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Hi All!
The Van has a new muffler fitted being supplied by Settlement Road Exhaust in Thomastown, Victoria. Only $42 freight to Blackbutt in Qld! Fitted perfectly too.
Also fitted a new pivot and plungers for the top tail gate as well as new cables for the bottom tail gate. However, I am missing the large countersunk screw on one of the cable brackets on the gate. Anyone have a spare? I haven't checked if anyone sells new ones?
The manifolds are off now to drill out the studs on the flange and replace with new ones. The faces on the exhaust manifold will be skimmed while they are off.
I will need a complete new wiring harness too. Anyone know a supplier? I've checked a few websites to no avail.
Anyway, at least the brakes work well even if it has a small (torana) booster with a new master. I gave up on the big double diaphram booster. I found a place at Kingaroy who will rebuild the DD booster for under $400 but he just sends it away anyway.....
PS: My wife took delivery of a Red Hot Cruze Equip last Friday and she has a grin from ear to ear. The van will take a bit longer now........

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