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HQ-WB engine wiring harness

does anyone know if they changed the engine wiring harness from HQ thru to WB??

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engine harness

They would have to be different as the 'Q' had no pollution where the WB did,,,,

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Plus the different column

Plus the different column stalks
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Wiring Harness

Plus, from HX (I think) the firewall plug changed from round to a square/oblong shape.

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q to b looms

yeh i have a j loom and a wb loom sitting in my shed and yeh there are a few direrances. front end lights etc, washer bottle etc placement, dash looms. etc etc. (both loom are for sale btw.)

All different as more

All different as more **** accessories went on the car....hq-hj square bolt up block on firewall...hx onwards...round grommet through the fire wall.If u know ur way around the electrics side of things and can read a wiring loom circuit,it can be changed around.When i built my HJ coupe i had a HZ GTS dash and column (wiper stalk/high beam on column)but the rest of the wiring was HJ,i just followed the diagrams and converted the 2 together.All worked great.

Not to mention the different

Not to mention the different wiring requirements for the optional extra's...

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