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HQ air conditioning

Hi all,

I have an HQ utility with 308.

I want to fit air conditioning.

I bought a "factory" HQ air conditioning switch and two air conditioning vents.

Can I buy a HJ, HZ, HX or WB air con box and put that on the fire wall and then plumb up the compressor etc and thats it or is the air con box for the HJ, HZ, HX WB different to the HQ and I need a HQ specific air con box?.

Are there any HQ specific parts I need for the cabin?

If you have any other suggestions or tips I'd appreciate that.


Mr Karel M

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HQ air con

I don't believe there is any real difference in the engine bay parts,, not sure on the internal box, but, you will definately need HQ specific piping for the vents, they are different, don't forget the blanking plate on the drivers side scuttle vent,,
There are three vents on HQ aircon, two on the crash pad, and the drivers side vent on the dash facia, so you will need the aircon crash pad as well,,
and if you are looking for a genuine factory specific look, the HQ vents are unique for the aircon, and different to the non aircon,,
good luck,,,,

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HJ hard to start

Hi ppl any tips on morning start for a 202 red motor HJ ute, once it is running it is smooth as silk.

Is there a trick to the choke ?

Allan Walker

HJ Start

1. Pull the choke all the way out.
2. Step on the accelerator all the way to the floor and back twice.
3. Take your foot off the accelerator pedal. (This part is important. If you have your foot on the accelerator to any degree you increase
the cranking compression and weaken the spark).
4. Crank the Engine.
5. Leave the choke all the way out until you start driving.
6. Ease the choke in a little at a time until it's all the way in.


Thank you for your advise, I

Thank you for your advise, I will try it fisrt thing tomorrow.



Let us know how you go.


i got a 253 hq prem, n a 308

i got a 253 hq prem, n a 308 hq stato.
the 253 has got underdash aircon which i want to move over in the 308.
308 has a dash factory aircon with 2 vents that doesnt really work. the box is quite bigger than the one in the 253. i want to swap them over too as the 308 box is leaking and not really working.

question is, would it be ok to swap them around? will there be any probs with the fittings or anything? the 253 is a donor car, so not really worried about putting anything back into it



You are looking at a large job,,
the factory air is all vacuum controlled, and incorporates the dash vent on the drivers side as well, you will need to change the air vent on that side too, and the controlls will need to be changed back to cable,,
you could possibly just leave all the factory air in the stato and fit the aftermarket one (although it could also be a factory setup too) but it may fowl on certain components, either way, it's a big job,,
GOlgOtha I am sure, would be interested in all the old bits off your stato,,,,


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