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engine builder

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone knows a good engine builder in south east melbourne. Im looking at getting a 308 built for my HJ. looking at spending around $3000 on it. what sort of work would I be able to do for this much money and how much more power would I be looking at gaining from a stock 308.


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Engine Builders

try The 308 Shop or Dandenong Re-bores, both in dandenong, i have only heard good things so far about both these places

3000 wont get you a whole lot, a standard rebuild at most engine builders will cost about $2500, maybe a better manifold and cam.

get hardened valve seats put into the heads, thats another $250.

Dandenong Rebores

Dandenong Rebores have a website at

$2500 sounds pretty steep

$2500 sounds pretty steep for a standard rebuild, I have seen rebuild kits for as little as $1000

308 shop

Hey Mate,
Two of my mates have had engines rebuilt at the 308 shop and I currently have my engine (injected 304) in being rebuilt, the good thing is that they know crap loads about holden 8's and chev 8's and I've seen a really nice turbo'd XR8. I have to say, the boys are honest and really great to deal with, any question is answered no problems and they are willing to build the engine to what you want, not what they think you should have, I'm paying 3000 for my rebuild but im going a bit special, personally I'd recommend them, also friends of mine have had engines rebuilt at dandy rebores, fords, mitsubishis, holdens and one datto... they were nice rebuilds, nothing fancy just rebuilds, no tricking up... So realisticly if your after just a basic rebuild dandy rebores would be the go, but if you want just that lil more trick I'd go 308 shop...
viva la pano

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