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Gas conversion??

hey all,
Cant decide quite what to do?? im thinking of putting the wagon on gas.. it is the original engine (308 180,000k's) The way petrol prices are going i cant afford to run the old girl, BUT im not going to sell her in favour of something newer...
should i go dual fuel, i can obain an already cut down fuel tank and housing for the gas tank (came out of another HZ wagon) for a good price OR alternativley should i go straight gas.... any ideas much apreciated

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dual vs straight

I'm no expert but from everything I have read on here I would say go straight gas. With dual fuel you will never get the carby to run right for both with straight gas you can have it running optimum.

My ute was set up for both and is currently just running on fuel but when I get the funds I will be putting it on straight gas.

Cheers Geyer

LPG vs Dual Fuel

Check the Comment "16th LPG Tuning" to save me a whole heap of typing. Straight gas is the go by a long shot.

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That last comment was me. Sorry I forgot to login!! Doh!

RickFred how much??

thanks for all your replys!
freddy about how much did the changeover to straight gas cost taking into account that ill be doing most of the work myself (apart from the certified stuff)
and its a compleatly original 308

LPG Changeover Cost

I did the conversion quite a few years ago. A 130lt tank and converter carb etc was $1,750. Probably over $2,000 now, that's all new stuff. Have a look around and you might score 2nd hand. Remember the tank has to be inpsected every 10 years so check the date stamp. Got the MSD from a mate for $200 and did the ignition (advance curve) mods to the dizzy myself. You can get it done for about $100.
Paid for itself real quick(12months).
Good Luck,

get an impco gas carb and mix

get an impco gas carb and mixer for 600 and a 110l tank for 550, put it all in and get the lpg guy to hook her up, will cost 500+ and shes a go-er ;)

Good Advice

That is the way to go Danny. When I did mine I was too busy with business and paid for stuff I should have done myself.


thanks for the advice mate will defiently look into it caus the cost at teh pump is killing me!!


hey Danny W

My ute still has the LPG tank hooked up was on dual. The guy I bought it off gave me the gas carb that goes with it you think it will cost me much to get it rehooked up?


just put all the engine side bits on and take her in, they will replace all the lines to be sure (yes its very explosive so needs doing !!) and check your tank then that should be it apart from retuning it but its worth getting the matching spark plugs, flashlube drip (if it doesn't have hardened seats) and regraph the dizzy for lpg

the wait at the pump for the

the wait at the pump for the lpg tank to fill will kill you as well !
lol takes forever


Yeah, my mates Bronco takes 250lts!! Take a cut lunch!!

Tuning converter

Does anyone have any instructions on how to tune a gas converter (to get better fuel efficiency) - had gas installed in the ford a few months ago and not getting good fuel efficiency.

LPG Tune up

Hi, Gas Tuning, if as you say that you had the conversion done only a few months ago, don't they give you a free tune up when you go back, best to check that first before you start playing around, just a thought, also a gas sniffer thingamajig, up the exhaust is by far the best way to tune the mixture,

Cheers, Jacks.
Jacks sheds
E-mail Jacks

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