come with a coathanger-shaped bridge. Leave message.


Quick send me a email.LOL.
Cheers Scotty.
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HA HA HA Belmont 69....

Good one mate,although most users of this site wouldn't have a clue about the cars you mentioned,REAL MUSCLE CARS

I'm no Inspector Clueso

I'm no Inspector Clueso, but the posts written by the now infamous "Terry" and "Tubbed Bad HG Van" are remarkably similar.
You be the judge.
I'll bite my lip when i see some pics.

Cheers to real monaro>My Shed

Terry and his tubbed HG van

It's official guys, we have our very own certified nutter posting on the board.

I'm hoping Rusty will let us know if the messages came from the same IP address as he has done for us before.

I'd like to see him respond to that!!!- with either of his personalities. :-)

Rusty - why do we have to put up with this crap. Check out the messages, if the IP addresses match, ban him.

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Heh,i knew it was bull[Naughty Pottyword].

Heh,i knew it was bull[Naughty Pottyword]. I rest my case. :)

Bravo Darren

Bravo Darren,you no what i mean.
I,m a scitsofrenic and so am i.
Cheers Bundy.