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69 HK Belmont - What should I do?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm 17 and I've got some ideas of what I might do to my family's (bought new by my dads' grandma) HK Belmont Sedan. It sat in a well sheltered shed for about 10 years until I was old enough to like and be part of mechanics.
I'm pretty sure this was the base model car so is it worth restoring?
Controversially, I would like to make this car look as "modern" as possible (sporty I guess...), I'm really into old Jap cars but seeing as I already have this - including its' heritage - I may as well use it.

It has a rust hole under the right chassis rail at the very front. Is that patchable or does it have to be fully replaced.
It runs reasonably well (161 orange - second engine) 3spd manual. Naturally it is pretty slow and would suffer if I drove it hard for a good time, but it was in service until 98 I think, maybe even 02.
To make it road worthy i'd expect it to need new suspension, tyres, a replacement headlight, some work on the chassis, tighter steering maybe, one brake light isn't working (pretty sure I figured out it was the wiring). The brakes seem fine, maybe new lines for the front.

What I really need to know is, is it worth it?
I can imagine it will set me back quite a bit to start with (5-10k) and won't be cheap to run.

all advice is helpful.

The bull-bar is already off.



First of all, good work for asking advice. A lot of your peers are afraid of the possible consequences.
My initial response to your questions was to restore it to original, however that takes a fair whack of coin, and being a Belmont, may not be the best investment.
Try to do safety before performance.
What I did with my first HT, at your age, was to not change anything that couldn't be changed back, i.e. dont put in a sunroof or cut off brackets etc.
There are still a fair amount of parts out there for oldens, make sure you shop around and find out what is a fair deal.
Whatever you take off or substitute, try to keep the old bits if you can.
The rest is ultimately up to you and your tastes.
What do you want it to do for you?


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Keep it original. If you cant afford it, don't do anything to it. Keep it dry and out of the weather. You have a piece of history here, getting rarer by the year. I modded up my HQ when I was 17 (30+ years ago). Wish I hadn't. Wish I'd kept the bits I threw away. Just my opinion....

"It was then I knew I'd had enough, burned my credit card for fuel
Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand...."

Cheers, John

okay you are 17. your taste will likely change, mine certainly has over the past 5 years.. i am 22 now and what i liked at your age was very different.

what should you do?

keep it original.. from the outside it looks pretty cool.. survivor car is the word i am thinking;
paint looks original.. interior is near perfect!
fix the mechanicals and drive it

you say you want it to look 'sporty' forget that idea completely you will only ruin a nice clean COOL hk belmont.

second option is to sell it and buy a jap car like you want by the sounds of it.

mostly oldholdens are about cruising.. taking your time getting from a to b. learning to be patient, learning to deal with unexpected problems - my power steering high pressure hose exploded last night drenching my engine bay in fluid. but i accept that, its an old holden.

Not many Belmont sedans with factory buckets, whole car is a cruiser.

Put disc brakes on and then cruise.

Welcome to oldholden, first of all.

That's a great car you have there. Don't for a second think it's not worth anything because it's a Belmont. They're probably just as rare as a Monaro. Yeah, maybe not worth as much, but as rare as, if not rarer because nobody kept them. I see soooo many Monaros but not a lot of base-model HKs. And those bucket seats means it's even rarer. There's probably only a handfull of Belmonts with buckets out there.
If it was me? I'd keep it as-is. She's a bewdy..
Oh, and repair sections are available for the chassis.
And they are pretty cheap to run.

Open up a [http://holdenpaedia....|shed], and keep us posted on the resto..
Good luck..



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But if you're not into it maybe move it onto someone who is and get your jdm machine.

I am only 24 and I have been mucking around with old cars since I was about 15. My tastes have not changed really. I've never really been into Japanese cars Although I've had a Honda and a Datsun and they were both great! I'm currently on my 3rd old holden, my 5th holden over all and it is an HK like yours.

I have to tell you they are great cars and it will bring a smile to your face for sure. I get stopped all the time on the street, people wave at you and as most of the guys on here will testify owning an old holden is like being a member of a club. I always give and receive a wave from other old holdeners when I'm out and about. If that is a fraternity you want to be part of then you have a pretty good starting point in that Belmont.

It is a prime contender for a set of white walls, a sun visor and cruise. That's what I would do. Rust is fixable. If you sell it you might regret it down the track! My first car was a 72 Chrysler by Chrysler that was my grandfather's. I sold it like a mug and I've regretted it since.

Check out my photos:
You don't have to be old to like old Holdens!




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dont think our market is like what you see on USAnian telly.
That Belmont is just as good as any kingswood.
Far out, if you are at the boy racer stage, drop the suspension, put some nice wheels on, and tint the windows. play with the engine.
Its a great car mate dont think it isnt.

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I'm with the other blokes.
A completely original, base model Belmont with buckets would be a rare car today.
If it were mine, I'd get a panel shop to do a paintless repair (knock out) that dent in the rear quarter. Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfect, just don't get fresh paint on the panel - it will never match paint that old.
Get some Maguairs Paint Cleaner in the spray bottle. It will do wonders with that old paint. I wouldn't repaint it - originality is what matters to most people.
If it's been sitting for 12 years I'd expect it to need new wheel cylinders and I'd replace the flexible lines. Allow $1,000 for a full brake shop overhaul.
Your suspension should only need shock absorbers, bushes. And some aftermarket front and rear swaybars. Another $1,000.
Allow $1,000 to fix the rust and knock out that dent. (you'll get change.
Another $1,000 for bitand pieces.
$700 for tyres including spare.
That's say $5,000 with rego for a great old car some people would give their right arm for.
I'd say it's worth it. Maybe lose the bull bar. It will save fuel and steer better.
Keep it just the way it is. Many people will express their admiration of it just as it is.
A car doesn't have to be fast to be good. Drive it with the 161 and three on the tree and you'll enjoy it if you respect it for what it is.

Old is good.

Always remember cars like that can earn you money as a extra in tv shows and movies my old landcruiser got $50 for the show The Circuit (only for a day while was at work) when I lived in Broome but it's much harder to get a car like my Factory Black HZ GTS as they weren't day to day cars.
Drive and enjoy

Beatings will continue until moral improves

If you're in W.A. I can help ya with rust. I've got heaps here. Kidding, great to see a young c*** getting into a old Holden.


Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm sitting here smiling at the possibilities and ideas that come to mind. It is all original and I was planning on saving every bit I might change, but you guys have sold it to me.
The interior is great, no doubt about it (only a small split in the passenger seat, not sure if that's fixable), all it took to make it beautiful was a bit of soapy water and a scrub! I always thought of the seats just as bench seats, so maybe you want to have a look at the other photos when I put them up.
The paint has plenty of little scratches and flaking spots, if I'm going to save the paint I'll need to know how to get around that?
What you guys can't see is another two large dents on the passenger side front and rear quarter panels (I'm guessing that'd add another chunk of cash to the spendings).
Also where would I be able to find a repair section for the chassis?

I'll be sure to post the rest of my photos in a shed link, but any restoration might be 6 months away until I can get the car moved from back home to my new place in Brisbane.
The plan is for this to be my only car eventually. It'd be awesome to have it roadworthy/registered by the end of the year!

It will be OK as an only car. They were built to be driven every day. Just keep it well maintained any you'll get many years out of it.
This might be handy for parts: http://www.rarespare...
Rare Spares should have a new door mirror.

Old is good.

if you want to warm it up a bit without spoiling the originality, check out the two barrel carb and manifold that's for sale here. also look at doing the shockers in heavy duty double action and chase up a Monaro steering box just to tighten the steering up nicely.

put discs on it, a simple but crucial modification in todays traffic, no matter how much room you give yourself, some clown will dive in front then stop his wrx / skyline on a dime. with drum brakes, you will need a new grille bonnet and guards and he will need a new rear clip!

But you're a little wrong with the damage bit. The WRX thingy will be written off (what's left of it), and the belmont might need to re-adjust his bonnet..



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it would be a one sided contest that's for sure!!! They would have to conscript the local jail to get the prisoners out to clean up all the plastic!!

It's had a well used but well maintained life and I can see it happily ploughing through the back of a plastic bumper.
Where can I find a set of disc brakes/How do I convert them?

... something less squashable (it's a word) than a the foam-backed vinyl bumper of a badly driven Mazda 3, an Ambo or Firey just might be pulling a bent steering wheel out of your face.

Saving for, sourcing and fitting front disc brakes is #1 task for making driving better and safer.


'i'm definately shore that guage wont work with my tuff bango diff and Opal sydcrome box,if it goes though my grill,and I put the breaks on I realize its better with the glimer belt & tunned holly and Ederbrock duel feul webber gaurds, wiht etc primmer.'

Look around first.
They have lots of stuff but they arent in it for the love of old cars though.
people sell parts and whole setups.

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