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Slow motion Rocker movment 202

Clip of 202 rockers moving in slow motion.
Thought someone out there might need this info... Link below

Reducing TRACK list

Hello. can anyone advise on how to delete sections in the TRACK list (A function of this web site)

I am starting to get a very long list and its a pain to scroll through each day.

Best engine cleaner / Soaking

Hey guys.

Im striping down a very dirty engine to rebuild.

Is Kero ok to soak my engine parts in for a few days to clean them?
I also have a white vinegar bath that eats rust, its just plain old white vinegar from the supermarket.

to long

Looking for bottom guards for hk if anyone heard of or have some idea how much

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Blue vs Red engine

Hey guys.

is there much power difference in the red and blue.

I know the blue is better in a few ways, I am considering restoring a red engine instead of a blue.

Also, what would be the cheapest way to go about getting everything I need for a complete engine rebuild. Repco, supercheap etc. Is there a full kit available? and are there choices in quality of the kits, I know there are with gaskets.

Ownership Legal papers etc

I have a blue 202 with a trimatic sitting on the garage floor that I bought for $100 for a rebuild to learn on.

Should I hit up the transport people and put the engine in my name? I think you have to prove it once its in a car and they take the engine number to register the car.

Rebuild 253 Series of clips


there are about 5 clips on how to rebuild an engine Holden BLUE 253 SPONSOR

Compression. Carbon

BLUE 202 3.3L

All cylinders except the front had compression of 155 -160Psi
The front was 50Psi, then on each key turn, it increased compression by 5psi every single time (total 4 times then stopped turning the key)

any ideas what causes this?

also, compression is meant to be around 135Psi, any idea why it is 20psi higher then normal, I did find a crust of carbon on each piston that was a few mm thick, also the head had allot of carbon come off as well. AND I MEAN ALLOT!!! PER VALVE PORT

Exhaust for blue 202

Hey everyone.

Does anyone know the best exhaust for a stock blue 202 3.3L on dedicated gas, for best fuel economy?

I have a 3inch at the moment with a straight through muffler.

Some say that the more free and flowing the exhaust the better, and others say the engine really needs back pressure to work right for economy and power.

So what exhaust is best to fit;

. Pipe size?
. Type of muffler?
. Should I fit extractors that I have on the shelf?

I'm running dedicated gas with Gas research mixer.

Manuels for WB

What manual is better? Gregory's or Haynes, for a 1983 WB ute, blue engine 202

Torque for head bolts. blue 202 straight 6

Does anyone know the torque setting for the head bolts?

Just painted my head and cleaned the carbon from the pistons. Putting the head back on now.

Making Sheds Page

How do you make a shed page? were is the link?

vs cold start problems

just wondering does the motor of a ecotec vs series 2 commodore have a cold start sensor my car wont start on petrol cold i have to start it on gas car starts then you can flick it over to petrol and it runs when hot it starts on petrol but wont start cold any help would be apreciated

commodore v8 t5 conversion wanted

after a bit of information
I am building a bash car for this years camp quality ESCARPADE
I need to find a complete v8 t5 for a conversion has any one out there got what I need
i have purchased a vr caprice 5.0 litre and this is what the box is for

also chasing a good vs statesman garnish and taillights cheers

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Back working on the car again!!

4 days to work on the HK... Wooo hooooo...
No misses, no kids... Just me, the dog and the old HK!!!
fix door locks.
Put glovebox light in.
Put boot light in
Put door trims back on
Put boot lining in.
Put heater overflow tube on.
Replace coolant.
General tinkering.....
Love the old HK!!!

HG wagon 186 to LS1 conversion

Hi. I am in the process of gathering parts to drop an LS1 and 4L65e into my HG wagon. Nobody in NZ seems to have done one or seems to talk about it. I'm after info like rack and pinion experiences and or steering box clearances to headers if steering box is kept etc.

Also diff recommendations, brakes and drive line. I don't have a bottomless pit of funds so will gather all my parts before taking the old girl off the road because it's a sweet ride as it is anyway.

Plus anything else you think might help would be great.

Ps. I already have an LS1 with trans, electrics, computer etc.

Can anyone tell me what holley I have

I bought a redline Holden red 6 manifold from gumtree and it came with a free Holley, just wondering if anyone knew what sort it is from this description.

looking down from the top numbers are 21 6R 5275

other Pattern pending number on side is 2268409

up the top on side are list-7718 1103

Also on the side is a black round dial that has lean and an arrow on it and on the face of that is 2 wire connections.

The manifold and Holley both only set me back $30 so if I can get away with re kitting and a polish and using I will.

PS thanks for your help

Spare wheel holder

Hi just replaced the steel on my 1 tonner to put the spare wheel back on, can anyone tell me the measurements to were the spare wheel holder bolts onto the steel. Thanks Tony

Wanted fj ute tailgate

Hi All I am chasing a Fj ute tailgate, outer skin unimportant but prefer good frame if possible.
I live near Ipswich Queensland but would freight from anywhere if needed.
Please reply if you have one or possibly know where I might find one, regards Brett

Got the spot lights off the bumper bar

Well today I finally got the crappy spot lights off the car that were put on 35 years ago. After hunting around for ways to get at the nuts, I posted a question here and got a response telling me to remove the radiator first.

Checked it out and found there were only 4 nuts to undo, two water hoses and the transmission tubes.

Nice the radiator was off, I could get to the nuts under the bumper holding the spot lights on.
Got them off and put new Crome bolts and nuts on.
Looking much more original now.

Put the radiator back on, careful not to cross thread the transmission tube nuts and filled the radiator with water.

Next will be to drain and refill with coolant.

Job done!

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