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Commodore Remote Key Heads


Does anyone know about reprogramming Commodore Key Heads. I'm looking at replacing my 2 button key with a 3 button key that includes boot opener. I've been told to go to Holden Dealer to have it reprogrammed and it will cost about $100. Is there an alternative to programming these keys at a much more economical cost?





You already asked this question !!
They MUST be reprogrammed to match the car, no choice in it.

Tunna Build

If on the Central coast NSW ! if you have your key, and just need the pad.
MECHANICAL & AUTO ELECTRICAL www.charmhavenauto.c... PH: 43925491
can provide the pad & program it to your vehicle. most locksmiths or key cutting places can make the keys or copy your existing key.

engraverdave 49391279 i do holden keys while you wait . they are a disposable head . the batterys are spot welded in for a reason . do not disconect them !!! this is drops the program out of the key . then you are up for alot more to make a new one . when the buttons go on the key get a new one . dont silicon it up or replace with push in ones ? when the battery goes flat it wont start your car and if you dont have a spare then you need a mobile locksmith and a whole lota cash to get your car started !!! get a spare key !!! engraverdave 07 49391279 engraving keys cut and programed remotes for garages and gates and cars watch batteries and gifts while you wait service

OK engraverdave, where are you, and what do you charge...?



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fixed mine today for $ 4.00 5 mins disconnect terminals and replace with 3 volt battery

Do you have a spare key ?

Wat model do u have?


Is this bloke for real???

I just did the VX ones,, Undid 4 screws on each keyhead, and replaced the batteries, these Arcade Fark heads will tell you anything. I:E, They all want $18 Approx to engrave a [Naughty Pottyword]ty little aluminium disk, to put on your dogs collar. I went everywhere, trying to get one of these blokes to just sell me a few blank disks. NO WAY would they sell me one. Funny thing is, I showed one of the smart arse pricks, one I did myself after "FINALLY" getting some blanks, and he was embarrassed. Saying [Naughty Pottyword] like,,, are you sure you did that yourself?? What did you use??

NO sign of embarrassment yet with this bloke above and his shameless plugging LMAO


That comment alone tells me how much of a rip off this bloke is. Imagine what a "spot welder" would do to a three volt battery? They are in fact soldered in, and I found they use a low temp soldering iron, and fine gauge low melting temp solder to do so. Reason being, the - and +terminals on these disk type fiddly little batteries are only insulated from one and other by a small plastic or rubber disk. C'mon OH members use your brains, heres a challenge:- Get a similar battery out of some other gizmo you have lying around the house, thats working. Take out the working battery and use a big hot soldering iron on it, hold it there for a few seconds, then when the battery cools down, put it back in said device, or if possible, put your Multimeter on each side. I guarantee the thing will be rooted! Or even better go to Mr Minit and watch him - "SPOT-WELD" The battery back in ( Spot welding involves passing current and amps through the item to be welded does it not?? So it would surely short the battery too.!!

And while your there ask him if he will sell you some blank aluminium dog tags please. I need more as my friends want them for their dogs, but don't wanna pay 15 bux plus for a crappy job.I use my trusty little Ozito rotary tool, with the flexi drive shaft and Dremmel engraver cutter bits and am getting pretty good at engraving with it. LOL


like your style milk sick of these so called experts holden even told me you cant do it yourself.went to chemist got battery for 3 bucks been working fine lol.

I replace outer cases and repair Commodore keys from VS to VZ. I have replaced plenty of batteries and fixed circuit boards and replaced plenty of cases. I have never had to re-program a key yet from replacing a battery or repairing a circuit board and I have done thousands. I agree with the buttons, they are not a recommended repair option. When the buttons deteriorate they secrete an oil substance into the key head which fowls the button mechanisms, also the dirt and foreign matter that enters the key whilst it is open from having no or worn buttons causes rust ect on the circuit board. When I repair the key I clean, repair and test the circuit board,Test/replace battery and replace outside casings with OEM casings. This is what anyone repairing your key head should do as a minimum.

Hi where are you - can you e-mail me thankyou

Hi, I have two VY Holden Commodore Remote Key Heads both of which need new rubber buttons (for locking/unlocking only, NOT the boot) as they have deteriorated and need replacing. I attend my local Holden Dealership yesturday and was told I needed to purchase NEW Remote Key Head as the rubber buttons can not be purchased on their own. Both keys are still working fine, ALL I need it the rubber buttons.

There are silicon buttons available on eBay that aren't too bad.

Can buy them on ebay for $5

You need to get the key head replaced....TRUST ME...I've spent two days trying to get a key for my car as the circuit board was stolen and the car doesn't start without me for a new key cause it really isn't worth the f?.. Around and it's big dollars together one if this sort of thing happens... Replace the heads dude

Could you plseas email me at robert.may45@optusne... with contact details and costs?
Bob May

Hi there, are you still fixing commodore keys? Both mine need the rubber buttons replaced, and possibly ready for new batteries, maybe. I live in Weipa. email

Just wondered. How much to reprogrammed and change batteries and what suburbs or state are you in

A few weeks ago my key barrel and back connection all had to be replaced it was very expensive.Now i have a new key to start the car the remote is still the old one and it's buttons are very worn.My wife went to two key cutting places,one was Mr Minute and was charging $90 dollars just for the remote.My car is a VS commodore were can i get it done much cheaper.

so how does Mr Minit do it?

We at Mister Minit as ongoing key specialists now have equipment which enable us to program Commodore heads and an ever increasing range of other makes. Equipment is supplied by Silca. Current price for Commodore VR-VX is $99.95 which is the complete package ie new head (Genuine GM) blade cut and key coded. Takes 10 minutes :)Discounts for NRMA members. If your key is not working we can program a head when supplied with BCM code: a 5 or 6 digit numerical code. This is either in your owners manual or can be obtained as stated by someone else through your Holden Dealer. Some dealers charge a fee to give this info, some do not. Happy Driving!

Can you do Avalon remotes and convert them into a keyhead? If so how much for an RAA member

Ic3y Dragon


do u sell remote key head (cover) for vt commodore Separately if its how much?


you can buy them on ebay posted for like 10 bucks and get special chevvy ones as well

i would never ever take a holden key to a mister minit. putting my trust in someone who cant even cut a standard house key with out stuffing it up. this guys waisting your time go to a locksmith or holden please for you own sake!

mister minit is all over the world not all of them r dicks just most of them

I rang my local dealer seeking the BCM number. They want $30 to release it! Also they say its impossible to make a new key for a VT Commodore without reprogramming the car. Others in this thread have said that, with the BCM code for the head and Ignition Key Number for the blade i can have a complete key made without touching the car.

yes, last i got my commodore key done at mister minit manukau, auckland, and got a great service while i waited for only 5mins & i was ready to drive...

hey mister minit how much do you guys charge to program and cut a blank key if i have original codes and original key??

He couldn't do it early last year...

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Mr minit can reprogram your key, Just had them do a new one for my VS, If you ring up a(any)Holden dealership and give them your VIN off the car, They can give you the code for your key, Make sure they give you the code for the chip and not the cut of the key.
Why is common sense...Not?

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how much did this cost though??
just to have them reprogram it??

My Wife has been quoted $90.00 for one Key or $150.00 for two Keys with the 3 Button Heads, we have one that came with the VT S/C S Sedan we just bought and phoning around at different Mister Minutes at different Shopping Centres will result in different Prices...
Pays to shop around for the best deal ;{D

Cheers, Pig (OINKS308)


I live in liverpool. But I went to holden dearler at cabramatta they charge $128 for one key..
please! tell me where can i get cheap price!!

You can contact the Mister MINIT shop at Liverpool for a cheaper quote than this. If you are a NRMA member you also receive 10% off.
Mister MINIT Westfield Liverpool shopping Centre, Near Sam's Country Growers.PH: 9601 0327

$69 from in mascot cut and programmed.

my key went 4 a swim and wont work ill be going 2 the st marys store how much 2 get my car going again is it only $69 thanks

McGrath Holden dealers charged me $80 for 2 key pads to be programmed for my VT commadore ....... its a one off price of $80 no matter how many pads you want programed 1,2,3,or 4

A small number of us now have the technology to do these cars: After VX Holden changed the computer software which required more advanced technology at big $$$. However it is proving to be worthwhile and we can now also help you on the spot if your keys (for VR-VX) are lost or knackered (from a swim for example). Note: Not available everywhere.
Some areas: Sunshine Coast, South Sydney,Townsville, Coffs Harbour.

hi can you email me on how much to supply and code a keyhead for my vr commodore anyone around lowood area or i will drive to sunshine coast if i have to thanks ..

today the vt locked itself with the only key in the ignition. As it was about to rain, the windows were up. how do I go about getting in to the car? Will I have to get another key? How can I get another key? No Mister Minits here. Sorry if I sound simple but it's all the bloody rain we had today made my brain soggy. at least the dam is full at last.
cheers from me.

You would have to get a locksmith for that one mate: Those guys have a licence and knowhow to get in: Us Mister Minit men are key cutters only. You can find a locksmith virtually anywhere, the yellow pages are the go.

Use a brick


Iv'e lost the remote for my VP which is different from the later model cars in being that its seperate from the key, am i able to get this replaced in any way??


Either an auto electrician or a Holden dealer for that one mate.

I come across this as well and after searching everywhere i found they are available at, http://www.mongoose.... i hope that helps.

with the right tools , your local auto electrican can do it for you.
where are you based???

they still would have to purchase the key head from holden and still require your vehicle there. that is vs onwards

REGARDING OLD KEYS VP ALARM REMOTES: these days your local auot elect would remove the old system, as holden no longer mess around with the old VP remotes.

i have a vectra 2000 model. It seems like my battery is dead is there any way of gettin it changed for a low cost. Holden dealers are too expensive, or even better, is there a way i can do it myself?

hey mate, you have to change the battery first, theres a little indent on the back of the key get a small flat blade screw driver in the indent and prys the top half of the key away from the blade, be careful as theres a little black chip in the bottom of the key and if you loose that or drop it your stuffed (transponder chip makes you car start)after doing that you should have 2 parts of the key the blade and the remote head, the remote head should easily come appart and you should be able to remove the battery jewelers or a watch shop would be the best bet to get a battery. put it all back together and making sure the chip is still in the bottom half of the key (note it only goes together one way).. right now to the fun part ALL EXISTING REMOTES HAVE TO BE RETRAINED.. EG if you have 2 remotes they both have to be with you in the car, sit in the drivers seat all doors shut insert key into the ignition turn it to the on position (not start the position just before start) then off again six (6) times leaving the key in the on position the sixth time. press lock on the first remote door locks should cycle to locked then unlock on the second remote doors should unlock. to finish turn ignition off remove key open door.. test both remotes work.

Just a quick question: Does anyone know what kind of battery a 2000 vectra remote would need? My remote battery is dying and I don't want to open it until I'm sure what battery it needs.


This worked a treat, you don't need to go to Holden or a special locksmith to reprogram your holden keys.

If your battery has just gone flat there's no need to buy the holden $100 dollar key buy a battery from ebay for say $4 I bought 2 for $6 posted and just crack open your key case carefully starting at the end the key inserts with a screw driver stay to the sides DONT shove the blade all the way in, there be micro chips in there and a clear rubber seal around the outside. the battery is spot wolded in to the contacts so you need a sharp knife to get started then a pair of pliers or electronics side cutters to pop the welds. Then just wack in the new battery just bend the contacts so they put pressure on batt top and bottom dont try to soldier battery it wont work. The case holds the battery in place nicely. Put the case back together with silicon if you want to get in more easily next time. No need to re-code. Worked for me on WL caprice (VZ) type key.

It does work no need to reprograme,
I got a battery from the local super market,
its been working fine for around 15 months now

Thanks mate your a legend.....

When the parts come in, assembly the key and fob with the screws and program the fob in the car (insert key, turn to on, wait ten minutes for horn to beep, turn key off and back on under 5 seconds, wait 10 minutes for two horn beeps, turn key off and on in under 5 seconds, wait 10 minutes for three beeps, turn key off and then try to start the car. It should). The fob should be programmed. Check your door locks too.

Worked on a 3 button VS remote!

Do i leave on accessories or the on posision to program key ?

Every one seems to answer the keypad issue except it is not suitable answer for the VP as it is a seprate remote to the key it self.

Every thing from VR is connected through the ignition barrel and is programmed that way.

Has anyone out there done a VP remote????

You need to go to holden, give them your VIN and for a wopping $140 they send the code to mongoose who program a aftermarket remote, and takes 10 working days.

I opted to buy a a/m keyless entry kit for $50 to piggy back my vq bcm.

This seems to be the forum for these questions.

I have a VS Commodore (actually, the Lexcen clone). I got home this evening and went to lock the car with the remote on the key and ... nothing, nada, not a thing. The remote locking works OK with the key IN the ignition, but this isn't very much use.

Can anyone advise:
1. What caused this?
2. How do I rectify it?


Probably the battery in the remote is nearly flat and they aren't replacable as far as I know. You'll need to go to a Holden dealer or a good key place/locksmith like Mr Minit. I got 2 keys done for my VT last year at about $70 a piece from memory.



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Arnt VT keys rechargable by the ignition? caus mums goes flat (doesnt seem to work) if it hasnt been used in ages or the spare key. But after a good drive with it in the ignition seems to be fine. Just thought they were rechargable or just sensitive little creatures.

Cheers Tom
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Cheers Tom

I have a VS stato, (new shopping car), I got one working key and three non working ones with it, I just happened to have a box full of various new spare keys, pulled out three new VT ones and split them open, they are realistically all the same, except for the two and three button,,
I just desoldered the batteries from the good new keys and swapped them onto my circuit boards and then reglued my boards back into the brand new cases, then screwed on my keys, viola, $400 worth of keys free,,
I have been told that once a key has been programmed, that it can not be reprogrammed, but I don't know the truth in that,,
and as far as I am aware, they do not recharge themselves,,,,

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If anyone in Adelaide needs Keys, Remotes or Lockouts, let me know. Can send you to the right places. Not the Dealerships.

If you have a Mazzerati and lose the keys, your screwed. The whole car gets boxed up and shipped to Italy to have the keys replaced. I am not joking.

Another set of Keys for a new Mercedes or BMW can cost you anwhere upto $20000.

Keep hold of them keys guys, they are getting expensive.


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Hi, I purchased a VR Acclaim wagon last week. With it there were 2 single button remotes with keys inserted - just like the VS etc. So, on the weekend one started to play up, today it stopped working altogether.

So I presumed that it was the battery, having changed them on an earlier model, VN I think, years ago, I thought I would have a go. As others have commented, the battery is hard soldered. Can I just de-solder the battery and replace? If not, where in Adelaide can I go that will not shaft me! Many thanks,


hey mate i need new remote keys for my vx commodore , i'm in adelaide . where do i go without spending a fortune !!!!!

Hi all,

This thread is close to what I'm after. My 2 button keyhead number 1 has lost both of its buttons (worn) but works with fingernail pressure in the gaps. My 2 button keyhead number 2 has a flat battery. I'm in Brisbane and wondering what the best solution is to have 2 working 2 button keyheads in nice nick (both buttons present). Any suggestions appreciated...



if your holden remote buttons are worn out you can buy single replacement buttons with no need for re programming on this site http://home.people.n...

they do fit perfectly and are cheap.

Hi there

Remote key replacement buttons can be found on this site has up dated their site address to bit simpler version.If your remote key has worn out buttons that need replacing you can easly get it from them.

I have a vp commodore with key operated central locking. the drivers dor will lock & unlock with the key but the other 3 are locked & I can't unlock or open them.
Is ther any way I can maybe immobalise the locks so I can open the doors

Check for a blown fuse, the imobilising lock is inside the passenger door (you have to open it)

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the vt we have just got will not open the drivers side door everything opens but the drivers side door ti will not unlock help before i have to sell it and buy another car

sounds like the actuator on the drivers door is stuffed, if it is the same as the earlier models, the actuators are all interchangeable, so just get another one, or swap with one off one of the back doors.

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I got my svz last june and my key is flat already.....
i don't understand why it is flat already when i had my vx berlina since 2000 and only ever used one key and it was fine.

does anyone know how i get it fixed??? and how much???

i dont want to be stuck again as the alarm went off wen opened the car with the key (i have no idea why) and had to get the second keyand unlock it by the remote to deactivate it

your help is much appreciated

hey same thing happened with my bro's vz ss ute
he went to holden they put in the ignition and started it up let it run for 2 mins and it come good,
dont know if you have a different problem tho?
worth a try

Although not a Holden owner (at present) would appreciate some help. I'm in Brisbane can someone put me in the right direction to replace a broken remote for the wifes BMa?

I was just wondering if any one out there has replaced a VR 94'Commodore evaporator and if you need to pull the whole dash apart,are there any diagrams i can download,are there any traps,THANKS.Hot&Broke

pretty sure the dash has to be removed. a gregory's manual will pay for itself the first time u use it :)

Hi all need help.. my VS SII sometimes wont start. My lights come on though my engine wont crank over. This happens sometimes then other times shes starts first go. Does anyone have any idea. I have read similar problems though I also get a strong fuel smell when I start her up. Is this due to excess fuel/leaking into the oil as I am producing white smoke??? Any help please...

First thing to do is to try your spare key as the battery in the main key's keyhead may be failing.

If that doesn't work, check the computer codes and look up what they mean on the Net.

If that doesn't work, get back to us...


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vs 5litre no injection pulse. any idea please

check for pos bat feed to injectors as ecu only earths the suckers to pulse on & off think fed by fuse under bonnet.if ok check fault codes & go from there.also do you have spark??

I am desperately seeking a way to clone my E36 factory alarm button. its the only one i got & after a scare yesterday of loosing it, i now realize how important having a spare is.

Mr Minit says he can't do it & other locksmiths say any car but BMW & Merc, they just cant do it, so why the hell not?

PS. Tomorrow at work i have to destroy about 80 VZ keys, it feels like such a waste, is there anything useful but not illegal i can do with them? Does anybody need the rubber pad which is the buttons? or how about the plastic casing? is working toward getting Australia its outback autobahn back.

yes! i need the plastic casing and rubber buttons if you havent already destroyed them!!! my case is worn out.

email me:

Hi yeah I could do with 4 rubbers too

email me


I do need the key surrounds with the buttons as well, the 3 button one if you hve any still

My buttons are worn out as well, 3 button remotes if you have any still. Thanks 'a Holden Fan'

braz3n(dot)pit(at)gmail(dot)com - replace the dots and at signs..

I also have another problem with my VT key, one key unlocks the car and starts it no problem while my spare key unlocks the doors but wont start the engine. Im pretty sure the battery is going flat in the key and not turning the immboliser off. VT keys are recharged when plugged into the ignition but im wondering if the engine needs to be turned on to do so? any ideas?

Cheers, Shaun

If you are looking for remote key replacement buttons check this site

Polmex has updated their site address to

If you need to order replacement buttons you can do it on this site now.

The 3 button remotes are the most rare, but i do have a few. ive even got a couple with the Chevy symbol on back.
How much you think a remote is worth?

3 button remotes are not rare , you can buy them new and yes they can cost around $100.00 all up including programing.
vt keys are not recharged when in the ignition..
they have a battery in them , like a flat watch battery , you can put a new battery in them but it will have to be reprogramed , if you leave the key in the ignition for 1/2 an hour with ignition on it should reprogram it but i am not 100 percent sure on this read your owners manual.


yeh i found out the remote doesnt recharge and the owners manual wont mention info about reprogramming the remotes, they will always want you to pay top dollar and go to teh dealer. As for changing the battery, you should not need to reprogram it, the immboiliser code will (most probably {as long as GM is overly gay in the face about money}) be stored in PROM, which is a memory that can be written to only once, replacing the battery should have any effect on it, your remote wont be water proof is the only problem.

Im going to open my remote and try replacing the battery, it doesnt work so i dont have anything to lose.


PROM can still be reprogrammed, but its a PITA, and not worth it unless you live in the 60's and you work for the U.S.A.F. trying to reprogram PROM chips on ICBMS.

Just thought I'd point that out.

mate PROM(Programable Read Only Memory) cant be reprogrammed but EPROM(Erasable Programable Read Only Memory) and EEPROM(Electronically Erasable Programable Read Only Memory) can.

WIKI it if you wont proof "The memory can be programmed just once after manufacturing by "blowing" the fuses (using a PROM blower), which is an irreversible process"

wow, thats cheap. im looking to duplicate my bmw remote, $110 for the button & $130 to program it, & the only place that will do it is my local bmw dealer.

You can replace the batteries, but, they are press welded in and you need to cut them out and solder in a new one, I have done this on my VS Stato, using VT/X key heads for the battery transplant, and as stated, you do not need to reprogram the E-Prom,,
It is easy enough to reglue them and make them water resistant again,,,,

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i have got a brand new 3 button remote just sitting hee doing nothing and m single button vr commodore remote seems to have packed up can i programme the 3 button to a the car or will it just confuse it i tried the turn the ignition on for 10mns but that did not work with the 3 button but i dont mind paying to get it programmed i also can get my hands on a 2 button remote so if the 3 button wont work will a 2 button and any more ideas how to programme it

Hey mate answer to your question is yes, i have done it before. you can programme a three button head into a VR commodore. it wont confuse the car although the boot release button or the unlock button wont function, the lock button will work the same as your first remote eg one push for lock one push for unlock. best way to programme it is to take it to a locksmith. if the three button head is new he might even consider a swap for a one button head as they are generally all the same price.

if you need a key done,. i will charge 30,dollars just buy a ,.blank new key ,.,. and bring me your car even if the key wont reed i can code a ,.new one if i have the car .cobb & co auto electrical 8a louise ave ingleburn 2565 96183175 thanks

my vp battery light has been coming on intermittently. i have a piranha alarm to immobilise and unlock the doors which is now not working. do i need a new battery or new alarm?

Alternator regulator needs replacing, five minute job.

There is a simple solution to this if you have a little time or need your car and cant afford to replace the key.

when you put the key into the igition and turn it to accessories (or push your button) it kills your imobeliser, however if for some reason it does'nt work, there are two BRIGHT PINK wires up behind/above the glove box, these wire are the wires that send the signal to computer to say on or off. If its stuck on simply cut both wires, swap them and this will mean that when you imobeliser is "on" it's actually off and visa versa. So if you need time to get a key simply do this temp, and when you get your keys swap them back and your away again. Hopes this helps!

will this work with vs stationwagon

There is a simple solution to this if you have a little time or need your car and cant afford to replace the key.

when you put the key into the igition and turn it to accessories (or push your button) it kills your imobeliser, however if for some reason it does'nt work, there are two BRIGHT PINK wires up behind/above the glove box, these wire are the wires that send the signal to computer to say on or off. If its stuck on simply cut both wires, swap them and this will mean that when you imobeliser is "on" it's actually off and visa versa. So if you need time to get a key simply do this temp, and when you get your keys swap them back and your away again. Hopes this helps!

Hi, My mates son disconnected the battery on his Holden HSV, closed the bonnet and the doors, he left it with a solar panel connected to the battery, Now in trying to gain entry to the car the door key will not operate, (battery disconnected , no power to solenoid) any ideas about getting in,

The key will turn in the drivers door .It will be very hardbut will turn

If anyone can supply me with vt, vx, vy remote key bodies or buttons I am most interested. Please email me mmmmmgggggau@yahoo.c...

You can get them from this site



My remote has worn out buttons. Friend of mine recommended this site

as he bought himself set of 2 buttons for his VT for only $24 and he is very happy.

I've checked Holden prices and they were asking around $100 !! for it.

Why would I pay this much if I can have it for $24? No way, I am ordering mine from POLMEX as well.



Hi -I am hoping someone can help.

Last Sunday i stopped to pick someone up.When i went to start the car( VT Clubsport , series 1) it wouldn't start. It turned over and then the ignition went dead.If you waited say 10 seconds and tried again the exact same thing happened. Also the remote central locking didn't work. Called NRMA and they couldn't do anything so I got towed to holden. Suttons Holden at Arncliffe said it was a glitch in the computor. They got the car running however now the remote central locking does not work. They said there is a plug that they need that plugs in a socket inside the glove box.This plug is meant to come with the car and without it they cant fix the remote central locking. I dont have the plug and they say you cant buy them and you cant use one from another car. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Appreciate any help I can get as they say it will cost 1000's to replace remote central locking.

Regards Aaron

Hello, Can anyone help me. It appears the car battery is extremely flat and I am trying to get into my car so I can replace it. The remote wont open the door and when I try to manually use thd key it too wont open it. Do you have any sugestions please?

the keys can only open the boot, the remote doesnt work, neither does the keys to open the doors. Usually we keep one door unlocked to get inside the car and unlock the others doors. Someone acciently locked all doors and now i can only get into the boot. any help?

I have the same problem with my VP (remote not working, doors won't usually open, at least without a lot of trouble), so if you find the answer, maybe you could email me?

my vz commodore had a partially flat battery after my son left the headlights on.

caused the srs airbag warning light to come on.

took it to the dealer and he fixed that with his scanner2.

but the mode settings ie fuel usage/distance/economy flash on and off alternately instead of staying on full time.

Service guy said he did not know why that was and I would need to come back and maybe they would need to "reflash my computer"

has anyone else had this problem?

maybe it can be reset using the mode setting buttons somehow?


I don't think you can reset the readouts yourself Tony.

If you can, the process will be listed in either the Owner's or Service books...


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My s/c VT was stolen with my keys in it, got the car back but not the keys (obvious).

Anyone know where I would go for a new one or what to do exactly to get another one cut? (I dont care weather its 2 button or three) Cheers

Its a Holden so I would go to HOLDEN. You will need the key cut to suit the existing barrel and the remote programmed to speak to your PCM. This will cost in the range of $200-$300

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Ring or visit your local holden dealership with yur car VIN number and they will then give you a code to take to the locksmith.

and what happens when ur code and locksmith deliver a key that still does not start the car?

Yes you can reset the trip computer settings and yes it is in the handbook.

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This may have alreay been covered, but it's all a little confusing. Can a used VS commodore remote be re-programmed for another VS? I have killed a key, but have an old one off another VS, and i'm wondering if i can just take it somewhere and get it re-programmed?
If it is possible, where do i take it?

Yes it can.

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Hi Guys I recently bought a VS ... however the ceiling liner has come away from the backing board .... can anyone suggest where I may be able to source another one ..(without paying some exorborant price!)or any other fix / replacement

Had a ute one re trimmed a few months ago for $60 at the local auto trimmer, I removed and refitted which took about an hour.
Used new fabric onto the old back board. Do not try to re-glue yourself - it usually fails again after a few hot days.

Finding service regarding having a duplicate key can be found anywhere. The thing that you could have to consider is how reliable the service is.
phoenix locksmith

At keysmith services we can cut and program commodore keys up to VZ, $99.95 cut and programmed, www.keysmithservices... for your nearest store.

My local locksmith did our VY key for 80 bux...
That's his going rate.
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button replacement

is a big rip for vt keys, 3 rubber buttons for $30
i just taped over buttons with electrical tape works the bara and save $30 on tiny rubbers i rather buy new programmed keys for 100 least everythings new


i dropped my key in a washing machine and the key wouldnt start the vx, i dissasembled the key and let it dry out for a couple of weeks, then i came across some instructions on the net to just put the key in turn it to acc and leave it for 30 secs. voila! it worked and my key is up and running again. if that is what they are chargin 100+ bucks plus for in some places that has gotta be the biggest rort Ive heard of in a while.

Thanks for the idea, I got saturated and my VX key got pretty wet, all button are worn away so moisture was able to easily get in to my key, I had a spare so i wasn't to worried but still annoyed about it. Anyways I tired you trick and it worked perfectly
Thanks heaps

dropped in water car wont start who's the best to get a replacement i'm in Brisbane can anyone help thanks

MR Minit

I found a cheaper key cutter than mr minit. They do holden keys cut and programmed for $69. They also do other transponder keys for that price. They also mentioned that Mr Minit use keys that have a battery in the head for them to work,which makes the key huge and goes flat, apparently that is old technology. Most Locksmiths use genuine transponders these days so the key is the same shape as the origional and will last forever.

i found them on google and they are actual locksmiths not just key cutters.

Hi wondering if anyone can help? When replacing a ignition barrel and key blade together using existing 3 button casing does the key need to be reprogrammed for the vehicle. Can anyone also advise how to replace barrel when ignition is stuck in lock position as needs to be in on position to remove barrel. Key cannot be turned, but buttons can be pressed on an off to turn off immobilizer so figured barrel or (internal tumblers stuck?) is worn out as neither key can disengage the steering locking mechanism. This is for a VX commodore.

when you replace the ignition you do not need to replace the key head. Unfortunately it is a pain to get the ignition out when it is jammed up as it needs to be in the on position. My advise would be just get a lockmith in. the going rate to replace an ignition on site keyed up to your existing key is $220. not really worth spending hours trying to get it out.

Hi Ilost my immobilisers so how can I fund othrs one the car is PROTON WIRA 1994 from.

Found this site that also sells replacement key buttons for worn and cracked Commodore key buttons -
Bought 2 sets of buttons, one for each of my 3 button keys, works out at $26 per key compared to over 100 bucks for a new key.

chances are if your buttons are worn out the key is a few years old. not much point spending $26 to fix it because the battery in holden keys only last about 4-5 years and you'll need to replace it soon anyway. My advice get a brand new one cut and programmed for between $69-$75 from a locksmith.

[rusty edit: this thead is just attracting spammers now. Please take all with a grain or bucket of salt]


My batteries in both keys are almost 9 years old now, and still going strong. So $26 per key is better value as far as I am concerned. I 'googled' replacement batteries for commodore keys and you can change them OK. The electronics inside the key have eprom memory so a flat battery is OK in the Key, so they can be changed. You just need to buy the batteries with the correct mount on the battery so you are not soldering directly on the battery. Batteries are about $5 each...
Also about these replacement buttons from, they work much better than the rubber buttons supplied in the original holden keys. They are not as hard so come into contact with the door opening electronics inside the key better. They are also much more responsive, plus my wifes sharp fingernails won't break through the rubber as these are made from silicone. (like the teat on a baby bottle, tuff stuff)

i think you have your facts wrong mate . commodoore keys drop the transponder code when the battery is flat or disconected . and in car programming devise is then required or a transponder code from holden for $55 dollars plus a locksmith to program a new key head at least . this is why they are a sealed unit !! this is why they have a broken seal when the original buttons wear thru !! this is a warning sign . these buttons are only a quick fix . it is cheaper to use sticky tape if you want to go down that road lol

Hi there i purchased a VP and it came without a remote or the little key that you use inside the passenger door to turn on the immobiliser could anyone please tell me how i go about replacing them both.... thankyou

went to locksmith to get keys.( $99 new key and remote, $89 new remote reprogramed only) told that commodores will only ever be able to accept 4 new keys, some eg utes will only accept two keys. After the 4 or 2 new keys used the later keys will start the car but not work the cantral locking. Does anyone know about this?.

No I don't, but I'm interested in what others think...



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Try this link there $14.50ea + $1.45 postage for a holden remote shell works well and save me heaps

yeah house got broken into and they stole whole bunch of [Naughty Pottyword] and then took off with my vx commodore after obviously taking the keys. we have found the car in good condition, but sadly no keys with it. just needing some suggestions as to what i need to do to get a new key. cheers if anyone can help

Grab your VIN (at bottom left hand side of windscreen) plus your rego (or ownership) papers and head down to your local Holden Dealer. They'll be able to get you new keys.

OTOH, it may be worth changing the locks so your old keys become useless because the scum now know where you live and also know your car...


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I called one holden dealer and they told me i needed to buy a whole new head.
so I went back to the one my mate works at and he reprogramed it you dont need a new head. all the keys i have had and between the members in my family i have never seen one spot welded in. But i was told there are 2 types of key heads at one point so.

Old key wouldn't work properly for about 12 months - put it in ignition and turn it - nothing!! We'd have to push the remote case repeatedly to get the car to start and even that didn't always work. Pulled the key to bits and the battery fell out - so after making sure that the connections were all touching glued it back together with Araldite - still no go!!! Bought a new remote case from ebay and replaced everything out of the old key into the new case and it started the car first time and hasn't looked back since. Maybe we were just lucky but for the sake of $20 it's worth giving it a go rather than the big cost to get a new key cut and a new remote programmed.

hey ive got a holden commodore 2002 an my keys r flat wont open d doors or boot i can open d car still though but have to use d keyhole on the door to open it, my car wont start an this is my first car and i dont really know what to do. can anyone help me on what i would have to do or how much it would be for a new key ?? im cabbing it everywea an its quite expensive i jus want my car back on the rd if anyone can help me it would be great fanx.

Hi there does anyone know a cheaper way of getting a relacement key ( I ONLY HAVE ONE ) for a VE commodore. ( Through Holden Over $400 )?



FORD AU2 - BF $75
TEL : 03 97293793
0431 251 551

hi I lost my car keys so I replaced the barrel so now have a new key for the ignition and button. can I tune that new button to my doors for central locking. if so how may I go about doing it? please reply to troyletspartyparty@h...

if key totally stuffed and need to start it turn to acc leave on for 15min and it will bypass security system and car will start.

I am on the Central Coast, i have a Commodore VR 94 model. i lost my key and did not have a spare. i was told to go to Holden and pay $22 for a code for the key to be cut from, I went to Coastwide Locksmiths at Wyong. I paid $133.50 and the key does not start the car. When taking it back to Coastwide Locksmiths they say there is something wrong with the car. There was nothing at all wrong with the car when i lost the keys, it has sat in the driveway. Also when describing whats happening with the car, Holden has said it is not the car, it is the key. So now ive paid $150 and my car is still not going

Is there any way to over ride the remote control to my holden commodore so I can get it stated

I have just re-programmed by VT Commodore (3 button) key following the battery going flat and button pads RS. You will need a working ket and probably need to replace the head on this (which is probably due and still much cheaper that a new key).

Here is how;
1. Buy new key head shells for your keys (I got mine on ebay - great and cheap, about $10.00 !!)
2. Remove the screws and prise open your old key head (of the dead key) with a small screwdriver.
3. Use a blade / small pliers to remove the battery. Get a replacement battery and place it on the circuit board. Either try to solder (watch the heat), or superglue the contacts on the new battery. I just bent the contacts towards the battery first, then superglued.
4. Remove the screws and prise open the good key, so that the key blade is loose.
5. Start the car with the good key, then slide off the head, leaving the key blade in the ignition.
6. Slide on the head of the key you replaced the battery on. The car will program the key immediately. I left it in the ignition for a few mintutes.
7. Remove the key and re-assemble.
8. Do the same for the working key, suggest you replace the ket head with a new shell.

This process works! All up cost - $20.00 for two key shells. $3 for one new battery. TOTAL $23.

I am putting pics together in an instruction manual. Email for a copy.

I have a holden commodore and when i unlocked the car with the central locking on the key it was fine, but then i put it in the ignition and everything stopped. The internal car light tuned off, the central locking stopped, the car wont turn on. i thought it might be the car battery but it is fine, i checked it. It seems like there is something wrong with the key immobliser or battery or the car computer? i dont know what do to, if i need a new key or someone to check out the car. i cant drive it cause it wont turn on at all. any ideas what it might be?

I have the same problem, did u end up getting it fixed and how?

What a CROCK of [Naughty Pottyword], supa glueing batts into remotes , yep well there you go.
SCAN TOOL AND A TRADE, theres a start.

The mother board in my car keys came out after I dropped my keys and now the car won't start, I do have spare keys which hasn't been used in a long time...the spare keys won't start the car either. I took the keys to a locksmith, to get it reprogramed for $120, after he put the key into a machine, he told me that the there was nothing wrong with the as the key gave him the code, so the car should start! What does this mean? Why won't my car start?

They do not as i have taken many appart and changed batterys with no problem at all

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