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Yella Terra Heads

Does anyone know anything about yella terra heads, cause i picked up a worked 179 engine and it was told it has a stage 3 head on it. Without taking it off and measuring port and valve sizes and stuff is there anyway of telling what it is?

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Yella Terra

Have a look at this photo of one of my V8 Yella Terra heads, you can see the "YT" on the valves. http://gallery.oldho...

The info below is from the yella Terra site...


"How can I identify a Yella Terra head already fitted to a vehicle?
Once fitted, a Yella Terra head is very difficult to identify except alloy V8 heads which have a part no. engraved on the ends. All heads are stamped with a coded production date, but there are no distinguishing features to date."


Howdy.....from my years playin with the good old red six, a stage 3 yella terra head, when come across, was fairly modified....that includes the restrictive, cast intake dividers being removed and replaced with slim tubular far as I can remember the stage 3 had this modification......remove manifold to check, if needed and also they were painted yellow, so scratch the head and look for some old yellow paint, unless of coarse its had a hot tank and rebuild since...cheers, the way their a good head.......running triple carbs really wakes em up and gets em breathin!! cheers, Pete

YT head

thanx pete! i can see a bit of yellow paint, i will check the maifold as i have to take it off anyway to put a new gasket on coz it has a leak!
thanx again :)


G`Day pal,
as I use to work for Perfectune (yella Terra) I can tell you that there are NO real "STAGE" Heads made. there are a number of different types of Holden 6 hears though... the BEST one to look out for is a SMALL CHAMBER (161 head). ALL 6 cylinder heads had the cast pillars (inlet blot holes) removed and small pillar tubes put in their place (to stop oil leaks)..

I quick way to check if its a good head is,, if it has an "H" or "L"
in the casting down towards the back on the right hand side of the head (not all have this though) the "H" means HI-Compression & "L" meaning LOW-Compression, another way it see if its a good head is to pull the valve cover off and see if the "SPRINGS" have a inner spring,
and as I have not see one for a while I can recall them being triple springs?..

last of all is the type of ROCKER posts that the head has .. some are screw in and some have posts, in the Bathurst 6000 (RED not YELLOW) head they used a 161 head with posts & a small chamber and removed them for screw in rockers. these where also hand finished with alloy dividers places there the pillars where... (for triple carbies)

the best head to look out for is an XU1 Head... these are hard to reco and harder to find
but they have "1 of 3" cast into the top of the head inseted of a serial number (1 of 3 meaning 1 =Head, 2 =Block & 3 =Crank)
i'm not sure how many of these where made but i have only seen about 4 ever and they are worth about $1000 just for the casting..

but enough from me I hope this helps in some way..


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