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253 Exhaust?

Hey guys,

As some of you may know im in the process of changing from 202 to 253 in my VC wagon, with the 253 coming from my 'donor' VC SL wagon.

I have no idea what to do in terms of exhaust system. The SL exhaust is not the original, but sounds terrible!
I'd like to keep costs at minimum - but there's no way im using that exhaust in my car as my current exhaust on the 6 (pacemakers and 2 1/4 with one muffler and a little hotdog) sounds real nice and that system would be a great dissapointment.

Is it worth using the V8 with the exsisting 2 1/2 system? Will it sound any good?
Or should i go for a different exhaust/extractors system alltogether?
Ideally, i would like a grunty roar and twin pipes for maximum power.
Do the pipes run together from manifolds to tailpipe down the left side of the car
if a twin system is used? (doesnt seem to be any space for a pipe on the right side!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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21/2 single system with

21/2 single system with genie extractors and lukey muffler

commie twin systems

they run as a seperate twin system as per normal, then at the diff hump, the drivers side pipe crosses over to the passenger side and then both pipes are fed into a twin in, twin out muffler,,,,
Brock systems from memory joined into a single 2 1/2 inch at the rear of the gearbox,,,,

Silence is Non Committal

try the 2 1/4 system

If you're tight on funds and you like the sound of your current 6 cyl exhaust, then just use it. 2 1/4 will probably flow enough to handle around 120rwkw so unless you've got a pretty tough 253 it won't be a problem. Just fit some extractors and then mate them up to your 2 1/4 single.

It would be a pretty mean

It would be a pretty mean 253 that needed twin pipes, i reckon they sound best with a single system... much too 'barky' with twinnies.

You can generally pick a twin piped 253 from miles away, where as a single piped 253 can sound very similar to a 308.

My old 253 had a single pipe, H/C head, 4brl and a bit of a cam and that was it. Pretty much everyone that heard it guessed it was a 308.

I reckon keep your current 6cyl exhaust from the muffler back, source some second hand extractors (someone here must have some?), and get a new pipe to 'join' the extractors to the muffler.

The pipe will be cheap, it's the new extractors and the new muffler that will cost you. But get the extractors second hand, and upgrade your muffler and rear pipe at a later date when you get some cash.

The exhaust shop will advise you of the best diameter for the 'joiner' pipe, for a single i would be guessing 2.5 for a stock to warm motor.

Also i would recommend getting a two-bolt flange where each extractor meets the rest of the exhaust. Makes life soo much easier if you ever have to put in a new clutch or trans etc.

Have fun and good luck with it :)

working class bogan

I disagree with your twin pipe talk, Iv'e got twins on mine, and it sounds great, no cackle or bad notes, and its ten years old. ya bogan...saw this H.Q two door the other day -- i was right behind it, had this sticker on the back window - i'd rather be riding my harley.had roll bars the whole lot, when the lights went green, music to my ears, differnity a big chevy,i felt like hiding the 253, his exhausts were 3'' wide..what a bogan.....


Sounds like i'll be getting my exhaust guy to hook uo the v8 to the exsisting 2 1/2" pipe.

How much of a difference are we looking at with extractors?
I know the difference was fairly significant on the 202,
same for 253? more.. less..?

Also, Arsewipe mentioned that the brock system joined behind the trans - The system on the 253 currently joins just behind the trans at the handbrake, then has 2 mufflers - it appears to be approx 2 1/2" but sounds terrible - perhaps use this with extractors and different muffler/s?


About 2 months ago I had a

About 2 months ago I had a new exhaust system installed on my red (stock) 253 in my hz pano. It is a twin 2" with pacemaker tri-Y extractors, cost $1100 installed. The pipes are completely independent (no cross pipe).

I couldn't be happier. They sound awsome - a deep even V8 rumble with no tinny bark at all, and the power and economy increase was far better than I expected.

Highly recommend!


Exhaust for sale!

Hey redwagon,

Do you want to buy an exhaust off me if your nearby? I have a exhaust which came off a VB sedan with a 253 in it. Try-Y extractors and a 2.5 inch system with 1 muffler and a 3 inch tip. Price is negotiable. I am near sunbury in VIC.

Email me if your keen!

cheers, brenton.

I expected one or two pwople

I expected one or two pwople to argue with me on that one, i still stndy by the statement that 253's GENERALLY sound too barky with twin pipes.

A freshly built high compression 253 running a completely new twin exhaust will most likely sound killer.

A second hand 253 that has racked up a few kms running a budget exhaust made of second hand parts will most likely sound average with twin pipes.

Two things i will agree with holden fan are that pacemaker extractors make a very nice sound and noticable performance improvement, and that 2" is about as big as you would want to go with twin pipes on a 253.

Personal oppinion.

253 exhaust

The 253 would be great with the 2 1\2" exhuast, I hate the bark of a twin system on a 253.
My Shed My Email

cheers Gary.


i think the best SOUNDING zorst for a commie 253 would have to be the standard 2 1/4 with 2 2 1/4 pipes welded on at the diff running to the back, gives it the look of twin pipes, sounds deep as, im told its loud as (but dont sound like it to me) and evry 1 that hears it guesses it as a 308, and cant believe when i tell them its a 253, and cant believe it even more when i tell them its mostly the standard zorst, i dont even have extractors!

Here is the link to My Shed
On a Quiet day in HOLDEN land, you can hear the F@RDS Rusting!

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