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All Holden Day News and Update

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Fresh from negotiations with the Maquarie Towns Hot Rod Club comes revelation that the 2002 All Holden Day Swap Meet (Only the swap meet, not Holden display, etc) may be held over TWO WHOLE DAYS.

This will ensure that the All Holden Day Swap Meet remains the nations PREMIER swap for Holden Parts and memorabilia, and will also ease congestion for spectators and entrants on Sunday Morning. With the bulk of the Swapping to be done from early Saturday Morning, 3rd August, this will leave roads open for others, and will allow people to view the Holden Display on Sunday 4th August at a more leisurely pace (And a respectable hour). There may be a two day pass to allow swappers to return on Sunday with out having to pay extra, and we may be able to tie in some swap tickets in with the fee to display your Holden.

Stay tuned to OLDHOLDEN.COM for further updates as news comes to hand.

NSW ALL HOLDEN DAY - Make mine a Holden!
3rd and 4th August 2002

For further information call 0414 449 275 or mail to'

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