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EH Panel Van For Sale

EH Panel Van For Sale

For sale- EH Panel Van.
202, 5 speed, no windows cut in sides. Good condition, registered. Very very rare. VAN 64H number plates. $8500.

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Hi, Nice looking van! I'm


Nice looking van! I'm currently looking for either a van or a ute.

I am in Sydney, where is the car located please. Any other pics you could send. How long have you had it and did you put the 202 in it?



Hi Terry,

Hi Terry,

I'm in the Blue Mountains. I have lots more pics. It would probably be easiest if you give me your e-mail address and I can just send them all to you.

I've had the car for about 5 and a half years now. I didn't put the 202 in or the 5 speed. It was mostly done when I bought it. I just did some of the interior.



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