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Very Cheap Old Holden Parts. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS

Hey guys,

When you find something really really good i beleive its only fair to share it with everyone (who doesnt drive a ford). Well here goes

If your after parts for old holdens HJ-WB-VL from body parts, to mechanical to electrical etc go to

Street Class Auto Wreakers
9701 3642.
3 Short Street Dandenong

I just got
HZ Stateman front, inc radiator support (no head lights, indicators incl)
Side guards (no rust)
Bonnet (no rust)
Chrome (no rust at all) Bumper bar
Top tail gate (no rust)
Doors (pair, left has a little rust near the bottom corner, hasnt rusted though yet looks like surface rust)

All for $540

The guy is really nice, has heaps of good condition stock and is really cheap. Its in a bit of a run down area (danenong :) but its the product that matters. Its a small shop near cheltenham road.


Check this place out. This isnt a plug or anything, i just spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people to find this place. Even if it saves one person some stuffing round it'll be worth it.

Cheers, Errol

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I Drive an XB Falcon. I also

I Drive an XB Falcon. I also drive a HR. Does that exclude me then?

yes even you :)

yes even you :)

Hey Errol!

Hows things going, mate? Sounds like you got a very good deal on those parts. Good on ya!

Did you have any dramas getting the van home? Did you get the email with the reciept? If not, let me know and I'll resend it to you.

Cheers, mate. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Hairy-Dude's Home Page

Hey mate, good to hear from

Hey mate, good to hear from you. Na didnt get the receipt. Basically my email provider (dodo) screwed me over, the deleted my email account by mistake. When they brought it back online i lost all of my contacts and previous emails. I should have stored them in an email program but didnt. Could you please foward the email again. If your after any parts i could pick up a few from this guy and drop them off when i drop round the gearbox, number plates and D-link thingy.

Cheers mate

street class

one of the blokes at work use to own it, i should go check it out (i work in dandenong) need some front doors

hey big woody

which guy....andrew...??? or lee...??? if so I know both of them as well as the original owner and the current owner...

Cheers Kev


Andrew, but everyone calls him sladey.


Do the guys there serve people who walk in, or is it a trade only type of place? Just wondering as I live pretty close to there. Do you know if they have any HK -HT - HG stuff there?



I think Troy at Street Class may have some HK-T-G stuff give him a call they do all sorts...but I think they specialize in HQ-WB and VB-VN ish not sure bout the commo stuff...

give him a buzz easy to deal with and very reasonable on price..

Cheers Kev

Hey Errol #2

Hey Errol,

E-mail is on its way. I'm guessing you don't need the bonnet and bumper that's here. That's cool, I'll chuck them in the shed!

I do need a good drivers' door. Did they have many left when you were there? Basically, I can bog stuff but don't wanna cut and weld stuff because I don't know how!

Cheers, mate. Glad to hear everything is coming along well!

Hairy-Dude's Home Page


Hey mate,

Yeah he had a stack of doors in good/great condition. Depends on what your after, i got the basic door and ill add my own custom interior etc. Did you want a door with electric windows, centeral locking chrome etc? or just a good door?

I dont mind getting them for ya, btw you can keep the panels if you like. Have you got any bolts spare?

Cheers, Errol

Re: Panels

Just looking for a good door, not even worried about glass or mechanisms or trims, as I have all these. Do you know how much he was asking for them?

As for bolts, I'd go and buy new ones. The ones I've pulled out are pretty rusty.


Hairy-Dude's Home Page

Tailgate for Errol

This link was posted a while ago. These guys do reproduction panels by the look of them.


They are advertising Ute tailgates for $135. All you have to do to make them fit a van is cut the top corners.

Hairy-Dude's Home Page

Tail gates

If you're after tailgates, there is one bloke on ebay who's from Diggers Rest in Melbourne who has them for about $90. I got a set of front blinkers from him for about $40.

There is also a couple more who has them for about $100, or you could try Deer Park Wreckers (Western Highway) they have them for about $130 from memory.



EH Bumper bar

I am looking for an EH rear bumper bar as this is the last piece I need for my wife's new car. If anyone has one at a reasonable price I would be stoked. My email is

Fj bonnet catch

Howdy out there,
Nearly finished my fj rebuild but can,t find my bonnet safety catch spring and pin.Would any one be able to help.Also small chrome strip on door pillar.
Will put on some pictures when i work out how to.

Hope some one can help out.

Regards Jeff


Hey Guys,
Had my HG prem Wagon stolen i few months ago got it back with a smashed front end !!! looking for guards/bonnet/bumper/headlight suround , does any one know where i can get these parts for a reasonable price ??


I am in Croydon vic and may be able to help with HG stuff. Ring me on 0409569884


hi alll

im looking for holden barina parts...side mirrors etc...cant get any from online or i prob am looking in the wrong areas....

can u suggest where i can get holden barina 1990 5doors hatch parts? like cheap stufff / wreckers parts?

if yes, please email me or post the details here...thanks a million ,...cheerz, vik

HK/HT 307 SBC RH Rams Horn Exhaust Manifold

G'day Blokes,
I'm looking for an HK/HT 307 SBC RH Side Rams Horn Exhaust Manifold.
If anyone can help it would be most appreciated.

My email addy is



Cheap parts in moorabbin

This guy also has a lot of cheap hard to find stuff. In moorabbin: Dinkum Autos - Genuine Classic Holden Parts and Workshop

HQ,J,X rear left qtr panel

I've got a genuine rear ute panel(NOS),anyone no what it's worth?

53 fj holden

hi my mame is foss could anyone tell me if I can use fe fc axels and brakes in my 53 fj like to bring down to 13 inch

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