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Hi guys
Does any body out there have any info on the repco cross-flow head that was made for the old grey motors??? Any info would be great and does any body know of one for sale.
As i said any info would be great and appreciated.


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repco head

Go to
and search on 'repco head'.


Should be a pic of one in the gallery above from memory, if you find info on the fefc board post the link please.(?)

Repco crossflow

I know of a Repco crossflow head that originated from a winning speedway car. The new owner bought the head, without exhaust pipes & had new rocker shafts, rocker bushes, valves etc replaced.
It now forms part of an unfinished show car.
What would it be worth to buy / sell?

Repco Crossflow Head!

Hi there, interesting reading and interested also in purchasing if anything is found/available/heard about!, that is not wanted/required, if price is too high etc., as above: a genuine 138 grey motor Repco Crossflow Holden Head for a Vintage Speedway Midget, please contact Mark Fletcher (NZ), 64 3 352 1277 or 64 274 552 084, or email or reply on this thread, thanks.

Repco Crossflow Head!

Hi there, still in market for one of these please if anyone out there can assist.

My email is:

Other details as listed above are still correct.

Thank you.

Mark Fletcher.

repco crossflow head "The search for the Holy Grail"

Hi I have studied the Repco crossflow history during the mid 90s
They originally cast 113 blanks of which about 30% were unusable due to bad castings. Of the remaining many were destroyed during their hayday as racing motors. Renown for beating the legendary Offenhuaser Dohc motors on the speedway tracks of Australia, NZ and the USA. and recording faster laptimes at Bathurst than Ferrari's, Alfa's and Jaguars of the time.
In 2001 there was only 41 left known in exhistance all being closely guarded as the realisation of what a Truely unique piece of World auto racing history they actually were/are. They are the first stage in the development of the Repco Reseach departments foray into competitive motor-sport. Yes this is were it started for Repco's rise to World Champion status. Subsequently prices soared as demand increased. In 2005/2006 National World collecting institutions began a worldwide search to find and aquire/purchase anything they could find.
So I pose these 2 Questions to all who search for the Holy Grail of
Holden Collectability- World Historic Motorsport- or the Head you have to have to bring your Historic racecar up to specifications to enable it to compete in its True Historic Class.
1. How hard do you now think it will be to find one?

and With the fact that GTHO Falcons are commanding prices in the high hundreds of thousands if not millions and getting it and they made 500 of them and only about 80 Repco Crossflows (now only 41)
2. How much are you now going to be expected to pay for one if you can find one?
I wish good luck to all who choose to follow the Quest ! But remember many have gone before you and returned EMPTY HANDED !!!

New Repco Hi-Power Heads

Im in the process of remanufacturing the Repco Crossflow Head for the Holden Sideplate Grey Motor,approximate price including GST$5.500,If you are intrested please contact Rod on this email address,

Grey motor Repco cross flow head BIG NEWS!!!

News is Repco is going to reproduce the infamous cross flow head for the grey motor, now sit down for the bigger news, figures are pointing towards $5500 a pop...

Grey Motor Crossflow Head

Hi fellas ,just to set the record straight .I am the person responsible for the reproduction crossflow heads ,it has nothing to do with Repco.It is a reproduction head an the name Repco, cannot appear an will not appear on the tappet cover, it will simply read Highpower. Progess of the head is going extremely well an orders are flowing in.Were planning to have heads available by Christmas ,only a limited number of these heads will be made,If you require more info on the head please email me i will be only to happy to assist,cheers, Rocket...

G'day Rocket

Great to see someone having a go mate and even better to see there is still a healthy market/demand for performance bits to suit the old Grey motor :-}

"Republic of Dusty's Shed"
(postcode 3380)

"Don't walk away in frustration...Kick the crap out of it"

repco highpower head

My father has left me a, what i understand, as being a genuine repco highpower head.
I have no knowledge nor interest in it and consequently i was hoping you may be able to call me to discuss "moving it on" to a better home.
Thanks Ben
0431 887 824.

Rocket2rod or Repco ?

Onya Sponge, You managed to repeat the post above yours except one diffrence is the Rocket Fella says he's in the process of remanufacturing the crossflow head and your saying that Repco is doing it.
I can't see Repco bothering as they look to be more interested in what supercheap are doing rather than what us customers want.

"Republic of Dusty's Shed"
(postcode 3380)

"Don't walk away in frustration...Kick the crap out of it"

Rocket2rod or Repco ?

I read an article in streetmachine I think it was that said as posted above by spongey that repco are doing the heads I think thats were he is getting his info from, but yer when I read it and the price I kinda thought about the original post by rocket and I dont think its a coincedence that the price is the same so I think streetmachine or whoever ran the add mite have got it wrong. who knows???

VK turbo build
My Email
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repco highpower head for sale

I have a genuine Repco Highpower head for sale.
Complete with inlet manifolds and twin solex's to suit.
Good condition - no real reason for sale therefore only after genuine offers.
Head is located in Melbourne
Contact Ben - 0431 887 824

Repco HP head pics?

Lets see some pictures of these heads for sale!

me shed...


go to (spam site)

I can't send/post them from my work computer at the moment and Im away from home for the next 3 days...

pics - being repco highpower head

apologies - refer to the link below.

Re repco head

Pls note that the repco head is no longer for sale. It is destined for the track for whence it came...


Whats your track car?
Which track do you race at?
whith that head, what spark system do you run?

Vote for the sex party, Since were going to be screwed anyway
................................. bedford cab Desoto parts, 1954 ute
Wanted...J5 bedford wiring loom, and seats

x flow

marking this one too

i have a lot of them old heads in my shed!!! back in adelaide

hey i have a lot of them in my shed! old grey,red,blue,black have an old 138 grey motor complete and a hp block 186 grey was red have 12 to 15 heads all numbers an sizes old t bars and all sorts of bits and pieces

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