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Advice wanted!

I'm buliding a EH wagon with a heavly worked 202 power plant. I'm undersided about the transmission to use and would appreciate any suggestions. At the present time the beast has a standard 3 speed crash box but it has to go for a 4 speed or auto. My current thinking is a last built auto that will fix the 202 with a stall coverter or a 4 speed Aussie box. ( I'm not interested in a Jap trans )
Would the tunnel need mods to fit either?
Is fitting a auto a big deal especially the brake pedal changeover?
Is it possible to have a floor selecter with the auto?
What vehicle would anyone suggest for the auto? ( HQ, Torana ? )


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EH Transmissions

Hi Gavin, the transmission "hump" will need alteration to accept the auto or 4 speed boxes. Also the gear box cross member, grab an auto pedal box from an auto EH mate, yes the floor shifter can be fitted, I would go with HQ style trimatic, touched up a bit, cheers Lindsay.

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auto eh

Or go for an overdrive VL auto

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Isn't the VL engine a

Isn't the VL engine a Nissan? The trans would be a different unit and wouldn't fit a Blue 202 block would it? I prefer a straight bolt on if possible.


auto EH

Hi blown64, I suggested the tri as I assumed (I know should never do that hey,) that he wanted to go "oldschool" with the car? Anyway is there a kit to bolt the VL box to the red donk? As that would be handy to whack in my EH later on, Lindsay.

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