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Speedo not working, any ideas?

I have converted my HX Kingswood sedan from 202 auto to 253 with trimatic auto. My speedo was initially working but has since stopped. The cable itself appears intact but the little gear which meshes with the worm drive in the transmission seeems to be loose, I found it loose in the transmission when I was looking at it earlier, lucky to recover it. I havnt changed the diff, do I need a different little gear or cable. Gratefull for any advice



Mate if that gear in the gearbox is loose and can spin or move up and down that shaft then you have to open up the gearbox to fix it, theres a little clip that goes between the gear and the shaft that locates it and stops it from moving. Recently had to fix that in my girlfriends aussie 4 speed!

pain in the ass


G'day Sammy,

How much would this cog in the gearbox have to move for it to be busted. My one moves about 5mm along the drive shaft. Just wondering because my speedo isnt working as well, and ive tested right back to the gearbox, when I twist the cog on the speedo cable, the speedo moves fine. Also, the speedo works in reverse which seems weird!

Any help is much appreciated.

I agree with sammy.The reasson that these clips break,is by having the little clip that holds the speedo cable in the gearbox clamped down on the back of the headpiece that insert into the box.This clip must go in the little grove the goes around near the back of the headpiece.Hopes this helps. Captin Wot

Just buy a new one, it ain't worth fixing