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Eh airconditioning

Hi i amsureits been done heaps of times now, i would like info on what tofit and howto fit airconditioning to a eh specifically eh. Panel van . I havebeen thinking maybe theevapirtor fan unit could be fitted behind the seats sub floor drawing air from the cabin and blowing forward through a commordore style console, then i thought there would need to be demister function as well, anyone got the good. Guts my email jason.spooner@optusn... if you have good info and photos muchly appreciated.



It's something I've thought about for our EH.
I think the easiest way might be to get a complete VK black motor with air conditioning fitted to it. I say a complete motor because it will supply all the brackets and bolts, also the head with bolt hole for the compressor mount. The VK has the compressor mounted up high on the right, which is about the only place it will easily fit in an EH.
Using the black head will require a water gallery drilled into the block (easy job).
Using the black head will also mean using the black motor manifolds as the ports are different to early red ones.
Kits are on ebay for the lines etc.
New under dash units are under $200 on ebay.
Otherwise, I though of getting a complete heater/airconditioner underdash setup from a Japanese car and putting it up where the glovebox is in an EH and plumbing it through the EH demister vents and some dash vents.

Old is good.