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fx/fj ute fuel tank for sale


I've recently converted my FX ute to full time LPG, so I have a really good original fuel tank complete with sender unit for sale. It has no dents, no rust and no leaks. I was thinking $100, if you're interested you can reply here or email me via


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sender unit

Hi Paul
you wouldn't be interested in just selling the sender unit would you

Hey Paul FX

None of my buisness but I think you'd be silly to sell anything original off the old girl! You might find as I have with the cooks 56 morry, that if you ever want to sell her the majority of people will want original bits with it!
Just a thought, based on experience!!

need a tank

where you at?

g'day fellas, Max, I'd

g'day fellas,

Max, I'd rather sell the whole lot together, but if someone just wants the tank I'll definately keep you in mind.

Bobby, I hear what you're saying. I've actually had the tank sitting for a couple of months, but decided to bite the bullet. I figure the ute has a 186 with a celica box, HR front end, and HD rear so the fuel tank probably doesn't matter anymore. If the car was a perfect original when I got it I definately wouldn't have touched it.

Gordo, just west of Brisbane


tank..what did you do with

tank..what did you do with front chassis rails? are they any good?


tank..sorry I thought you

tank..sorry I thought you were talking about a morry..but it was bobby...


fx/j fuel tank

hi interested in buying your fx/fj ute fuel tank. does it need any repairs? is there any rust in the fuel sender? would you consider posting to s.a.

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