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LS1 into HQ Monaro

Hi all,

Looking for a new project and am thinking about a HQ monaro with the LS1 from the new commodores.

I'm just wondering if the engine would physically bolt in seeing as some of these came with the 350 chev. Do they use the same mounts?


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no mate from what i have seen

no mate from what i have seen they wont just bolt up the cross memeber if flat there is alot of work to do that

LS1 into HQ

kits are availible through CRS

I wouldn't recommend CRS thou

I wouldn't recommend CRS though because they sell dodgy products.

castlemain rod shop

castlemain rod shop might do a kit just giving them a call

change the sump and get some

change the sump and get some new engine mounts some over must do them now or oyu can get ones from the states that puts them where the old used to go and the bolt pattern is still turbo. if i had the money i would put one in a flash

Gen III Sumps & my two bobs worth

Mate its not that easy you can't just change the sump on these jiggers...
They have oil and water galleries running thru them, why do you think it took so long for someone like CRS to come up with a kit for them?
Despite all the baggings CRS get in here there would hardly be an old Holden on the roads today with a Red motor in place of the old Grey motor or a V8 in place of the old Red motor without Rod Hadfield!
I sit here day in day out watching people who dare not log in, yet impart advice on who is dodgey and who are ripp offs etc, well I do have some knowledge of this section so will impart some of that which I do know as fact.
CRS has done more for old Holdens over the past 20+ years then all the Rare Spares stores all put together, but then as one said, who really could build their old Holden from the ground up without buying "something" from Rare Spares or even CRS for that matter?
Engine mounts, Disc Brake front ends, Disc conversions, BellHousings and Engine Plates, V8 Chassis strengthening kits etc
I have spoken with Rod on a few occasions and I think the guy is a fair dinkum, no bull[Naughty Pottyword] shoot straight from the hip type of guy, exactly the type of guy I would like to get my advice from!
When he couldn't help me with a Hydraulic Clutch kit years ago for my TopLoader Cortina setup he pointed me straight to Bob Pinell who I found was exactly the same to deal with.
Everything fitted just as they said it would!
As a Panel Beater and someone who also fits and designs Body kits amongst other things, I know that basically there are no two cars alike on the road and something that may fit one car like a glove on a chickens lip won't necessarilly fit another, despite them being of the same make, model etc
Working in Panel Shops, we were to straighten a chassis and perform a Datom Drop test (Im pretty sure thats the correct spelling?) to assure we got the chassis within 1/8th of an inch to being true (straight).
But when the factory screwed up at times up to 3/8th's of an inch... THIS WAS FACTORY!!
We were correcting the factories blunders half the time when we put these old cars on the Racks to straighten the chassis/ subframe assemblies.
So to fully expect an item to fit each and every car exactly the same is really asking too much.
That is why with body kits, if made correctly, they will always have that bit extra glass around them so they can be trimmed to fit like a glove, if one cannot do this then take it to someone who can.
The same for fitting up things like Chassis strengthening kits, crossmembers etc.
Does one expect these parts to get a federal stamp of approval to be certified for everyday use in modified cars if they were as bad as some would suggest?
I would suggest if one has difficulty, turn it over to someone who can do the job.
There are ADR Appoved kits out there for a reason, and why buy something from the States when for one; they would be designed for left hand drive and two; most of the great products that the yanks sell to us come from Australian companies who sell to them, who's parts are then re-packaged and onsold back to us.
Australia makes some great gear guys, we can be very inventive when we need to be.
Take advantage of correctly made kits to make your job so much easier knowing it will be certified and passed by very stringent engineering tests with full ADR compliancing.

My two bobs worth, Cheers, Pig (oinks308)

Yeah G'day i put a 304

Yeah G'day i put a 304 injected and five speed out of a VRcommodore into my HQ coupe, It was a pain in the arse I swapped sumps (Problem in your case) Then i Had to custom make engine mounts to keep the Motor forward and down (bonnet clearance and i didnt want to take to much out of rear floor crossmember)I then adapted the wiring (removing resistor wire from ignition circuit and replacing and all the computer mount running wiring through firewall etc tested all of my patience) I believe there are wiring conversions available for about $500. I then had to run extra fuel line surge tank electric fuel pump lift and hp. Modify G'box mount and remount on chassis get the tailshaft suited to T5 and salsbury, i also had to modify a [Naughty Pottyword] load of other brackets and hoses for mounting power str alt. In the past i have bought some conversion products engine mounts chev into holden even these i had to elongate the holes. The way i look at it if you cannot do a fair bit of work yourseff it will cost big bucks to do The Motor cost me $3200 with G'box then i spent $1800 on things like tail shaft speedo cable radiator new ECU and Chip as the one i got was faulty (only after a [Naughty Pottyword] load of time did i discover this) so it cost me $5000 and i did it all my self i think you would need at least $10000 to put chev LS1 in and a lot of work. Cheers Pete

Monaro Pete

Hey mate your Monaro isnt a Red LE with Flamed Billets by any chance?


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