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brake master cylinder

I just picked up a brake master cylinder for FX/FJ the piston is seazed so is the nut main cylinder head what would be the best thing too soak it in to free it all up
I'm thinking deisel any suggestions
thanks Max (Elle50)

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try soaking in molasses for

try soaking in molasses for a couple of days - old sugar millers trick ..magic stuff

try molassas

first posting seemed to not work so again - try molassas mixed in water & soak for a couple of days. Cleaned up a lot of my FX with this



thanks steve I had read on here about people useing molassasto clean up parts I'll give it a go

youve got to be careful what

youve got to be careful what you clean brake parts in so you dont leave behind any residue, brake fluid mixed with other riff raff can get messy.

To get the piston out nothing works better than compressed air, little sirt into the cylinder from the line nut and itll pop out of there.

Soaking wise, petrol or clr will do the trick

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