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What a sexy lookin' car!

If it had a 5 litre V8 under the could be a great thriller & seller!

V8 petrol pump leaks oil

on my HZ V8 sedan the petrol pump is flicking oil out of that little breather hole, why? is there somthing missing inside there?

H.Z petrol pump

No nothing is missing inside there, the pump has had it,time for a new one, had the same problem.Got a high volume one, works wonders, so change it.Do you want my old one as well, because i don't

Reapers workguides are great!

How good are Reaper's workguides!!
My previously overheating, pinging, underperforming 186 in my EH now has a new lease of life, and is humming. Electronic ignition plus thermo fan plus new water pump - all installed using your workguides - It's a new maching -running like Mr GMH intended back when he built the it!
Thanks Reaper


Mate that is wonderful news indeed...but I am not sure what it has to do with a 5 litre powered gogomobile! Do they have intructions on how to install one? If they do...then perhaps it will be GMH's answer to the Shelby Cobra! Regards Gazman.

Reapers Workguides - 2 new ones added today

haha just noticed this post, I guess the bloke hit reply rather than new topic, done it a few times myself ;)

While off topic, I've added 2 new ones today if anyone is bored.

reaper boring? nah

Hows those bloody exspensive HR hoodlinings lookin?
Or are they still in the evaluation stage?
A few more have been made and sold since- (not by myself but by my trimmer mate) It seems word has got out and the cheaper alternatives have been getting left behind - and we wont mention who sells those.
Cheers streetneat-Andrew.
(Click Here to view the world of streetneat)

reapers hoodlinings

erm well let me just say that I took them out of the shed today so that the rats don't eat them, so progress has been made! I've got to get a couple of plates to mount the new rear seat belts in both cars and then I'll get started on that job.

Is this GMH's answer to the Shelby Cobra?

A 327...or even a 350 cubic inch Holden V8 in the bowels of a gogomobile! God what a machine! Look out Caroll Shelby! You have got some competition Man! Does anyone know where I can get some gogomobile moulds? Think of the possibilities!

Sorry Gazman

But i gotta ask ya...Are you on illicit drugs ???

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"
Mail bag

Dusty, if that includes VB

Dusty, if that includes VB stubbies...then possibly so.But how many great ideas were imagined whilst pertaking in a couple of cold ones?
Oh well...that is the great thing about about forums...they are a great reality check eh? 600 horsepower in a gogomobile..who could you get to drive it? If MR Brock was still around...he would probably have a go...but who else would be game?


Do you draw the cartoons?

*I don't want to die wondering*
E-mail me

You wont die wondering!

Classic ute,unless you are 95 years old....are lying in your deathbed and someone has just given you a case of Jack Daniels for Christmas inlieu of your usual intravenous drip feeding method...then no you wont die wondering. Yes I do draw cartoons. Do you have an idea in mind my friend? Gazman.If you do then let me know in case I die wondering!

Serious for a Moment

Classic ute, my day job is very serious and very intense.I am an architect and work on fairly large projects on a day to day basis. There is absolutely no room for having some fun or having a joke in that realm. This, and some other forums that I involve myself in, are my opportunity for lightening up a bit.As a cartoonist, I can have some fun like everyone else does. Don't take me too seriously in this mode. Regards,Gary. Everyone needs a good belly laugh every now and then!

i think there good, makes a

i think there good, makes a change from the repeated questions on here

oi gazman

i should send you a pic of my vac truck so you can cartoonis it for our web page and t shirts plzzzzzzzzzzzzz love ya work dibs


Hey dibs, thanks for your compliments...I would like to do a cartoon for you. I am doing T-Shirts now too.Just post a pic on here and I will see what I can do. Just make it to my attention.Only thing is mate...I have heard of a Mac Truck...but I cant remember ever hearing of a Vac Truck. Is that a new brand? or are you just sucking me in ? Regards Gazman!

lol dibs to gazman

chuckles to self vac truck = vacuum excavation truck buisness is called sucked in vacuum excavations m8 . finaly splashed a bit of paint today will get some pics and post em will muchly appreciat what you can do. i can see your imagination will do us justice even earning you a shirt hahahaha thanks m8dibs

Hey Dibs,I am glad that you

Hey Dibs,I am glad that you can appreciate my subtle humour mate.I will look forward to seeing a pic of your great sucking machine!(I hope that I am allowed to say that on this channel!)Anyway, I am not sure what to expect to see.It sounds like a terrific concept to me and I look forward to having a look at the beast. I will do the best I can to illustrate it well...cause I could really use a new T-shirt with some character in my wardrobe. Catch you soon, regards Gazman.

Gaz 'toons?

Hi GAZ who IS apparently BACK,
I know you won't take this overly seriously.....

Your interest in Peter Brock, Holdens and other old cars is admirable.
Your cartoons seem pretty well drawn too!

Whilst I've only checked out a handful of your pieces, the fat guys in the baseball caps just aren't funny.
I'm lucky enough to have been close to the work of a range of cartoonists, humourists and other writers, but I'm struggling to find anything that is witty in this stuff. Maybe collaborating with a comedic writer could unlock the funny side to the automotive funnies field that you illustrate.

Each to their own of course....


HKing of Bris

This is not having a go at you mate, but I saw the fellow sitting in the Goggomobile as a large macho man, the exact opposite of what you would normally see driving one of these cars, I would assume to see a character with Scarf, Pommy Cap, Pipe hanging from the corner of the mouth wearing a fine Tweed Jacket to be at the wheel, why is that so you ask?

Well Ipswich had a prize Red Goggomobile that used to get around here with just such a Gentleman at the wheel with head held high above the height of the Windscreen, a humorous sight I thought as he was the perfect example of the typical British Motoring enthusiast...

Therefore, Mr Macho Man is the total opposite of what I would expect, humorous to me, even if I was the only one 'to get it'...

The other bloke is what I would expect to see in any of my mates, might just be the circles I associate with but I have no 70lb Dweeby framed mates, I weigh in at 300lb's and am pretty much the smaller frame type bloke in my circle of mates, so the portly build of the standing fellow would be what I would expect to see also...

The Caps, well at least they were not fitted back to front! ;{D hehe

But in your opinion, how would you have portrayed these two fellows so as to raise a chuckle from where you are sitting?
My sense of humour has been known to piss of people big time, problem is when I see steam exiting their ears I grab the other leg than run with that as well, but I pull up at pulling any 3rd legs, I know my limits and will only stop at the pulling of 2nd legs only.. ;{P

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Email OINKS308 re: Fibreglass inquiries
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Thankyou sire for your kind comments regarding my cartoon drawings.
When it comes to drawing cartoons...I admit...I still have my L-Plates on and am ready and willing to learn more! As you are aware...I am not taking this particularly seriously...and I hope you won't either.
For a start, I found OINK'S comments to your reply very funny indeed...I may take your advice and team up with him! He does have a good sense of humour and a great way of verbalising it! Don't you think?
I am am not certain if your contact was a discreet way of offering your services in this way or not...if it was...then just spit out then my friend! You may have some incredible wit that we have all been waiting for. After all Mr King, if you are related to Prince Charles...we all know that he has an incredible sense of humour...after all he married Camillla.
Look...if you are really wanting to contribute in a significant way to a forum...maybe you should try the OLD RILEY or OLD MORRIS MINOR
websites. If you cant find any...well that is not too surprising eh?
So I guess that we are stuck with you!
My dad used to say..."If you cant say anything nice, then shut the $#@#$#@ up!

*GASP* Gazman!

*GASP* Gazman!
You dare speak ill of the ubiquitous Morris Minor? 8{0

Why, you, you... (With a little help from my 'Auto-Insulter Program)
Thou peevish, pinch-spotted wagtail.
Thou roynish, knotty-pated mumble-news.
Thou goatish, idle-headed rampallion.
Thou clouted, tardy-gaited skainsmate.
Thou wenching, plume-plucked bugbear.

Well, I assume that would by now have put you back into your place as to never speak ill of the Mighty Morris Minor again... ;{P

Camilla to me you say? Well Neigh to you my Good Sir! (In my best Mr Ed voice of course of course as only a horse would... well... neigh!)

Cheers, Pig (OINKS308)

Touche! Touche! Touche!

Touche! my ye olde friend!I have to say that I have not had a ye olde great belly laugh like that ....for a long ....long time!

HA HA HA HA! sorry I can't stop!.Pardon me!

Thank God for Mr King! I guess he was right! What do you say Partner?

Sorry Gazman...

Sorry Gazman... But having had a broken leg for the past 22 years and having been over taken by my disability, I am afraid my days of being a 'Stand Up Comedien' are long gone, alas, 'tis true, so you will need to wait for your friend, the honorable Mr King to reply as to your next venue... :'{(

Cheers, Pig (OINKS) :{P *SNORK*

Gaz/Oinks Car-Toons team!

Regular O.H. viewers will know that Oinks is indeed not backward in coming forward with anecdotes and even some witticisms. Very cool that as a self-confessed 'L-Plater', you're comfortable with looking at options in your creative pursuit. Good luck to youse!

English references? Sheesh, not a single soul has ever accused/mistaken me of that. Quite obviously, the HKing of Bris./Paris-bane/wherever/whatever has never been anything but a play on words of the model of car I drive.

I was advised to take constructive criticism with good spirit in my creative and professional pursuits. I think its worth mentioning again here, without reverting to prickly, hypersensitive, albeit symbolic swearing....


Sorry Michael -Gazman

Sorry for offending you Michael...I did not realise that you are a hypersensitive new age guy. I shall refrain from being quite so verbally boisterous in the future(although my dad would not be pleased). But you are correct. I will keep my asterisks to myself in future.
It seems to you that I need some comic help...yet...when I put my hand up for help, no-one wants to seize the opportunity. Well, until, that someone comes along ...I will just keep going by myself...doing it my way.
You semm to be hinting by what you have said, that you possess some outstanding creative talent, it must be in the form of I could not find anything in your dialogue to raise a chuckle about. So you obviously need some comic help too.If I find someone, I will put them on to you. You sound like you really need a good laugh mate! In the meantime...I will keep trying... to at least gain a quick smile out of you oneday! Regards Gazman.


I too was impressed with your drawing skills but somewhat dissapointed with the humour content. I know that you cannot please everyone with your cartoons, but may I suggest you start off with a proven funny one liner, from some of the experts (there are many) My favorite is Tommy Cooper (Pommie sorry) and adapt them to our way of life, and draw your cartoons to these.
Just a suggestion!

Thanks GED for your comments-Gazman

Thanks again Ged for your comments my friend. I don't really have to explain my cartoon...but,it is merely my simple way of paying tribute to the real KING of motor racing in Australia. If you or anyone else out there wants me to take the piss out of him...then FORGET IT!
HE IS THE MAN! Why dont you take a long walk around the block and think about what he did... and then think about what you are doing right now for a second! Regards Gazman.


I never intended to upset you, But I personally thought your cartoon was released "too soon" after the death of my ICON!
Mourning takes TIME!

GED- we all share your grief! -Gazman

Ged , We all share your grief mate. Now....have another look at my cartoon and ask yourself what I am trying to say? It is the same thing that you are saying my friend...we miss him! HE IS THE MAN!
Regards Gazman.


He is, and alway's will be a "LEGEND" I apologise for viewing your cartoon through negative eyes.
All is good.

GED...ALL IS GOOD - Gazman

Peter Brock is the MAN!

HKing of Bris ~ Gazman

Michael, Sorry if you took offence and as I started with, "This is not having a go at you mate" - but OH could well do with a break from the normal 'Holden Fan' sarcasm and cattiness and could use a good chuckle now and then as a distraction.

I see Gazman as a very talented artist and having collected a vast array of Booklets (not cartoon magazines) I feel are in Gazman's caliber, Footrot Flats, Garfield, and MAD amongst others, my old favourite Joliffe's Outback was one of my favourites for it's Australian wit and content, I haven't seen it now for probably a good 25 years yet there are many who still remember it, I find this closely related to Gazman's 'style' in how he portrays his characters in the little that I have seen thus far.

Gazman, if you do a regular Strip for a local Paper or otherwise I would be interested in reading more as you have a unique way of transposing what is in your mind onto paper.

I would still like for you to email me to discuss you doing me up a water colour of my old FX Custom in a Joliffe's style using the old Ettamogah Pub and Cockatoo scenario as I wanted done in a mural on the Boot lid of my old FX Custom...

But I have learnt that to enjoy a good laugh, first you must learn to laugh at yourself, if you cannot pull the piss out of yourself you will find it hard to laugh at life in general, even when I was on death's door after my accident in the ED at the local Hospital, I pulled the piss out of myself and those around me, I was later asked why I was making jokes of my situation when I was facing death, all I could state was as I have above, if you cannot have a laugh at your own expense what is the use?
I hope to exit life with a smile on my face, laughter maybe the best medicine, hopefully it will be the death of me (at my own expense of course!) ;{P hehe

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Email OINKS308 re: Fibreglass inquiries
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Brock cartoon...

Hey there Pig,
Mate, I have no probs at all with either of your posts here. I also haven't had a single negative thing to say about Gary's drawing skills, and I too see the similarity with Joliffe and others.
Who doesn't enjoy a chuckle here? Its just I was prepared to say that his work didn't work for me, despite the worthy intent. We're ALL on a learning curve....


HKing of Bris.


Oinks...thanks for your praise my friend.I definitely have a lot of work to do to come up to your expectations....but time is on my side.
I do know that my drawing ability is up to is the rest that is up to question! Guys like Michael are so busy looking at the leaves in the trees...that they miss seeing the big picture beyond! At the moment...I am greatful to all the Ebay buyers who are purchasing my stuff in that new world.
Anyhow....I have responded to your email address and will look forward to engaging in your project in the near future.
One thing that I have learnt in life is that it is important to maintain your sense of humour, no matter what the situation. That alone will probably give you an extra ten years or so. My mother said to me today that..."If you can laugh...the whole world will laugh with you...if you cry...then you cry alone!
The thing is though... we all seem to have different senses of humour.What you and I find to be funny, will not even get a smile from others.I learn't this many years ago.
For matter how hard I tried to get my ex-wife to have a laugh....after 13 years of did not happen until I was almost killed when some careless driver crashed into me in my Porsche 911, and nearly wrote us both off! It was the only time in our marriage that she enjoyed a bellylaugh!. Fair enough I suppose, I guess it must have been a unique situation, and perhaps worth a laugh at the time? Anyway, I had the last laugh! I am not married to her anymore. And I have been laughing ever since.
Sometimes it takes a situation in your life to appreciate how good laughter feels. Once you have experienced it is hard to let go of it it. It doesn't cost anything to have a good laugh....but the joy you get back from it supreme! Don't ever stop looking for a laugh! Regards Gazman.

Gazman Humour

Having died 4 times in separate operations after my accident, I quickly learnt there is so much more to life, I have learnt to look beyond the square in which we at times wrap ourselves up in to 'cocoon' us away from the reality that surrounds us, life is to be lived an enjoyed, to be constantly bitter only saps one's life force and turns them old before they get the chance to live life and by the time they realise the importance of their lives it is usually too late and on their death bed...

I have done the death bed part, and then have managed to add another 22 years thus far to what could have ended far too early for I have learnt so much more and continue to learn something new every day.

My ex-Wife was one who's humour I could never get, what I saw as funny she would ask me why I was laughing, yet her sense of humour was; if an old Lady would trip and fall and smash her face into the footpath, she would literally piss herself laughing, that freak show I called a marriage lasted a bit over 3 years before I gained custody of my two kids and later started life with the woman who has been my life partner now for the better part of 24 or so years, we are both Pisces’, yet we have two entirely different types of character and humour, our family, Grandkids and love of all things automotive are what we share in common, but they do say opposites attract, just with my ex, opposites were definitely of a Positive and Negative nature, sparks flew each time we within cooee of each other, most definitely TOTAL opposites that should NEVER have attracted... I do all my thinking with my upstairs brain these days… ;{D hehe

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Email OINKS308 re: Fibreglass inquiries
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Touche! again OINKs-Gazman

Oinks, it sounds like you had a hoffific time 22 years ago...I know that we are all delighted that it wasn't your time. OH would not be OH without good characters like you! It sounds like your newer wife is a great are a very lucky man. I hope to find my soulmate oneday too!. Does your wife have an older sister? HA HA HA!
Only joking mate! Keep the good advice coming! Regards Gazman.


Dear Mr King, I eagerly await your first session of hilarious seminars on the fine art of cartooning. Where do I enlist? With the broad range of cartoonist and writer contacts at your disposal, I am sure that it will be difficult to get a place. However, I am keen to learn and desire to get a place. Just let me know when and where, and if I can get a place amongst the thousands that I am certain will apply. Best regards Gazman.
As my dad used to say..."If you are not prepared to have a go...then go away!"


OOOHH imagine the possibilties with a suck truck,you could have a field day with that one gazman!!!

Sexy Statesman - Gazman

Mate...the imagined possibilities are endless! I am almost frightened to take pen to hand. I better wait until I see the real great sucking machine! Gazman.

dibs to gazman

the pics are in my shed but i cant see it here only at the side . i duno not good a this office stuf

dibs to gazman

the pics are in my shed but i cant see it here only at the side . i duno not good a this office stuf mite be under greama dyble

Gazman humour two!!

I get a bit of a giggle now and then from the Gaza's humour. Being a bit of a scribbler myself - know that it's not easy to please everyone!! Sorry Jack Mack and your royal Highness of Paris bane, but plagiarising another's one liners and "adapting them " is a cop out. Gaz has a day job and it seems only does this to try to lighten up a sometimes dull forum? Hell even if only one of us gets it, it's a hell of a lot better than intricate dragged out arguments about the inertia of five gallons of water and its physical affects on over-steer?? Practice makes perfect GAZ - jeep 'em comming!!
Cheers BOBBY=============


Sorry if you or Gazman took me out of context mate, but humour is very close to my heart, and realise that plagiarism is not on! I can say a one liner on stage, and hope the whole audience laughs. Or at least the majority. I recently did a suprise perfomance (suprise to me) and got rave reviews from the audience.
I do this for fun, not monetary gain!
I was only trying to help.


Ged , apologies if I came down on you a bit hard mate.I was just trying to make a point, which some people seem to have not seen quite so clearly. My objective was really to pay my tribute to the MAN ...PETER BROCK.
They seem to have got lost in the fact that the people in the cartoon(just everyday Aussies!)are only props to get the overall idea across, which now, somehow seem have created more importance in their minds than the overall thrust of the tribute. Crikey!What more can I say? GAZMAN.

Brock cartoon 2...

Hi Gary,
I re-read, everyone's posts here and can't find anyone discrediting Brock or your worthy intent of showing you admire him. Like I said in response to Pig a few posts above this, I just didn't get a laugh from your work OVERALL. Every creative person has non-fans, and this IS a forum, so its an apt venue...

I happen to be MOST impressed with Peter Brock's fundraising and support of disadvantaged Indigenous Australians, his generous spirit and his progressive attitudes. His numerous sporting successes and business pursuits are left behind those aspects for me in that regard.

In line with what I endorsed originally, I'd be the last one to grumble about Brock though. Hey, if I had a problem with him, I wouldn't have given my son the same name....

All the best!

Michael, who resides in the city of Brisbane and who is driving an HK model/HKing of Bris.

P.S. Sorry, but I figured this wasn't the place for me to write comic material, so thats explains why no-one has seen any....

Hi Michael...lets start again my friend-Gazman

Hi Michael,
2007 is my year of positivity! and let me say that I am glad that we have communicated. You have given me some goals to set...and I appreciate that! One of my goals will be to grace your face with a smile someday....if only for a fleeting moment! All the best for 2007. Regards Gazman.

BOBBY-your sentiments are just perfect-Gazman.

BOBBY, it is a tough old world we live in mate! I could not have said it better myself my friend. My small contribution to this forum is merely to put a brief smile on a few faces every now and then,(if I can) knowing that the pressures of every day living can make us all a bit dull & boring. If I do...then wonderful...if I don't then least I tried ! No one is going to have to pay for the privilige after all. This is a contribution I can make with some degree of expertise. If you asked me how to fix a number plate to the front bumper bar of my ute...then I would have to call on the many experts available to this forum.I am NOT an expert in that arena. for example...look at the options to follow:
1-Fix the number plate with tech screws.
2-Drill out and insert 10mm bolts with hexagonal head nuts,chromed.
3-Weld the bluddy thing on for good!
4-None of the above.
I would probably pick option 3, cause I like things that last.
So you can see... I am much better placed doing my silly cartoons than trying to offer suggestions on how to present a beautiful Holden to the world.
All I can say is...if you dont need to...or dont want to have a laugh... then just flick by my cartoons when I post them! They are not obligatory reading. For those that do like to have a wry smile now and then...keep a lookout! Regards Gazman

Gazman Question!

Sorry this must seem a bit hypocritical.
I have got a small speed boat which I have named HOLD-ON! (as close to HOLDEN as my family would allow) but just the name does not look real exiting, and my search for a cartoon water-skier has failed.
I just wondered if you could draw one of your characters hanging on to a ski rope, in true aussie fashion? That I could place before the name. Signed of course.
The boat is powered by a 173 red motor and will not break any speed records.
If you decline, that’s fine.


Ged, I like the name of your boat! It is well thought out mate.I would be delighted to help you if I can...and will try out some ideas...although it is not my really my area of expertise. As you can see... I am still fumbling around a bit when it comes to drawing characateurs(if that is how you spell it!)I will see what happens, and if I come up with something decent...I will contact you.
Regards Gazman. HOLD-ON....I think I have an idea!

Jack Mac

Hey mate, back in the mid 70's my older Sister had a Canadian friend who was very talented and painted his EK Station Wagon himself, sprayed it Blue with a white Roof and Flamed it across the front and down the doors onto the rear Quarters and on the Tailgate he had like an old Boot Hill type Graveyard scene with HOLD-ON sprayed over it in an arc and the Moonlight emanated up behind the lettering, looked spot on, he also had R~SEND painted onto the rear of his Banjo Diff Housing, ah the days of jacked up rears... ;{P

Cheers Pig (OINKS308)

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Email OINKS308 re: Fibreglass inquiries
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Mate that would have been awsome, and I admire people with that talent.
A talent which I don't posess, but I can use and make stencils reasonably well, the boat is reasonably old and only used to create our family fun. Where we take it, is full of very elaboratly painted and expensive boats, If I damage ours I can fix it, and joke about the occasion, unlike those who look down their noses at us.
My family would not let me write "ARSEUP" on the underside, where nobody would ever see (hopefully) Or stick those bullet hole stickers all over the sides, and apparently flames are not appropriate on boats! So I would probably not get away with the graveyard scene. You may have seen it as I posted it for some photoshop help a while ago.
If you can give me any help with the HOLD-ON! logo, that would be great.

Oinks and the days!

A mate of mine had an E-H Wagon, he was a freak with an oxy, and a spray gun, It had a blown 400 Chevy in it, 9 inch diff with a skull painted on it by me, he hooked up a light that illuminated the diff at night and showed the menacing scull! It was a wild car in other ways too, he grafted XB falcon wagon tail lights into the back quarters, and the tailgate was a one piece gas lift job. Other mods were:- stretched front doors, (back removed Ala - nomad style). Shaved door handles solenoid actuated locks),Corvette L-88 bonnet scoop (remember them?) 'Course ya do!! and a Monza front!!! I think IMHO that he would have copped more Canaries than anyone I have ever heard of!! Yes the days of jacked up in the back cars R-O-C-K-E-D!!!
Cheers BOBBY===============

Jack Mac and Bobby

Jack Mac if you can post the link for your boat, I often go AWOL from the Forums scene for a week or a month at a time so do not recall the boat posting, I have to hit the hay now but will check tomorrow to see if you have put the link up to your pic, or if you have several in your shed, a link to that if you could... ;{D

Bobby that sounds soooo 70's! :{D LOL
I wish I had owned a digital camera back in the 70's and 80's, most of my 70's photos were paid for by my older Sister to have printed as I was in High School and her BF flogged them all when he left, then my Sister did me out of those that followed, I only have pictures from the early 80's and of course the ex-Wife decimated most of those in her alcohol fueled rages, afterwards times were lean, very lean, and I remember one year surviving on 1 packet of 2 minute noodles a day to make sure I paid the Bills she left me with, would have been nice if she had left me something that I was paying off but as she was classified as the 'poor woman' in the relationship, well if she had actually charged instead of giving her ass away to anyone willing she could have been a millionaire today, but she ended up with everything that was once mine, I saw a pic of her on the weekend when my Son visited me with his new Son, I skipped straight over the pic of her and my Grandson as I never recognised her, she looks older than my own mother who will be 70 this year, man the drugs have done her NOOOOO favours!!! :{D LOL

But the days of Starky and Hutch striped L88 Scooped jacked up wild metal creations roaming the streets were well, at times a lot were downright awesome compared to these Belly button kits the kids have on their Holdens today, and a standard old Holden just was NOT cool back then ONLY our Fathers or Grandfathers drove standard Holdens, these young blokes that lay claim to building 'Old Skool' Holdens today are only restorers in reality, nothing old Skool about an original Holden, but then for some times change, not me, I have had me Pony Tail since '71 and regardless of the two headed redneck who posts anon and tries to goad me over it, at least it has been back in fashion more times than he can only dream of ever having been popular in his day, even if that fashion was only the one time in is tiny lil mind.. :{D hehe

Anyways the pillow is calling, cheers guys, Pig (OINKS308)


When you awake mate. I have not been game enough to try the "Link" thing yet, although I have the instructions, so I will just do it the lazy way.
If you need any more? I will email them.
"Link Thanks to Dusty"

Doing the linky thing

Put this in front of the addy "[ then after the addy do one of these | then ya write the name you want to appear followed by these ]"
I hope i explain it easy to read

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Dusty linky thing

Thanks mate just done one.

Ged: Linky thing

I can help ya with one for your email if you like . Better still i'll forward the email i wrote for Allen; He managed to understand that. I'll beam it up to you :)

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Oops i cant.

I gotta rewrite it, gimme 10 minutes and it'll be done :)

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Email for Ged

Dusty !!

Can you put me on that email link list??
CHEERS BOBBY==========================


I'll send an email shortly :)

"Shed, monaro build & garage sale"


Ta Dusty!!


Email for Bobby

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