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LS1 into HQ

Hi guys can anyone tell me the best people to speak to about putting an ls1 into my hq tonner, I would be doing the majority of the work myself I just need advise and information at this stage. someone in the perth area. ta

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Chris Mills Performance (CMP)
Address: 25 Ballantyne Rd, Kewdale WA 6105
Phone:(08) 9353 1155

These guys sell gear to get you going and seem to know their sh!t.

My advice is to trawl the internet boards for info and just get into it. A million dudes in the USA have done this conversion to old chevs, BMW's, Fords(lol), Dodges etc and loads of Aussie cars have had in done also.

If you post specific questions here I can probably help out. I've got an LS1 running in a Torana....similar/same pan, mounts etc as HQ required.



O.H.T.C. original member


One of my favorite toy shops, been around a long time and know their s [Naughty Pottyword] t.

Cheers John My Shed

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