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I have a VL commodore with a carby 304, I'm looking for a few parts and if anyone has any of these for sale could u please reply or e-mail me at storm_100300@hotmail... with a price. I'm in Northern NSW if anyone wants to know.

Chrome tappet covers
Chrome K&N cotton filter
extractors or headers
VL turbo LSD or 9" LSD....does anyone know if a turbo dif would be strong enough???
light weight chrome clutch fan
VL Group A grill
low sitting bonnet scoop (must face forwards)
12" subwoofer box.....would be best if it fitted TWO 12's



the turbo diff is the strongest of all diffs but if u could pick up a 12 bolt chev diff they are just as good....u dont want a "ford diff" bro
these two diffs that i just told u about r better than the 9" anyway

and just a word of advice, get a big filter the small ones arnt worth getting and get a hiclone its worth it

hey thanks I'll take that into mind....didn't think I was ever gunna get a reply