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Shannons Auction

Here is the results of the recent Shannons auction at Motorex.

Some nice cars passed in at a reasonable reserve, some sold cheap, some seem OTT.
Cheap Capri, exxy Fiat, Morris etc.
To me the pricing is all over the place, I can't draw a conclusion as to what it says about the old car market.
Or am I too dumb to work it out?

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I can't imagine why anyone would pay $40k for '8111' number plates?


Cheap xu1 and that SLR Rep did really well. car looked really well built but your not far off buying a Real SLR 5000 for that coin.


Nice EK ute. The Morris Minor went for a good price. There's a lot of this sort of thing in the Morris Minor club I belong to. They fit Datsun/Toyota motors, 5 speed boxes, disc brakes, telescopic shocks and modern interiors until the thing feels and drives like a modern Corolla. I prefer to keep my old cars as they were built. But each to his own I guess.

Dave H - Sydney
My Shed - 1963 EJ Special - Ti Tree Green

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