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For Sale EK hydramatic

1961 EK Holden Special Sedan (webpage with photos)

hydramatic transmission(3 speed)
138 grey' motor
colour: alamo beige ("nipple pink") body, white roof
Click here some pictures of the car

*****You get for your money...*****
the car
spare windscreen (very rare!)
heavy-duty waterproof car cover
original HOLDEN 'EK' workshop manual (very, very rare!)
and more...

*****What's original? nearly everything except...*****
carpet flooring (original boot vinyl flooring though)
basic oil filter added
speakers in back window dash
exterior paint (original colour though)

*****What's not working?*****
speedometer (? broken cable)
engine (I filled it up with oil while it's being stored)
vehicle registration

*****What not perfect?*****
some minor panel and paint work
some upholstery
overall the car is in very good condition for its age.

*****How much?*****
Best offer gets it

The EK can be inspected by contacting Peter
by phone: (08) 9459 0956... I live in Thornlie(W.A)
by email: karenpeter@iprimus.c...

I have owned the EK for over 14 years, and driven it for 12 of those years.
I Bought the 1961 EK Holden Special Sedan in 1985. I was told I was the 3rd
owner. The engine, and brakes weren`t going and the paint job wasn`t too
flash as a result of spending too long in a leaky shed by the previous
owner. After much work the EK was going, looking spectacular and an absolute
pleasure to drive, ideal for cruisin` around. The EK was used as my normal
everyday car, so as a result it has a few knocks and scratches. Not bad
though for a car born in 1961. One of the great things about the EK is the
fact that you can easily work on everything yourself, no computers or fancy
electronics within cooee of this baby! and there`s enough room under the
bonnet to jump in there yourself and work on it. It`s a great having
everyone compliment the EK everywhere you go. Unfortunately, the EK was
unable to get enough of my time and effort to keep it going. Which is why
I`m selling it. To (hopefully) let someone (who loves the EK as much as me)
give it the time and patience it needs and deserves. I`m sad to sell it, but
the EK needs to be out on the road cruisin`, not locked up in garage...


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