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V8 LJ Torana Requirements

Hello all,

Just a question in regards to possibly putting a V8 in my LJ Torana. I have a LJ coupe (s) XU1 Replica and I was wondering whether it is a vehicle with a seperate chassis construction for Engine capacity regulations in Queensland, as I want to put a 350Chev in, if i can? Here is what the transport department sent me-

LA1 option 3 of the Light Vehicle Code of Practice allows replacement engines with safety upgrade to passenger cars, forward control passenger cars and passenger car derivatives. The calculation for power to weight ratios are:

All vehicles originally having a 4-cylinder engine or a rotary engine as the largest optional engine and weighing less than 1100 kg -

for normally aspirated engine - original weight (kg) x 0.183 (cubic inches) OR original weight (kg) x 3.0 (in millilitres) for supercharged/turbocharged engines - original weight (kg) x 0.153 (cubic
inches) OR original weight (kg) x 2.5 (in milliltres)

Other Vehicles (mono constructed) - 4 cylinder and rotaries over 1100 kgs,
6 cylinders, 8 cylinders and 12 cylinder cars -

normally aspirated - original weight (kg) x 0.294 (cubic inches) OR original weight (kg) x 4.82 for supercharged/turbocharged engines - original weight (kg) x 0.244 (ci) OR original weight (kg) x 4.0 (ml)

Vehicles with a separate chassis construction (as original construction) - original weight (kg) x 0.333 (ci) OR original weight (kg) x 5.46 (ml) supercharged/turbocharged - original weight x 0.286 (ci) OR original weight x 4.68 (ml)

Any help would be appreciated, as would any info on putting a V8 into the LJ.

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engine swap

all torana's are mono constructed

350 lj

Hi there you know a 308 or 304 will fit a lot beter than a 350 .With the chev you'll have trouble with the starter not to forget the oil pump is in the sump so the cross member will have to be modified too .Ive never done one myself but I do have a350 LX and I swear I'll never do that again it goes great but it sucks to work on .

V8 LJ's

good point manky. you would be better off putting a 308 in it, then you can stroke it and stick VN heads on it and whatever, pretty easy to make them go as hard or harder than a chev

308 into a lj

hi just wanting to know if any one can tell the way to get a 308 to fit in with out hitting the steering arm

putting in a chev

hi mate i have a lj two door and putting in a 350 chev can a th 350 fit without mod to the tunnel or better to fit a powerglide very thankfull if anyone can help me out my ph 0410580355 thanks

312ci max capacity into LC/LJ

I don't about QLD but in NSW, the RTA's calculation works out to the maximum ci into an LC/LJ as 312ci based on its weight. A Chev will go in but not as easily as a 308. You'll need to use 3 uni joints in the steering to clear your extractors and custom/aftermarket engine mounts. A 308 will bolt straight up using HQ or HT/G 253/308 mounts. I think a 350 Chev can't be done legally anymore ito an LC/LJ in any state, could be wrong though, but definitely not in NSW. You can't just put a 308 stroker in either though as it will be over the max ci capacity. It will appear to be a 308 from the outside but is still illegal. There is a device to measure cylinder volume quite easily. Multiply this result by 8 and if its over 312ci, your in the [Naughty Pottyword]. Just do it anyway though or use a 307 block with 350 internals or 307 engine number on a 350. Plenty of ways around it, none of them are legit though.

You get that...

on those big jobs

V8 lj

In vic you can still get rego for a chev in an LC/J, I had an LX hatch that was engineered with a 400 chev. There are cars i know of still being engineered for chevs. Some states rego laws just suck I think.

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V8 Lj

Phone the Compliance Standards branch on 07-32534851 and they will be able to answer any questions you have regards this common swap.
You will need to upgrade your Braking System, fit a Chassis Strengthening kit from Castlemaine Rod Shop, re-route the linkage setup between your Column & Steering Rack along with a multitude of smaller mods to clear everything.

Now, the 253/308 V8's are actually a wider engine then the 350 Chevs so you would end up with more clearence by fitting the chev, even if it is only a fingers width each side.
Last I spoke with someone there about this they were talking about limiting the LC/LJ Torana's to a 253 because of the Power to Weight Ratio and the fact that these are deadly unstable little missiles as they are with the Six's in them!
Back then a 350 Chev over 5litres was a no no!

So many of these came into the workshops back in the 70's and the 80's smashed up, mainly roll overs caused by excessive speed, the narrow track on the Torana leading to instability then that leading to losing it in a big way, actually I am surprised there are still as many as there are still in existance today.
If I were to buy one the first thing I would be doing is fitting up a SLR Torana Flare kit and widening the track via wider rims...

But do phone the Compliance Branch and CRS to set you straight on what is really needed..

Cheers, Pig (OINKS)

i have one fully engineered

i have one fully engineered in nsw it has slr 5000 flairs with 245s on the front 265 on the back built end of 1993 would never sell or swap it for anything this is the way brocky should have had it he smoked them with a 186 imagine if it had a 350 or 308.i recommend a 350 over a 308 castlemaine rod shop has nearly everything from chassis kit to extractors to wiring harnesses

lj 350

i have one with a 350 fully engineered and rego'd it is or was a genuine xu1 now better than original 245's on the front 265's on back. car finished in 1993.never to be sold or swapped i have had some pretty ridiculous offers

great to know that someone

great to know that someone has done what im going to do can you please email me and tell me what i have to do to my lj noone can give me straight answers or ph 0410580355 and my email is thank you for any answers

How much have u been offered

How much have u been offered

i want to no i have lj 308

i want to no i have lj 308 rego and engineerd. now that it is 2007 can u put a 308 in a lj friends say that u can onley put a 253 mine was engineerd in 89. no bull [Naughty Pottyword] can some one tell me if its true or not

v8 into lj torana

what a shame you people over the ditch have so much hassels putting v8's into the best littie cars in the world.i have a 1971 lc gtr that i had put a 308 holden in. it made 380hp and i put 125 shot of nos in it to give me a good 500hp on the street. it has a th350 trans with a 3500 stallin it backed up with a 9" diff with 3.7 gear set. the rear has been minny tubbed and fitts 26x11.5" micky thompsons. i do a bit of dragracing with it and it runs 10.7sec. at 125.44mph with 1.5 60 foot times. the car is off the road now as i have just built a 383 chev to go in it .i hope to make 550hp and squirt 250hp of nos into it. cant wait to get it back on the road and take it to the strip! hope all goes well with your project and if someone tells you ;you cant do that, ask someone else!!!!!!

What a shame you guys over

What a shame you guys over the ditch have so many hassles putting V8's into the best little car in the world. I live in NZ and own a 1971 LC GTR Torana, which I have fitted a 308 Holden in. It makes 380HP and I top it off with 125HP of Nitros to give me 500HP on the street (legally). It has a TH350 trans with a 3500RPM stall, backed up with a 9" diff with 3.7 gears in it. The rear has been mini tubbed, and fits a 26 x 11.5" micky thompsons. I do a bit of drag racing with the car, it runs 10.7 secs at 125.44MPH with 1.5 60 foot times. The car is off the road as I just built a 383 Chev, hoping to make 550HP and squirt in 250HP of NOS. The motor is in the hole and a few small jobs to do until finished then off to be re-certified. Then back on the road and off to the drag strip where I hope to run some 9 sec passes. Good luck with your project, if some one says you can't do it... go find some one else who says you can.

It still be done in QLD no

A 308 still be done in QLD no worries mate! I have done this conversion myself and has just been approved. You do not need to modify the brakes if it satisfies a brake fade test. You do not need a chassis kit. You need to fit retractable seatbelts and ensure your heater/demister works. If you are in brisbane let me know if you need a blue plate.

253 into lc blueplate

Hi I am fitting a worked 253 into lc has twin piston xu1 discbrakes all xu1 gear also retractable seatbelt front and rear also has twin 2inch exhausts I live in Brisbane will require blue plate could you please email me details of how I go about this and who you went to


To nunganunga I live in Brisbane and reqiure blue plate where can I get one for same conversion as yours

HI im new to the forum can

HI im new to the forum can you give the details of the person and address for a blue plate i have a 2 door torana i want to put v8 in it cheers email adress is cheers

mod plate detail

yeah mate we are putting a 327 in a lj but we are just throwing a tired old 253 just to get the mod plate for a v8 before the new laws come in. where did you get yours through

LJ 308

I have a LJ 308 in need of Rego where do I get the Blue slip I'm in Brisbane, any names of engineers would help to, the ones with common DOG only please.
cheers Shorty

I can sort you out mate, give

I can sort you out mate, give me a call business hours.
0413 316 354.

Blue plate

hi there could help with a blue plate that would be great

my number is 0416 633 791

Regards john

Blue plate

Hi there i am putting a 307 in my lc and i need a mod plate so if you could help that would be great

Regards john

blue plate

Can u buzz me reguarding blue plate for modded cars. Cheers
041 087 9919

How Big?

Hey i have a quick question about engine size.

What is the biggest engine i could fit in a LJ Torana. It can be from any manufacturer and it's not going to be used as a road car. more for drag racing or salt lake racing.

any help would be great.

Cheers, Dee

As big as you want, guy at

As big as you want, guy at work has got a 502 in an lc, only prob is you have to run the exhaust headers threw the wheel arch, hell if you got the pocket you can pretty much do what you want, but this 502 in the lc cost around 25k for the motor 15k for running gear and another 20k for misc fabrication, and he did most of the work him self.
skys the limmit and as for the v8 into lc-lj torana why dont you ring your local rta and ask thats what i did.
Or you could just get an rb25 with a 30 head add a blower or a turbo or just leave it stock, but thats a diffrent enthusiest all togeather, its always good to see an stock restored torana

To: "a Holden Fan"

"As big as you want, guy at work has got a 502 in an lc, only prob is you have to run the exhaust headers threw the wheel arch, hell if you got the pocket you can pretty much do what you want, but this 502 in the lc cost around 25k for the motor 15k for running gear and another 20k for misc fabrication, and he did most of the work him self."

Could you please give me his email address? I want to undertake a 502 BBC LH Torana project and as you can imagine his experience would be invaluable. Mine is:

F C UTE 304 conversion

i am building an fc ute putting a 304 injected turbo 700 need to put rack & pinion can anyone give info on this conversion have nos outer sills nos r/h door shell nos l/h door outerskin we are in qld regards Glenn..

would a supercharged v6

would a supercharged v6 commodore motor pass in an lj running full commodore driveline and brakes

retractable seatbelts - heater/ demister

hi, I have an LC torana 2 door that I'd like to register with a 308 in QLD. I've been told you have to fit retractable seatbelts for modplate requirements. My question is will they fit a 2 door & does anyone know a part number or where I can find them. I'd also like to know how I can fit a heater/demister if I've removed the factory one from the firewall & covered the holes!

retractable seatbelts - heater/ demister

hi, I have an LC torana 2 door that I'd like to register with a 308 in QLD. I've been told you have to fit retractable seatbelts for modplate requirements. My question is will they fit a 2 door & does anyone know a part number or where I can find them. I'd also like to know how I can fit a heater/demister if I've removed the factory one from the firewall & covered the holes!

Retractable belt bloke

Mate, your question might not be seen tacked onto this thread but if you post a new topic, link up in right corner of your screen, then many more people will see your post.

"Republic of Dusty's Shed"
(postcode 3380)

heater for lc v8

hi, ive just fitted chev to my lc 2 door & it has passed mod tag / engineering inspection here in qld . for the heater all u need to do is run a 12 volt hair dryer [ this is what most of the hot rod builders use ] as all u need is air blowing on the inside of the front screen , these can be bought at most camping - outdoors shops , hooked up to switch . as for retractable belts ,yes i was told the same thing ,most aftermarket belts will fit - from auto barn ect .my suggestion is build the car with adr guidelines & fit all the stuff u want then get your mod tag [ thats how i did it ].mine is now mod taged for things like drop tank -chev - 350 gearbox - shortened 9 inch diff - 14x7 & 14x8 wheels running 195 front & 245 back tyres . hope this helps in some way .

about ur HB(fellow HB owner)

I fitted galant retractable seat belts in the front of mine.(perfect bolt on fit)I havnt done the rear yet so i cant give u a tip on that yet.And ur heater..well really u can go about that many ways.Give castlemaine rod shop a call,they will put u on the right track.

4 door lj torana

i have a 4 door lj torana and want to put 308 in it and wondering what chassie strengthening and what other conversions need to be done to rego it in WA any imformation would be cool. cheers

308 LJ

I believe that a 308 powered LJ cannot be registered in WA.

The ONLY people who can really tell you what the score is are the ones at the Vehicle Modifications Section at the Pits in Welshpool.


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Do some net surfing and you will find out most of what you need to.Its when your putting it together you might need some help and advice.P.S Putting a 308 in an LJ has been done since toranas were invented,its easy,fairly priced(the conversion)and you get a sik little V8 pocket rocket out of it.Good Luck!

304 into LC/LJ


Has anybody got a phone number for an engineer in Brisbane area, so i can get my LJ engineered with a injected 304ci in it. Thank you any help.


Shane's V8 Phone Number

Look on the QLD rego mob's website as they have a list of approved engineers on there.


"Search more, Post less"

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LC 304

I know of a few. Where in brisbane Shane?

400 chev in lj torana

since the laws have changed about putting a big motor in a lj or lc which i cant see why as they are pocket rockets im just starting this project you can buy all your stiff from the rodshop which i can tell you its very costly
chassis kit $995
stearing relocation kit $595
sump $400
starter motor $295
extractors $850
oil reloction kit $200
x member $180
rubber mounts $80
adaptor plates hk hg ht $220

i no someone who is going to do the modplate which he knows the engine as he told me i dont have to get the chassis kit but just for safty i will do so like my mod plate guy said to me that he will put it down as a 307 not a 400 as that was a bonus for me thank god the biggest motor for a lj or lc road rego is a 308 with a th350 gear box but if you know a mod plate guy then you will have no stuff ups when you go for it

hell j

any 1 got any lh steering knuckles for sale

LH steering knuckles...

Rare Spares have them with the two pins are about $130.00 each...not bad as the pins alone are just over $30.00 each

hb conversion

Gday all.Just wondering does anyone know the factory weight of a hb torana its a 67 coupe 1159cc manual?In a perfect world i want to put a 1jz or 2jz ive asked a few people but have been laughed and they said no matter what chassis/body mods u do it all comes down to factory weight.cheers

HB weight

I will post it when i fish my HB manual out from my garage,i know it has all specs and does tell you the weight.(sorry messy garage)and its 10pm.

LH steering knuckles...

just wondering where i can get these new as i have some but they have play in them and realise the transport will not like

parts for sale LX

hi just wondering if anyone can help me i have recently had to sell my LX torana and have a few parts left in my shed one of which is:

a complete 308 manual kit for a LX hatch V8
kit includes complete bell housing, clutch pedel,break petal, linkages and cable all in good condition.
i have no idea on how much it is worth and im having trouble finding a price approx for it if anyone can help me or give me a ruff idea that would be awsome
please email me muchly appreciated guys!!



I own a LC gtr regested with

I own a LC gtr regested with a 350 chev



v8 trimatic

Do i have to modify the tunnel to fit a v8 trimatic into my lc torana any one help thanks.

v8 trimatic reply

nah you wont have any trouble fitting it in

V8 Torana

Hi do anyone know if it is still possible in new south wales, to put a 253 trimatic into a lc 1971 torana and what modifications are required ??? Or how big (engine size) can i go

1/4 mile curiosity

hey guys. Bit of a strange request but here goes. i've resenty converted my lj 2door to a 304 but due too being on base in the air force eva since completion i havn't been able to get it down the strip. now i know it's silly to ask cause every car is different no matter how similar but if anyone has built something along the same lines or knows of someone who has i would love to know what i'm dealing with, and thanks a bunch. Here's a little info on my ride. it's a rebuilt 304fi, twin throttle bods, full msd pak, upgraded ecu, twin 2 1/2's with highflows, 2500 stall t700 with kit, shortend ss lock diff with stock ratio and 235 40 series 16s. thanx alot for any iformation as i am losing my mind having spent 2 years plus just too lock her away and wonder.


1971 Lj coup 4 cylinda

Can I put a v8 in my 1971 4 cylinda Lj 2 door torana and change it 4 stud to 5 stud

v8 in 4cyl lj coup

how did you go with fitting a v8 into the 4 cylinder lj coup as im thinking of also doing this?

hey guys

im putting a vr 5L moter in my lj and was wondering what type of sump to use ??? r the 308 suit ljs the same as 304 ones .....if anyone could help me that would be great .....was going to put a ls15.7 in i went and bort a sump to suit then found out i wont be able to get it rego'd dam it lol ya can email me at djrm250@hotmail .com thanx for taken the time to read this cheers

hz pano

hi my hz panelvan was registered 4 years ago in qld as a 308.the id plates all tell me it was an originally a 202. i have just purchased a 407 chev to put in it. just want to know if i am going to have problems getting it registered as i heard a rumour about stoping engine conversions on older cars.cheers

lj conversion

Want to put 1999 308 vtss engine into my 4 door LJ. What other parts (brakes ect) can I use from the vt...?

Lj conversion

I am putting a 283 chevy in mine

LJ conversion

I have a 283

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