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chassis number id tag check

i am looking at a gts monaro with the following. i cant work out the chassis number
also if it was a factory 308 why is the model number end in qr?
can anyone shed any light on the numbers or if it has been changed. also does any one know what that trim code is??

Model : 80837QR
Body : 303535-S
Trim - 1832-36X
Paint - 567 - 15824
Eng L31
Trans - M40
Axle - GV2
HQ Coupe
chassis EHQ18887 S
vin 8Q37TDH813535Q

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QR on the end of the model number actually stands for HQ and Right Hand Drive. Many people make the mistake of linking to the engine prefix for a 253.

Anyway here we go .

80837 = Monaro GTS V8 (253 or 308)
303535-S = Sydney
1832-36X = I think this should be 1882-36X = Monterey Green metallic paint with Juniper interior
567-15824 = Monterey Green Metallic paint
L31 = 308 engine
M40 = Trimatic transmission
GV2 = 3.36:1 Salisbury diff

Vin 8Q37TDH813535Q deciphers as

8 = GMH
Q = Monaro
37 = Coupe
T = 308 (high compression)
D = built between 1/9/73 to 30/8/74
H8 = Sydney built
13535 = sequence number (matches body number so that is good)
Q = HQ model.

That's about it so it all appears to be a genuine 308 GTS Monaro coupe.

It's a good find.

How bout some pics.

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juniper colour

what exact colour is juniper. the interior in there is black at the moment.
any one have a photo of this colour or a link to it.
i did a search and couldnt find anthing.


HQ Juniper interia

I had the same problem when I purchase a HQ GTS coupe roller with no interia to refer the colour Juniper to,

I search everywhere until I came up with a car that was sold on Australian Muscle Car site ( see sold listing under HQ )

The colour is a very dark oliver, almost looks black,

good luck with your resto



help hk kingswood with ss chassis number

i need help i have a holden hk kingswood i just bought in the original log book it reads the chassis number as a ss these are the details i have from the book and on the car

Vechicle Model: Holden kingswood sedan M161 Topaz Turquoise
VIN: H519503 80369
Body Number: 07172S
Chassis Number: HK 16286 SS
Trim number: 1171-13E

Im looking at restoring her if she is something special other wise its getting a 308

All Sydney HK have SS

What is interesting is the body number. Normally HK have the body number o the same line as the model number ands end H5 not S ie

Model 80369KR - 07172 - H5
Trim 1171 - 13E


G'day Munromad,

I was just wondering if you could help me out with some numbers of this WB ute i'm looking at buying. Could you please explain them to me?

Chas: EHQ25395S (IS THIS A WB CHAS.)
Model: WB8WN80
Body: 35348-A
Trim: 302765V
Paint: BO34-D
Built: AUG84
Eng: L36
Trans: M20
Axle: GV4

I was given this as a body number too: EWB56480A (What is this number?)

Thank you
Blakey email:

Ht gst I think

Hi is this number off the fire wall from a gts ht monaro HT00442M any help with this would be good thanks



She's a 308 produced out of the sydney plant, the "QR" in question stands for Q = Model Series R = Right Hand Drive.
The L31 = 308 M40 = Trimatic and GV2 = 3.36:1 ratio.
The trim 36X = Jupiner

All above referenced per Warren Turnbull & Ben stewarts Monaro facts / Monaro story

Hope this Helps!!!!!!!

Regards Rockett

hk/g chassis numbers

Hi, I'm looking at three old monaro bodys one HK and two HG's, the id tags are missing on all three and all i can get from the seller is the body numbers which are as follows,
HK 33635SS
HG 26085S
is there any usefull info to be gained from these numbers and can the cars ever be registered again.
Thanks Matt

hk/g chassis numbers

AFAIK, they are just the body production numbers, which don't mean anything other than "this is body number 33635" (S is for Sydney, M Melbourne, B Brisbane).
this doesn't tell you anything about the specs of the car.
pretty much useless without the ID tags.
someone correct me if i'm wrong...

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hk monaro compliance plates

the old man years ago bought a hk monaro with a 186s were going back now at least 20years i think he still has the compliance plate. this car was not hot just in a big smash can i sell these plates ?? and what would they be worth??

hk monaro compliance plates

Hi mate
I am interested in talking to you about your plates
could you please contact me on 0414570812
or could you post your details and i will contact


got a VIN and would like to know what it is.

i am restoring an old ute and at the moment trying to find out what i can from this VIN - BHJ12163B id like to know what original engine it was running and suspicious on what model it is although the plate states hz 1978.
cheers fellas


The chassis is from an HJ and was built in Brisbane. There's not much else that can be deciphered from that VIN.


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Ute VIn

That number you found n your rego papers or near the steering box.

If you got it of your rego papers it will say chassis number/VIN.

On an HQ to WB the chassis is removable and therefore could have been changed after an accident and that is why the chassis number states BHJ. VIN on rego papers is for VN Commodore on.

You need the GM-H VIN which is on a skinny plate nder the bonnet. The body ID plate is also useful for info, it is a large plate, the same size as the one which you got HZ 1978 of.

hq 4 door ss

hi i want to find out if my ss hq is gunuine or not
where can i look up the model no.s etc,any 1 know a web site i cant seem to find it

hq 4 door ss

try asking on

there are no stupid questions only stupid people

ID Tags

Hi, could somebody please tell me what my ID tags are saying..

Model: 80837QR
Body No: 807563-S
Trim: 1866-38X
Paint: 567-15333


could you please email me what everything means, it would be greatly appreciated:


LE Monaro

How can you find the Production Sequence Number on the LE Monaro?

thanks Denise

LE production sequence #

The 9th to 13th digits on the VIN plate, For example mine is,
8 = Holden
P37 = LS Coupe
T = 308
E = 1/9/74 to 30/8/75
H8 = Pagewood in Sydney
32376 = Vehicle sequence #, when it gets to 99999 it go to H9 above
J = HJ

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ht monaro

i am after some info on ht monaro paint codes could someone
tell me names of colour's and codes thanks

Holden monaro

Need help on some colour code . code # 567 13884 . 1972 MONARO 2 DOOR COUPE

HZ Statesman L31

Hi I recently purchased an HZ with a L31 308. Having trouble finding the engine number.. if anyone could help with its location on the block, would be much appreciated Cheers

monaro colour code

567 13884 is Chateau Mauve Met.

The engine no. is on the passenger side at the front of the block just below the head.

Cheers Leroy

hz sle statesman

I am looking for an sle statesman to purchase and can't find any info on the number of these cars holden manufactured. Can anyone help?

ID Tags

The following are numbers on the Tags of a monaro which has been given to me by my aunt when pop died can you help me with some imfo so I can restore it
1st Tag
Trim 1153-10x
Paint 587-1764
Other Tag
Thanks Andrew

HK GTS Monaro

Colour is Bright Blue Metallic with Black interior.
The motor was either a 186S or a 307 and it could have been manual or auto as that sort of information was not on the tag until later. Hope that helps.

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To determine if your 80737K is a 186s or a 307, Look for where the speedo cable exits through the firewall; If it exits just beneath the wiper motor, It's a 307, but if it exits next to the brake booster, it's a 186s.

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id tags

hi andrew, would you consider selling your monaro ?? my name is dean my ph no is 0419320176 email add is thanks

hj caprice factory sunroofs

Hi have owned a hj statesman caprice with factory manual slide back sunroof for over 10 years never seen another the same wondering if anyone would know how i could find out how many were made?

sliding sun roof

Hi Dean,no body would actually know how many were fitted with sun roofs, as they were an expensive optional extra, fitted to any hj, hx or hz. Holden did consider fitting all their LE's with sun roofs as standard, but this proved to be too expensive, there are a few around in the le's though, I have seen them fitted in premier station waggons, statesmans, & coupes, they are very rare in the coupes and waggons, a little bit more common in the caprice being a top of the range model, but still quite rare, I owned an experimental model HQ statesman fitted with A steel sliding sun roof by holden and started researching them, they toyed with electric, manual, and even pneumatic air, and settled with mechanical in the early hj's and went on to use electric or mechanical later in the hz's. You have a rare old girl, I have a real soft spot for the caprice as I have owned quite a few over the years, enjoy all the best Don.


Are you sure the HZ was optioned with the slider?
I looked into it a few months ago and everyone I asked said they stopped fitting them them after the HX.

I have a HZ prem and scored a roof chop that had a slider, from a HJ GTS sedan. I opted to sell it rather than fit it to my HZ, as it would have been suss having a slider in a body that never came with one as an option.


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production numbers


I own a 1971 HQ LS Monaro running a 350 Chev and a Turbo 400 Shift Kitted trans. I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me how many HQ LS Monaros were produced in the year 1971. Also, can anyone make a guesstimate as to how many '71 Monaros there could be left out there.
Thanks a lot.

Not sure on exactly how many

Not sure on exactly how many numbers, I have been trying to find a bit more detail about this myself. I also have a 1971 HQ LS 350

1971 HQ LS 350 Monaro

I can't tell you how many were built in 1971 but I can tell you there were 213 HQ LS350's built in total.

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The Monaro that never made it !!!

Back in the 70's they made a proto type monaro that never made it to the production line. can anyone tell me what model or year this was meant to be ??
As I have searched the web to no avail.


cant say

they say that gts monaro was 73-74,yet a camaro was 68,

proto type munro

yes holden did make a proto type munro it was a 350 Z it was a late hq, going to be a hj production but got killed off by the government, they did not want any 160 mph coffins on the road, as they put it, no more horse power wars they said. Holden even went as far as the advertising campaign they brought out a song, which was based off "OLD MAN EMU" she can't fly but I'm tellin you she can run the pants off a super roo (GT HO).its a shame they couldn't go a head

350Z HQ coupe

This was not a prototype HJ it was a styling exercise for promotion to show that Hoplden engineers actually liked cars and working on them. It is an advertisement on the back of V8 action or Giant killers and another in the 1973 Melbourne motor show programme, prototypes DO NOT get shown to the public before release in those days. Also could not be production unless GM-H were thinking of no front bumper on the HJ.

Old man emu was a clay only so definately 70 or 69 build, well before the super car scare. (some say it was 72, but imagine if you wanted to build a styling exercise of the current VE, would you build a clay or just grab a current car of the production line????? I know I would just grab a current car rather than build a whole new car from clay)

The Monaro that never made it

Are you sure it was a Monaro?

There were a few concept Toranas that never made it into production.

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does anyone know what the

does anyone know what the following means?
on a hq 4 door. apparently monaro...

tag info

It means absolutely nothing unless you can put it in some sort of context for us.

Where is this number located.

If it's on an ID tag post up all the other codes and we'll decipher the lot.

You're probably better off starting a new topic too rather than tacking your question on the end of an old one.

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hq monaro 4 door

hi guys what a great site.
i hope u may be able to help me out
i am lokin at a 4 door gts monaro hq can u let me not what some of these no mean
model hq 80469A
trim 1825-19E
body 03465B
paint 568 131 39
chassis AHQ 03421B engine QR 346949
it is all ment to be original exept 4 the colour
thanks 4 ya help

4 door HQ

trim 1825 19E = San Remo gold paint and Antique brown interior
paint 13139 confirms gold paint
How ever I am not sure that San Remo paint was available on the four door HQ monaro

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HQ Monaro

Sorry mate, but what you have there is a Kingswood and not a Monaro.

Although the HQ GTS/4's shard the Kingswood model code, they have their own trim codes. Normally X or Y but I believe W, X, Y and Z were used on HQ GTS/4's.

Anyway, the E trim code means it is a Kingswood.

I was unsure about the A on the end of the model code but a bit of research tells me it means "automatic". Apparently only Brisbane built cars use this code.

If possible post up a photo of the ID tags so we can check the whole lot out and see if we can make any more sense from them.

The engine is a HQ series 253.

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hq monaro 4 door

hi guys great web site
could u please help me out with this 4 door hq monaro if the no are genuine
model no HQ 80469A
trim no 1825 - 19E
body 03465B
paint 568 131 59
engine QR346949
chassis AHQ03421B
if u can help me out would be cool thanks

4 door HQ GTS

AHQ chassis number indicates 71 build, which is toooooo early to be one.

19E indoicates Kingswood trim, would be 19W, X, Y, or Z to be GTS

hq gts

Ihave a glovebox that has a placard sticker that says ZQ,the colour is dark beige.valuable thing.

4 door HQ GTS

Correct. Kingswod it is.

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HI There trying to figure

HI There trying to figure out what these numbers on the monaro mean 808371R, 924-H5, 1191 14X, 50710976. Can anyone help or tell me where I can find the details please

LE Monaro

Hey, does anybody know how I can find out what build number my LE Monaro is? (I have the VIN Plates)

Much Appreciated.

torana chassis

where is the chassis number on a 1970 lc torana

308 engine identification.

Hi, I just purchased a second hand 308 engine and T350 and are trying to find out what model or vehicle this came from. Engine prefix is VL then the number. I have also noticed some people asking for casting numbers off advertised engines on ebay etc. what info can they give. Is there a link to a site with all this type of info??????
Many thanks Craig.

VL engine prefix

My info does not list any 308's with a VL prefix.

All I have with the VL prefix is the VR/VS 5.7L 215kw HSV Stroker engine.

Maybe that's what you have.

VL Engine Prefix

A VL prefixed block is a VB - VK high compression 202 or a VR/VS 5.7L 215kw HSV Stroker engine as the guy above said.


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VL engine prefix

The "guy above" was me Dave. For some reason my computer "forgot" to automatically log in to the forums that I visit and I couldn't be bothered. :-)

It will be interesting to hear what this guy has actually bought.

Maybe he got a bargain without knowing.


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Hi Darren,

Hopefully, he did get a bargain. :-))


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casting date on 253 block

Can anyone tell me what this casting date means 16L4?

16/11/74 or 84


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i have what i bellive is a

i have what i bellive is a hq 4 door monaro how do i tell if its genuine thanks mark

Make a new posting/story

If you list your body codes etc by posting a new story/question(link up top right of page.) Many people will be happy to decode it for you.
Cheers Scotty.
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hz 308 wagon

hi,im just wondering could somebody help me i got a hz 308 wagon and
want to know what the id plates mean can you help?,it reads:
BODY No.955602-S !
TRIM.1939-60V !
PAINT.567-30530 !
TOP. !


Can anyone decifer this id tag for my 1971 HQ coupe thanks.

BODY 8700-S
TRIM 1835-11R
PAINT 567-13130

ht gts monaro identification tag querie

I have recently purchased a ht gts monaro body shell which has only 2 id tags one of which is the long skinny one on the right hand side of the firewall looking into the engine bay. the other is on the left looking into the engine bay. there is absolutely no sign of any other tag being removed or being afixed to vehicle. I am currently selling it and have been asked what happened to the other tag with build date etc. Is it maybe an early ht with the carry over hk id tag method?? The existing tag is the one with model body number trim and paint codes.

Ht GTS with only two tags enquiry

Many HT's are as you said, Like the HK system. Three tags started sometime during the HT's run

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HQ 4 door Monaro ID Tags

Can anyone help me?
I'm looking at buying a four door HQ Monaro and I want to know if the body matches the ID tags.
There is a number stamped into the firewall beside the ID tag on the right but it does not match the body ID number on the tag next to it.
What does this mean?

body number

Not much,,
The body number does not really have to match the ID tags, as the only plant this appeared to have been a consistant was Sydney, all other plants body numbers were not matched to the ID tags,
So long as your chassis matches the tag number and there is no obvious signs of the tags having been removed and replaced, (pop rivets are a good sign of this as the originals were blind rivets) then you should be ok, but if you have a tag that states the car was built in Brisbane for example, and the body number has a prefix from a diferent state, then you have a body swap on your hands,,,,

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body number

where would i find the chassis number and thanks for the last comment how did you know that

HQ Chassis Number

It is on the chassis just near the steering box...


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HQ monaro

Hi I was wondering if someone is able to identify these monaro tags is it a LS or GTS and what motor?

HQ LS Monaro

It's a HQ LS Monaro built in Sydney

It would probably be a 253 as this was the standard engine.

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HQ GTS 4 dr id tags

i have a hq 4 door and wated to know if the numbers match,
cheers for any help


Go the the Holdenpaedia's Links page and follow the link to the Monaro Codes Website.


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can any help hq coupe id

i found 2 old holden coupes hq,if u can identify these i would be much appretiative,, cheers ned
2/74 HQ COUPE: DH 06104 S

8N37LDH800554 Q

BODY:003894 M

MIDDLE PLATE 80337QJ290277


plz email me if any one can help

cheers ned




my car has gold paint above the red etch,seems like real gold,probably is,I call it a gtv.

torana lx srl 4 door

id tags are missing all i have is the chassie number clx033956m.can you help me to fined out if this is a real slr.regards mike

lh/lx torana

does anyone know where the chassis number is stamped on either the lh or lx torana, or do they just have the chassis number i.d tag in the centre of the fire wall??

lh torana where is chassis number stamped

LH torana where is chassis number stamped

chassis stamp

LH/X/UC chassis numbers are stamped on the top front of the drivers side chassis rail.
In the area between the radiator and the front of the engine.


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Missing Tags

Hi Iam Looking at purchasing a HZ GTS 4 Door. The only problem is that the tags have been stolen. Can I ever get this Vehicle re regesterd or is it only good for parts??
Any Info is much appreciated.


Richard Simpson

tags missing

My view is that with the tags missing, you should still be able to get the car registered but check with the rego mob of your state so incase i'm wrong, you havent wasted any money (i've had a car with no tags nor numbers exept a VP number which is stamped by victoria police).
As for the GTS bit, nah you can just consider it as a kingswood or belmont now, that value has gone forever even if it were genuine GTS.


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missing tags

Hi regardless of your tags missing, there is hope if you know the vin and and got the other numbers, which you'll find on the rego papers you can go into registration office see you they can do. Good luck

missing tags

Hi regardless of your tags missing, there is hope if you know the vin and and got the other numbers, which you'll find on the rego papers you can go into registration office see you they can do. Good luck


only good for parts or a stock car. its not a gts without the tags. no other way to tell its a gts.

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Ummm...don't you think that

Ummm...don't you think that situation isn't the slightest bit retarded?

So the GTS was effectively identical to another model? You just said so yourself, you couldn't tell them apaprt except for tags.

Therefore what the bloody hell are you idiots doing spending huge amounts of money for what effectively is a few numbers punched into a small strip of metal on the firewall????

Seriously, no wonder things have gone insane, it's the equivalent of throwing junkies some crack. Oh well, luckily Kevin 07 will fix that. The teeming underclasses will be without their easy credit and back to $6/hr where they belong and a rough as guts old holden fun car will be back to a "buy and trash" value soon!

God Bless Lord Kevin!

Maybe i do

I've always said and maintain a four door is just a kinga with fancy numbers, whoo hoo but you can't deny if you buy a 4 door GTS as opposed to a kinga then come resale time the money's gonna be a whole lot more.
Oh and don't tar all with the same brush ya goose, Our HKGTS cost less than you'll ever believe as it's been Pam's daily driver for years but spent a few retired awaiting the build it's now getting.
You must be a tool to think you have anything to thank howard for; You need to thank China as the boom comes from them and thank god howard has gone so the boom can be used resposibly to set us up come the end of it.
If howard had brains, we'd be exporting steel to china NOT dirt.
Sign in so we know who we're laughing at.

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model difference

But isn't it only the numbers that have ever been the difference. I mean if you went into Holden in 1977 and purchased either a Kingswood, Kingswood Sl, Premier or GTS sedan wasn't the only difference the numbers on the tags.

Is it not the difference today?

The tags only make art of the car and are only relevent if the car is restored to original, otherwise the bodies are the same irrespective of luxury level (except for some very inor items). For custom cars sometimes the lower spec cars are better as they have less body trim clips, which most guys remove, less luxury items that are not wanted, eg air con, ster etc.

The only reason GTSs are expensive at the moment is they are flavour of the month, they have always been more expensive than Premiers though, just not as much. Unless you want absolute genuine then just buy a Premier, almost identical in spec to GTS, Kingswood is not very close. Then add a few GTS bits and away you go.

what a stupid comment. a lot

what a stupid comment. a lot of musclecars lose their tags. due to theft. tags ave a lot of value and can be levered off quickly at a car show or even at corrupt mechanics workshops. but at the end of the day if the car can still be registered without them, then the car is still something that you can enjoy, and not have to pay the price of one with tags.




HR Holden

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me decipher the chassis number on my HR holden and what model it was when it rolled off the factory floor, alledgedly it was an X2,but I don't know because it has a holley on it these days...

HR Holden X2 deciphering

Mate, Try starting a new thread and include the numbers off your tags, I can't do it but somebody might be able to help you out.

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HJ 350 LS

hi,I am looking at buying a hj ls coupe,I am told it is fitted with A factory 350 chev and t400,was this option ever produced on the hj

hj 350

hi mate i dont think they ever made a hj 350 monaro it woulda been nice if they had cheers dan

350 HJ's

As I know it, the story is that the 350 was officially an option in the HJ range but none were ever actually built with a 350 in them.


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Qute's Shed

HT id

Can anyone help me with this ?
My 2 compliance plates tell two different stories one says its a 350 the other a 308.
the only other info i have is Eng number QR9739802 and chassis number HT01587B
Any help would be appreciated.

You may have to post the

You may have to post the rest of your plate details for more info to solve this one. I am not one for 350 facts but from what I know, QR engine numbers are to suit 253's. But the number you posted has to many numbers. If it was QR 973980 that would make it around a HZ engine.
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HQ GTS 4 Door

Hi there, I have just managed to buy back my HQ GTS Monaro 4 Door that I sold 5 year's ago. It still has all GTS options such as black interior, chrome yellow paint with all the black in the correct places such as stripes, around windows, sills and belom front and rear bumpers. The ID Tag's have a few coats of paint on them making them a bit hard to read so ill do my best: MARCH 1973 MODEL LONG DRIVERS SIDE FIREWALL PLATE- 8N68RCH764582Q MODEL NUMBER- Either 80469QR or 30469QR TRIM NUMBER- Either 1854-30X or 1354-30X BODY NUMBER- 70674-S Thank's, any help would be muchly appreciated

Munromad to MUNRO_MAD

It is a Sydney built 253 HQ GTS/4
Original paint = Mustard
Trim = Black vinyl

It will be 8N69, 80469, 1854-30X


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HQ GTS Door Trim's

G'day. Just wondering if anybody know's of a place where I can purchase after market repro HQ GTS Door Trim's (IF SUCH A PLACE EXISTS). Thanks Brad

HQ GTS Door Trims

Yes they are available.

One place is Eastern Auto Upholstery.

They can be extremely slow to deliver the goods though but they do make a good product.

There are a few other mobs doing repro's too but I can't think of the names.

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hi i have a hj gts coupe,

hi i have a hj gts coupe, just wondering if i could find more info on it, small plate-8D37TCH837345J, -8WQ37JR,- 837345-S,L31, M41, GU4, TRIM- 1888-18X, PAINT-568-15951, 11/74 HJ COUPE, can any one tell me any more detail about car?? thanks, had car about 15 years, since i was 16, hope you can help




Has anyone here ever had their car tags remade. I am rebuilding a HQ GTS Monaro. The tags are more than 30 years old & they look like it. I contacted Tags Backeast http://www.datatags....
They said they may be able to make new ones for me, BUT He asked me to take some pics of them and send it to him. What I need to know is this a wise move. Is it Legal, Can he make them a resell them or do some bodgy. Has anyone used them before.

HT premier

hey i got a HT premier station wagon about a month ago im curently rebuilding it in my spare time wile not at school with my fathers help..
ive checked the tags and i was wondering if anny one could help me decifer them =]
either that or redirect me to a site were i could.. Thenkyou

the wider plate's specifications are

Model: HT81135
Body NO: 021226M
Trim: 1287-11R
Paint: 567-11905
Top: 568-11401

and the smaller skinny plate that looks like its been stuck back on says



WANTED - Early model 253 air cleaner to suit HQ 2 barrel Stromberg carby. Must be pre pollution and must not have the vacuume set up on the snout. Any condition. Call Brad, ph: 0408375508


I see you stitching your requests onto exsting posts.
Try starting your own thread and that way everyone will see it and you'll have a better chance of finding what you need.
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munro ID tags info

Hi, I have an old 6-71 model hq coupe that I
would like to find out what it is (gts-Ls-6cyl-v8)
at the moment it is 350(010 block) T400(kited)
9", how ever I remember being told 20 years ago
when I bought it that its a LS 308/auto ?????????

WHO KNOW AY ?????????????????????????????????????

First tag: HQ COUPE
: AHQ00921 M
SECOND tag:80837QJ xxxxx

THIRD tag: MODEL: HQ 80837
BODY : 0004055 M
TRIM : 1833 - 10Z
PAINT : 567-13128

HQ GTS tags

These tags are not from the same vehicle on the early tags the difference between body number and chassis is around 100 not 3100. A complete set of Melb tags I have from 8/71 has the chassis at 5500 and the body at 5600. Whats the complete Vin I should be able to tell you which of the other tags it corresponds to.
Certainly would have been a rare combo Phantom Grey w/Black/Green Houndstooth and a Black vinyl roof


HQ-Z Trim Colours & Codes
HQ-Z Paint Colours & Codes

Was it white?

Was it white when you bought it? I remember when I was in Dandenong around the late 70s, a workmate of mine had a 350 LS that colour and he painted it white.

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Munaro ID

80837 means that it is a 253 or 308 V8 GTS coupe.
Being a 1971 model the vin does not have the engine id in it
and the main body plate does not list engine or trans options either, so no further help there to say if it was a 253 or a 308.
Late edit something you can do to see if it was a auto car originally, is to have a look on the tag that says the ADR details on it (the one with the build date and chassis number on) and if it lists a 9 in the numbers listed there. ADR 9 means "Automatic Transmission Controls".
ADR 9 will only feature on vehicles fitted with a automatic transmission.
Cheers Paul.
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Monaro ID-

One very early build 6/71 . HQ's were released 7/71.
So one of the first to be built.

Someone probably thought it was an LS because it had a vinyl roof from the factory.
The paint was Phantom Grey Metallic and seats black vinyl with Black/Green Houndstooth inserts.
Not what you would think a GTS combo would look like.

Early build HQ

Midnite Cruiser.
I thought that it was a real early build as well until I checked the detail I have and found two other coupes before this one.
HQ 80837 V8 GTS coupe
Body 000071 M
GTS 350 Coupe
Model:HQ 81837
Body No:000360 M
Both are a few thousand cars before this one.
Cheers Paul.
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How many body's a day do you

How many body's a day do you reckon they were making ?

I know 4055 is a fair way from the start. Would it have been built on the 10th from the start of the HQ range ?

Body 000071 would definitely be on the first days build,
maybe the first coupe body also?

Build numbers

I talked about this a little bit with Leroy Jones about the Sydney plants production and he estimated that plant to be doing about 3000 cars a month.
I Checked with my SS details and a few others I have because I have a few exact build dates to use and I found that at the Sydney plant at least the amounts varied.
From the 24/4/72 to 24/8/72 14204 chassis were made which means around 3551 a month.
From 24/8/72 to 25/9/72 3865 chassis were made.
From the 25/9/72 to 21/11/72 6638 chassis were made which means around 3319 for that period of time.
I suspect it will change a certain amount due to actual demand in the month.
At the beginning of the run I would expect them to be going flat out in production.
So maybe more then than other months.
For a example of time lines of things this is a bit of SS related information.
For the Melbourne plant.
First car finished 18th August 1972
Public relations release August 23 1972
Initial deliveries to dealers in Victoria August 23 1972
First public showing at the Sydney Motor Show August 25 1972
National Advertising commenced september 1st 1972
Dealer Advertising September 3rd 1972.
Cheers Paul.

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Help with shell id

I have a shell with the id of 80737 TH612304 and Body HT29345S other details are 1068-HS.
Any help would be appreciated, cheers

Mother of Pearl

80737 is the code for 6 cylinder G T S coupe.

A9X Torana

Looking at the tags how can i tell if an A9X is Original?

A9X Torana

The A9X is a model option on both the SLR/5000 and SS 5000 and dosen't have a unique Model number.
model :LX8VD77 = SS 5000
model :LX8VD69 = SLR/ 5000
All A9X's were built in melbourne so must have a M at the end of the body number,they were made between 9/77 to 12/77 and will have a chassis number starting with CLX


Are you sure about the a9x not having a special model number and clx at the start and a m at the, end have lx with the same numbers as this with the same date


The A9X also pioneered the UC Torana rear floorpan (The angle and position of the top diff mounts are different), which means it will be running a Salisbury diff (The larger HQ to WB type, not the smaller UC one), and it will also have rear wheel disk brakes.

The rear floorpan section, with it's different top diff mounts is a dead give away. You can't fit a standard torana drop out center (or Banjo) diff into an A9X. It physically will not bolt up. If it has a banjo type diff, it's definately NOT an A9X.


Do the A9X top diff mounts match the standard 6 Cyl UC Salisbury diff?


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

a9x has the prefix j59 on the

a9x has the prefix j59 on the vin plate


i have a HQ and was on the understanding its was a 4 door 1971 monaro yet im not 2 sure that it is. Could anybody please be able to tell me by the information i'm providing, i've looked in the rare spares book and it seems to be a Kingswood/Monaro and they have the same model number. BODY:009761M
MODEL: HQ80369
TRIM: 182-16G
And i have another number which i am not to sure what it's for and it is AHQ-09768M If anyone has any information regarding to this could you please contact me on either 0419 014 675 or home (07) 3285 6705 or please feel free to email me at
Kind regards
Kev. . .


Kev your HQ is a 1971 6 cyl. kingswood sedan ,
and can not be a Monaro 4 door as these weren't released until 3 month 1973

thanks mate but ill think

thanks mate but ill think you will find that there was 4 doors rolling out at that time as i have a rare spares book witch tells me that. would u be able 2 tell me where the car was made please thanks heaps


BODY:009761M means the 9761th HQ body made at the Melbourne plant.
MODEL: HQ80369 means 4 dr 6cyl kingswood sedan not a monaro.
TRIM: 182-16G
CHASSIS: AHQ 09168M this chassis number and the above body number I suspect are from around a late August early September 1971 build and as stated by Midnite Cruiser above its way to early to be a GTS 4 door.
A year to early for it to be a SS even, which were made before the first GTS 4 doors were made.
Cheers Paul.
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hq coupe tags

ihave a hq coupe and the only bloody numbers on it are...dhq53733b..on the chassis.where is this chassis from???and whats is the breakdown??

HQ Chassis

There is not much you can tell from just a chassis number but I can tell you it is a late 1973 early 1974 Brisbane built chassis.
B on the end of the number means Brisbane plant.
I cannot give you exact date but I have a record of a DHQ 518xx B chassis as being Nov 73 and a DHQ 542xx B as being Jan 74.
Cheers Paul.
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hq coupe tags

thanks mate,
have to admit to the fact i've got a mungral monaro!!it mont be worth much in the collectors world,but who gives a rats!!i've got a two door.thanks for replying.paul.

HQ chassis

DHQ518xxB is from Oct/Nov 73
The chassis is certainly not the original for your coupe as 37 body styles werent built in Bris


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I got a monaro...

I got a monaro picture in my shed! lol


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I got a monaro...

So have I. :)


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monaro or not?




PAINT - 568 - 15947 =SATIN MIST MET

L31 - M21 - GU4 = 308 AUSSIE 4 SPEED 308 DIFF

is this a honest monaro ?

Numbers say it's a Monaro

what you have said about the codes is right.

HJ8WQ69 the Q part of this code stands for a GTS in HJ model

hk ute

ive just fitted a sbc and turbo 4oo to my bro ute,he wants to keep it bench seat and colum auto,can i get a cable to suit old colum shift to auto.has it been done before?any one know were i can get a cable ?

Motor in a Lh torana

Hi was wondering if anyone could give me any info on a motor l have . the number is QR219412 l was under the impresion it was a l32 because of the stamp on the id tag , l am removing motor and putting a 350 chev in and have it advertisted on e bay for sale and have been contacted and told it is out of a hq . 253 motor l think.
can email me on
would be great if anyone knew about the id tag for motor .

Thanks Daniel

hq coupe

i have a hq gts coupe with all its original tags bar the chassis number can i re stamp chassis with the original number on the tag


Check with your state authority ,you will find that they are the only ones allow to restamp .

But if the last rego hadn't noted a change of chassis number to when it was changed to the chassis it has now,

and you didn't tell anyone you restamped your chassis back to match then most people wouldn't know !

But you and i would know wouldn't we. Ha Ha Ha

Then when your selling the Matching Numbers coupe and the buyer is checking out the numbers you will be thinking is this the GUY that knows

hq monaros

i just got 2 hq 2 door monaros with out tags were can i get replacement tags 1s a gts (seen original tag) an the others a ls ive only got the chassie numbers

Try EBay

Try EBay, do you know what colour you want !

hq coupe tags

I just got a coupe can any decipher the tags for me

Model HQ80837
Body 010190M
Trim 1826-18x
Paint 567-13121

Vin 80837QJ297170(note doesn't match body is this a problem?)

hq coupe tags

GTS coupe
10190th HQ body built in Melb
Amethyst Met w/Flax Vinyl int
early Melb cars dont have matching vin and bodies
Is it Sept 71 and whats the chassis number? I have a few recorded from that time frame, is it around AHQ010020m.

cheers Leroy

HQ-Z Trim Colours & Codes
HQ-Z Paint Colours & Codes

hq coupe tags

Hi Leroy thanks for info you rested my mind chassis is
AHQ 09997M so what does that tell you? Thanks again

Hq coupe tags

And yes you are a genius Leroy it was built in sept 71

Hq Coupe identity

Hi I have a 9/71 build HQ coupe with all tags, but the chassis tag number and the actual stamped chassis number are different. Is this possible from factory or is has the chassis been changed at some stage. I dont understand why the chassis would have been changed as every thing seems ok with car except that corresponding number.
Thanks Chris

Hq Coupe identity

A number of reasons for the change the car may have been smashed or the chassis rusted or cracked, which is common especially with a V8 fitted. Or a previous owner may have wanted RTS rails and used a later chassis. Whats the current chassis number?


Hq coupe identity

Hi Leroy the current chassis number is CHQ42353M. What is my best option? will the RTA tell me what chassis number the car was last registered with and if it was with the original number should I just restamp the chassis.

chassis date

hi all
i have chassis which i belive to HQ and made Melbounre
chassis DHQ 039774 M
could anyone place a date to the above

thank you

Torana LH Identification

Model: LH8VB69
Body No. 431478M
Eng. LDI
Trans M40

Could you tell me more about this vehicle.


Did you get a answers to your question about lh torana id plates


Did you get a answers to your question about lh torana id plates

How can I track the history of a compliance plate ?

I have an old 1967 HR holden. I would like to track the history of the vehicle (ie, where purchased, when, owners if possible, state, town etc)
How can I do this ?


SLE VH Commodore

I have a 12/ 1981 SLE Commodore project it apears to have had some rapair work in the past which has poses some interesting questions.
It is a single metalic blue colour with the early VC SLE alloy wheels, The front guards apear to have been replaced, the doors and boot lid appear to be originals.
The body is white all over under the blue, which to me indicates a replacement body.
There is no over spray the whole car has been stripped, a new white shell painted blue and completely rebuilt.

I have tracked down the previous owner and he genuinely seems to know nothing of this, it must have been before he owned it many years ago when it was quite new.

The vin is 8x69LBJ779296H Chassis AVH 015340 M the tags are the right colours, but fixed on with steel pop riverts which could indicate that the front pannel at least had been replaced.
There is also a chassis number stamped into the strut tower CVH 1051893A also indicating a replacement body.
I have heard stories that the ill-faited VH Brock bodies were to be based on white VH SLE Commodores as some of these these had the 308 engine.
I don't suppose anyone knows what these chassis numbers these were to be.
I have asked through our licencing authorities here in the west and they had no information on the chassis number in the strut tower, maybe I need to try Melbourne as it has a previous Melbourne chassis number.

Unfortunately the previous owner no longer has the old licence papers, and doesn't look like it would do me any good anyway as the new chassis number was never registered.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I should go about licencing such a vehicle?


arly VHs have the chassis number on the front apron, later models have it on the strut tower. If the complinace plate number and the number stamped into the strut tower are diferent there is evry chance that you hav an old "rebirth" or 'rebody".

Being a white body underneath leans more to the rebody as you say. This would hav ben done when the car was less than years old, so 86 at the latest, after that cars become less valuable and are written off.


Thanks Holden fan,
I appreciate your opinion,
Will be an interesting time when I go to licence it!

There is no number stamped into the front pannel, the tag is there and it differs to the strut tower one.

I understand that 1981 has the number stamped intio the front panel and 1983 on has it at the tower.


HQ LS Monaro plates.

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone can help with the numbers for my HQ LS. I know what some of the numbers mean. But I had some trouble finding some, and had some conflicting information. Any help is appreciated, so thankyou in advance!
This is what I found on my plates:


MODEL: 81237QR
BODY: 788743-s
TRIM: 1864-33T
PAINT: 567-15331


HQ COUPE 10/73 DHQ 94410S

What do these numbers mean? 1,2,3,4,5A,6,7,8,9,10B,11,12,14,15,16,18,20,21,22,24,25,26

Cheers, Ana :)

LS Monaro plates

Your plates are from a Sydney built LS Coupe fitted with 350, turbo 400, 2.78 diff
Covert Met. is the colour and the trim should be either 36,38 or 39T, have another look at the plate.

The other line of numbers are the relevant ADR's that the vehicle complied with at the time of manufacture.

1 to 26

1 to 26 are Australian Design Rules numbers that your coupe has to have when made , to meet safety standards or emissions.

I suppose you already know that it's a 350 LS Monaro with a T-400 auto and 2.78:1 diff ratio ,
painted Covert Metallic,
the one thing i don't have an answer to is the trim colour but the T means it has Royal cord cloth inserts,

if it's 38 instead of 33 it will be Doeskin/Chestnut

It was bulit in Sydney 10 month of 1973.


Wow, so quick to reply,

Wow, so quick to reply, thanks so much guys!

The conflicting info I had was about the original engine. I wasn't sure whethere it was a 253 or 350, so thanks heeps for clearing that up. ATM it's running a 308.

I went back and checked the trim numbers. Ended up being 38T.

I'm still debating whether or not to attempt restoring to original or keep it as is... any ideas?

Either way, it's awesome to know exactly where it came from and what it used to be, so thanks so much :)

Here is what it is atm, this is how I bought it 6 years ago:



BODY: 145645 - A
TRIM: 1886 - 18 V
PAINT: 568 - 15949




Adelaide built GTS Absinth Yellow Black trim 308 4 spd 3.36 diff


hq monaro id tags

i am looking at a hq gts coupe to by and dont no what the id tags stand 4

TRIM - 1821-10Y
HQ coupe 10/72
now thats all that it has i would like to no what that means and if its 253/308 and what trans and diff raitio it is and it also has factory air con is that rite did it come out with factory air and should that have black stripes on the bonnet and black on the flutes any ifo would be apreciated thank you

kind reguards andrew

hq monaro id tags

Andrew the plate indicate an HQ GTS Coupe Glacier White, Black w/Houndstooth trim it is/was a 308.
Check on the plate that has the ADR numbers on it (also has HQ Coupe and the build date) check if ADR 9 is in the list of numbers if it is then your car was originally fitted with an auto, and the diff is most likely to be 3.08, if its a manual then 3.36. As for factory A/C does the crash pad have a centre vent in it like this then more than likely has factory A/C.

No black outs on 10/72 vehicles except for the sills.

cheers Leroy

thank you for your reply leroy

i would like to thank you for your quick responce LEROY and it does have a centre vent . much apreciated for your help and have a great day cheers

kind reguards Andrew

HQ GTS 350 Air Cleaner

G'day. I have restored a HQ GTS 350 air cleaner back to concourse original condition, ready to sell. It is the later HQ 350 type with the vacuume set up on the snout . Does anybody have some detailed photos of what hoses go where on the air cleaner? You can email them through to me at, if you are keen. Cheers Brad

ASAP holden monaro hq gts

its a 1974 hq gts monaro 4 door..
eng number: QR452066
modle: 80469QR
body number: 814257-s
trim: 1869-30x
paint: 567-15336

can someone please let me know asap so i can get back to the seller..thanks

Sable Metallic ,black vinyl

Sable Metallic ,black vinyl ,253 GTS/4


HQ Holden ID Tag.

Just wondering, i have an old ID tag and was wondering what its off, have already gathered some Info as you can see?

Model: HQ80469 (Fiqure its a HQ)
Body No: 406155M (Fiqure its a Melbourne Car)
Trim: 1854-30X
Paint: 568-15345
Eng: L31 (308)
Trans: M21 (4 Speed Manual/Munchie Box???? Dad aparently had one in his 56 Chev)
Diff: GV2 ( 3.36:1 Salisbury diff)

If anyone knows what type of Model in the range its off and the color's can you please give me a hand?

HQ id

HQ80469 is a V8 Kingswood
406155M is 306155th vehicle built in Melb since 1/1/68
1854 Mustard
30X is Black vinyl trim unique to GTS/4
L31 - 308
M21 - close ratio aussie 4spd
GV2 - 3.36 diff

You have the body tag from a Nov 73 GTS/4, the VIN for this vehicle is 8Q69TDJ406155Q



what are the model, body chassis and vin numbers of a genuine hq gts monaro coupe?

monaro numbers

Put up your numbers as it will vary from factory to factory, but the model no will be have 80837 in it.


Hj statesman

Could someone help me with the with understanding why the body number on the firewall is one number less then the Id tag?And does it have to match? Apparently vicroads don't have those numbers on record anyway


Gday I was hoping someone could help me - could someone tell me what these ID Numbers mean?






And if they match up with each other



my hq coupe tags

hi i have a hq coupe of course but the body numbers dont match on the tags is this a problem, and wat r all them other codes, tryd doin a rev check tonite but it [naughty pottyword] up n didnt sum other usless check

mdl 80337qr
bdy 68477-s
trim 1869-30e
paint 567 15336

L20 M40 G95



and also the 3 n 7 on that last tags look like they use to b a 8 and u or i or maybe a one u can just make out n old punch mark in it, any info would be great thanks

80337 = 6 Cyl. base model

80337 = 6 Cyl. base model monaro coupe,

Trim 1869 this part is the paint colour and it =Sable Met.

Trim 30e this part is the trim colour and it = black vinyl

L20 = 202

M40 = tri-matic

G95 = banjo diff ratio 3.36:1

S on the end of chassis and body line = made in Sydney


wb holden panelvan

hello. i own a 84 wb panelvan. i am a bit confused about its origin. everyone says the sandman stopped at hx. and a genuine sandman number is HX8WM70. however my panelvan is windowless and a 3.3litre. now my code is WB8WM70 and L14 for the 6 cylinder. is the 8WM70 only stand for windowless and N70 numbers for commercial with windows. or do i have something else?


You have a commercial model WB panel van,
it's not a sandman ,they stopped at HZ model.


Fx holden id plate

Hi there i am after some information on a id plate to a fx
the details are style-48-215
if you can let me know please

FX id details

Made in Adel in May 1953 by the body number and the paint and trim combo Calvert Blue paint, trim is probably 213 Bridgewater Blue got any pics?


HQ cab chassis

I have just recently purchased a 71 HQ one tonner, it doesnt have the little VIN plate. the compliance plate and chassis no match up how would i be able to get the VIN NO. Any info would be appreciated email me at
Thanks Tim

HQ cab chassis

You won't be able to get the vin, I wouldn't worry HQ's are registered by the chassis no anyway.


hj sedan id numbers

i got a hj kingswood sedan and im not sure what the opriginal moter was that was in it heres the info

its a 74 hj any info on that would be great email me on thanks

hj sedan id numbers

You have a 308 Turbo 400 GU7 is 2.78 according to those numbers


hj sedan id numbers

ok thats helped alot so does that make it anythign special?heres the rest of the numbers

BODY NO.:337613B
TRIM:1898 60Y
PAINT:567 15944

any info on what the car is would be good if you need more numbers just ask cheers

hj sedan id numbers

HJ Premier sedan, Deauville Blue with Chamois cloth trim and a Chamois vinyl roof built in Bris Nov 74.

Does it have P/S A/C or elec aerial a lot of early HJ Prem's seem to have all the fruit and being 308/Turbo 400 meant someone with a bit of cash bought it.


LOL @ Jacked to the max thread

I forgot how i got into this thread, but its like a shout box in here. Fairdinkum, I've seen some doozies, but this thread is a Ripper!
Can anyone tell me how to top up the smoke in my Battery?



Awsome sight guys, lots of info.
Just wondering if someone can ID my HQ coupe

mod ; 83037QR
body no ; 819205-s
trim ; 1878-30x
paint ; 563-15893
eng ; L31 (308)
trans ; M21 (4 speed manul)
rear axle ; gv2


Cheers from the MUNSTA

HQ Monaro ID

Model line is wrong ,should be 80837
But the rest is 1878 = Chrome Yellow paint
30x Black Vinyl
gv 2 = 3.36:1 diff ratio
Sydney built 308 M21 4 speed



Cheers midnight cruiser
your right model is 80837QR, which identifies the models as ?
also wondering about body no. and paint number


80837 is a GTS coupe Paint

80837 is a GTS coupe

Paint number is the code you take to the paint shop and is Chrome Yellow

First part of the trim number 1878 is the paint colour
which yours is Chrome Yellow

body Number is just that the number of that body coming down the line


Point of order

1878 is Part of the paint code, the 1878 tells you it is a solid colour ie:not two tone, the 15893 is the code the paint shop will want to mix the chrome yellow, the 30x tells you it is a black vinyl GTS interior and the 563 tells you that it is a non-metalic colour.

The Vin tag tells you everything about the car's build
8= Australian Holden
Q= Monaro
37= Coupe
T= 308 Hi Comp
D= 1973
H8= Sydney
19205= number off production line

So what you have is a 1973 Chrome Yellow GTS Monaro Coupewith a 308 and 4 Speed and 3.36:1 rear end with black vinyl interior.

Dick Lang Still ignoring Stan Still.

HQ Ute, HQ Prem Wagon, HX Sandman Ute, HZ Ute, VE Lumina Sedan.
Wanted "Lanjen" Holden Service Tools and "Lanspeed" Early Holden Accessories

Dick Knows

point of order

Q in the VIN is a Monaro GTS

N in the VIN would be Monaro............


Dick Knows

NO the Q in the vin means Monaro, if it was N it would mean Kingswood.
M = Belmont
N = Kingswood
P = Premier or LS Monaro
S = Statesman DeVille
T = Statesman Caprice
Q = Monaro

Dick Lang Still ignoring Stan Still.

HQ Ute, HQ Prem Wagon, HX Sandman Ute, HZ Ute, VE Lumina Sedan.
Wanted "Lanjen" Holden Service Tools and "Lanspeed" Early Holden Accessories

Q = Monaro ? Dick nose :-)

And a Monaro GTS would be.........

HQ Coupes had





Hq coupe ID numbers

Hi just wondering what these numbers mean on my hq coupe tag

Any help appreciated.

Hq coupe ID numbers

Numbers stand for

80437QR - Holden, V8 Kingswood/Monaro trim level, Coupe, HQ series, Righthand drive
1821 & 13134 - Glacier White paint
24E - Medium Blue/Black vinyl trim

1972 V8 base model Monaro coupe built in Sydney

Whats the rest of your numbers?


LE Production sequence

I`m having trouble understanding your earlier answer to someone else my tag 8037TGH902217x can you tell me what it all means. also
model 8Wq37xr
Body 902217-s

8 = Holden Q = GTS luxury

8 = Holden
Q = GTS luxury level
37 = coupe
T = 308
G = model year 77
H902217 = production serial number H9 signifies Pagewood plant
X = HX series

8 as above
W large car program
Q as above
37 as above
X as above
R right hand drive

902217S the production serial number S on the end means Sydney (Pagewood)

1923 and 17918 are LE Red Met

76Z is Cinnabar cloth

L31 308
M41 Turbo 400
GU4 3.08 was fitted with LSD as standard

build date 9/76

what the chassis number?


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