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Lead Replacement Petrol-fishing sinkers in ya fuel tank

Has anyone had any first hand experience of adding a couple of round lead sinkers into your fuel tank?
They apparently roll around and deposit lead into your fuel doing away with the need for Flashlube or seat inserts,so I am told.
I thought they might damage the plastic pre-filter pick-up tube screen,but if the lead was soft they might add enough to the fuel,bit hard to check if there is any of the sinkers left in your tank without removing the tank.
Any thoughts,comments.

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I have a strip of lead

I have a strip of lead hanging by wire off the fuel cap in my tank- 68 triumph bonny motorbike. No problems yet and have been using unleaded 98 fuel. Dont know if its working or having a placebo effect...

Lead in ya tank

Some time ago, I was driving my Torana around, and then all of a sudden when i turned corners, or braked heavely, I would get this "rolling" sound. For the life of me, I had no f'n idea what was going on. This started after I took the car down to the mechanics, to get a tune up.... I lived with it for about 2 months, and then decided i'd had enough. So I drove around till my tank was almost empty, then I pulled the tank out, and low and behold. I had a sinker in there. Now I didnt put it in!!
Dont know if it did anything, apart from pissing me off. But it sure was a pain in the arse!

Cheers, Rob

My Shed

"Lead" in petrol was

"Lead" in petrol was Tetra-Ethyl Lead - not just elemental lead. TEL is good for you valve seats. Elemental lead does nothing. There was also quite a lot of it (not sure how much in normal petrol, but 4% TEL was used in the Supermarine racers).

One sinker isn't going to dissolve in petrol for a very, very long time, and if it doesn't dissolve, it isn't getting into the petrol. You can check this by trying to dissolve split shot in a jar of petrol - Good Luck!

In other words, wrong stuff, and not going to do anything except annoy you with rattling sounds!


stops all the [Naughty Pottyword] on the bottom

I just spoke to the mec about this and he said it was so it keeped the [Naughty Pottyword] stired up in the tank so if u did get low there would be less for it to pick up but you have to change the filter more and u have to ignore the sinker rolling.

Myth BUSTED!!,lead sinkers only good for fishing

TOTALLY BUSTED!!,I phoned the Tech guys at SHELL Australia today and ran the theory past them,They told me that the "lead" in Lead Replacement Petrol was in fact an "organic lead"(Tetra-Ethyl lead) and not the metal lead, and adding sinkers to your tank would only possibly cause other problems and if they started to dissolve in petrol there would be something seriously wrong with your petrol.
So there you have it,eviljim you win a gold star for knowledge,and everyone else can remove the lead fishing sinkers and dead lead weight from their pride & joy and get better mileage,the ONLY sure way to prevent engine/valve damage is to use Flaslube additive or have the valve seats hardened inserts fitted.

Fitch System

The Fitch System claims a 7% improvement in fuel economy and is used by governments and large vehicle organisations.

You drop their alloy into the bottom of the fuel tank.




Im sceptical about that fitch system, i dont see how hydrocarbons can be
re-refined prior to combustion in a small tube full of some alloy? Surely if this technology worked oil and gas plants would be using it to refine base crude oils into more usable products?

My Shed

Fitch Site

I've never tried it but I'd like to.

I ran into a solid wall of convinced users when I researched it particulalry with motorcyclists.

There are plenty of testimonies at the Fitch site.



the fitch is another brand of fuel catalyst, fuel catalysts have been around since WWII. as I've said before in other posts in other threads where this subject has come up, it's proven tecnology having existed for sixty-five years there abouts.

now I'm not saying all brands of catalyst will live up to the claims of the manufacturers as due to manufacturing costs the may not be up to scratch. but a properly built catalyst will work.

do a search on Henry Broquet as he was an RAF engineer during WWII and heavily involved in the development of the catalysts.

not refined

not refined chemical composition is added to or changed by the alloys

lead in petrol

ive been driving around now solid for 3 years in my old 179 EH (been in our family since 1990. Have used only standard unleaded fuel all that time - never had a drop of flashlube or the like, and I know for a fact the head hasnt been of for at least 15 years, and it dont have hardened seats or the like. Cant say ive noticed any burned valves or lack of performance. My car does a lot of klms (about 150 EACH day!) I cant speak for everyone here - and my red motor must just be a good one, but i think the replacement stuff is a load of rubbish! - my constant highway driving must be a testament to that..

Solid Lifters

I agree with you.

The fuel companies are using our cars as test beds for their endless fuel changes.

I say valve seat lubricant is for engines with solid lifters because that's the only evidence I have of more than normal wear without its use.


If the oompa-loompa's at the

If the oompa-loompa's at the local council use it, well then it must work :) I think i can hear them singing: Oompa-loompa, doompa-dee-da, put this in car and you will go far.

Haha, seriously though has anyone ever used these sort of gadgets and actually had a real result that made them go "wow this actually works"???
I know there are a stack of cheap-ass ones that do bugger all... but... i want to hear from someoneone who has used one of the more pricey ($400) ones and DID IT OR DID IT NOT WORK???

Failing this i have an idea.... We do some research and find one that we think is most likely to work. Everyone pitch in 10 bucks and that 10 bucks buys you a "lottery ticket"... when enough tickets get sold to cover the cost we draw the lottery and the lucky winner gets the gadget for keeps... on the condition they test it PROPERLY and report back.

A good idea??? I would be glad to chip in 10 bucks just to see if it works.

get the lead out,the crystal ball approach

Peter Brock used to sell or endorse a glass "crystal" that I think was powered by your cars electrical system,it used to "have to be mounted on the center line of your engine on the firewall above your engine" or it wouldn't work.
Brocky claimed at the time (early 1980's I think) it gave your car all sorts of power increases & better fuel economy,but strangely now he won't talk about them when asked & the product is no-where to be seen,why is that I wonder?

Peter Brock

Brockie spoke about it on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope.

Peter said that he needed $700K to have it validated by some automotive body.

He was forced to drop the idea when he couldn't raise the money.


Peter Brock? *Snickers*

I am afraid Peter Brock lost all credence when he introduced the Brock Polarizer hehehe
Did anyone ever read the load of tripe that he spieled on its introduction?
I am afraid Brockie went down the Road of Commercialism many years ago and his word is normally only associated with the Corporate Dollar in Sponsorship deals these days.
Each time you see him at Bathurst of late, it isn't to win a Great Race at Bathurst, it is to flog the latest Brock V8 Supercar model in its latest colour scheme... againnnnnn....,,,
Brock should have retired a long long time ago and quit while he was on top to be remembered as such, not a puppet for some Tyre or Model car company or whoever else waves a dollar under his nose...
My 2c worth for what it's worth, or should that have been "My Brockie's worth"? :{\

Cheers, Pig (oinks308)

Go for it Brocky!

I've got one of the original "go for it Brocky!" shirts from the early 80s or whenever he was driving the HDT. I mounted one of those crystals on the collar and now I can lift an extra 20kg and I also only eat 2 meals a day, more power and economy, just like he said!

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pmsl Reaper

PMSL mate, it's where ya wifey inserts the Polarizer whilst ya sit under ya Pyramid Tripod frame in ya Kaftan that worries me! ;{P

*A Trembling* Pig (oinks308) :{D

it's curtains for you

I've really got to close the curtains, but I figure if you're sick enough to want to look then hell, why not let you have an eye full ;p

My Shed - Qld EJ/EH Club - Latest Guide: Power Windows[img_assist|fid=87154|thumb=1|alt=ReaperHR]


Mate are you sure Rusty, StreetNeat and their herd of Goats aren't on your Christmas Brunch list? ;{P
Thia IS gettin' scary now hehee

*A Definately Busy come Xmas Day* Pig (oinks308)


haha no that'd be too many big brushy beards in the one room (even before the goats), it'd scare the kids!

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Kids? BaaAAaaAAaahh HUMBUG! ;{D
Roll Andrew in Flour, dress him in a Santa suit and... OOPS, this is 'G' Rated isn't it?
Sorry Mods an Chill'uns ;{P

Wishing a Great Xmas to all, Cheers Pig (oinks308)

coated streetneat

Flour? try bog dust... I hate bog work-and wont do any this time of year... And I'm not dressing up in a santa suit... they chaff and the goats tend to nibble the fluffy bits...
Im going back to tying my tarp down with tinsel.... screw you all.... :-(

... it is a nice new tarp you know...

Oh all right- merry Xmas To you all if it makes you feel better... It dosent make me feel any better...
*counts juniper berries*

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Rasberries to StreetNeat

*counts juniper berries* :{S

Sounds like you have spent way too long in that Rasberry patch out behind the shed over the past year mate?

BaaAAaaAA Humbug's too you too :@)

Wishing a Great Xmas to all, Cheers Pig (oinks308)

Sinkers in tank would be

Sinkers in tank would be more problems I reckon.They would break up all the crap that is now securely rusted into the tank walls and send it through the system. Best leet sleeping crap lie...or ..whatI don't know won't hurt me..


Getting yer lead out....streetneat

The other post are totally accurate with the Tetra-Ethyl Lead. The one thing that everyone here has missed is that what do you think fuel tanks are lined with? Lead- have a close look at your fuel tank - and filler neck - you will see it has a lead/tin coating thats actually quite soft- more so on older holdens - the factory used this as a method to seal up the tanks. Now its also the wrong material, dosent disolve - or the tanks would leak- so will yeild no benifiet.

Here is one solid fact - as proven by the guy with an EH that dosent use any lead substitute. Older engines that see a lot of consatnt miles - no short trips as such - will last a lot longer- as long as they are not thrashed or overheated. There is so much lead build up in these old engines that there is more than enough to last several years that is going to help protect the engine. Many engine builders have told the same story as well. I use just normal unleaded in my old holdens and drive them woth no ill effect - as do the people that eventually buy them.

One point that is missed is that Valves used to burn out quite frequently when leaded fuel was available. Valve grinds were so common place that many households had access to valve grinding gear and would perform the job as frequently as painting bits of the house. It wasnt the lack of lead that caused the problem - rather the [Naughty Pottyword]ty fuel that was not as refined as today's fuels. Valve seat recession is now often blamed soley on the lack of lead in fuel- sure its an obvious starting point - but its not always entirely to blame. Also note that hard seats are only installed on the exhaust valves - not the inlet valves- so inlets have to rely on what ever lube they can get in the fuel/air mix- which aint much. Older engines with worn guides will let a certain amount of engine oil into the valve seat area- which can help a little- which also helps explain why they can last a little longer b4 suffering problems. Normally the carbon deposits will gum up the valves and cause issues. Hot constant running engines dont suffer carbon build up anywhere near as much.

Keep an eye out in an upcoming streetmachine magazine issue on my tech article on compression amnd leak down testing- this sheds some more light on the subject. I fully recomend when rebuilding your engine - or just knocking the head off - to add hardned valve seats. If your not going to do this then at least run a Moreys type of drip feed system - theat will only set you back around $30.

*Another one for the approprate place in the Holden pedia Qute*
Cheers streetneat

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Ok, it seems we are still undecided as to whether or not these little gadgets work, so i will again suggest the idea:


Personally i think its a bloodey brilliant idea.

No one here is gonna fork out full price for one of these - what a tool you would feel like if it didn't work. Yet who here wouldn't give ten lousy bucks to find out for sure if it works?

I couldn't give a toss about what the testimonials page on the products website says (seems even brocky can be bought), what i WOULD be interested in hearing is an unbiased view from a forum member as to whether this really works.

Either we can sit here and debate it for the rest of our lives, or stretch our short little arms into our deep pockets and pull out 10 bucks for the sake of research.

in my experience

the fuel catalysts work

example 1: 1982 F100 swb 4X4 351 cleveland V8. fitted with Prozone fuel catalst as premium unleaded not readily available here when running on unleaded the incidence of detonation was eliminated after fitting catalyst. has been fitted for five years and run on regular unleaded all that time.

example 2: 1999 Vs commodore ute 3.8 ecotech also fitted with prozone fuel catalyst,used to idle roughly when using reg unleaded since fitting catalyst it gives the same performance as as when ute was filled with premium unleaded, smoother idle ,slightly better economy etc.been fitted two years.

in my experience fuel catalsts work and there is no reason for them not to work and I'll fork out my hard earned to buy them to fit to my vehicles . the sons hq ute (belated 21st birthday present) will be getting one as soon as I can get it on the road


Cheers RJM, good to hear from one who has done it.

Still a bit skeptical about forking out 300 odd for the in tank unit.
I didn't realise they sold smaller units that suit 2 and 4-stroke power tools. Gonna order one for the honda mower i use for work almost every day. I am willing to gamble 50 bucks on the chance it will work.

If it does work i will do a post on it and consider ordering a unit for the work van.

Bogans of the world unite!


sell prozone with a 90 day money back guarantee

have a look at

fishing lead sinkers in fuel tank

i thought the bloke said fish n lead sinkers so i stuck some sinkers and a couple of mullet into me tank . didn't make me care go any better and every time i drive past a creek me car wants to dive in

8 yr old thread......must be

8 yr old thread......must be a slow day in the shed...LOL!

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